13 May 2014

mandie_rw: (titanic-era)
I didn't get a lot of actual sewing done today (though I may finish sewing snaps on the skirt after I post this, since I finished the petticoat today and this could mark where the snaps needed to go), but I feel accomplished all the same. I have a tendency to leave thinking about hair til the the of the event, and when it's something I'm unfamiliar with, I really shouldn't do that!

[livejournal.com profile] reine_de_coudre's quick-and-dirty 1920s hair tutorial inspired me - 20s and teens hair are very closely related, I've discovered. (As an aside, that seems to be one thing they did change for Downton Abbey...the majority of hairdos in period photographs I've seen have more volume and might even be termed "frizzy", whereas even the curled hairdos of the Downton ladies are sleeker and much more flattering to our modern eyes. Since my hair is a big fan of "frizzy", I am all for that option.)

Samantha recommended a waving iron in her tutorial, so I went out and bought me one today. It was on sale, so I got a fun one with an adjustable barrel - can make the waves bigger or smaller. The smaller ones will be perfect for 20s, but the larger ones looked better for teens I thought. And yes, I then went to work with my hair waved in a different width on either side of my head. Heh.

It's not too bad, all things considered! And now I can see what adjustments to make - mainly get the whole thing up a little higher off my neck (though not too much because hat), and hide that rat a little better, oops.

And hat on head, because I couldn't resist.


Also, when I tried on the outfit, I was struck anew with the awful snausage-ness of it all, so I'm leaning towards making a belt and not worrying about the jacket at all. Although interestingly, according to the forecast, if we're there all day, I might want the jacket! (I'm always cold, shut up.)

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