3 May 2014

mandie_rw: (downton1)
I fitted my mockups for the teens skirt and blouse today and got them to, well, fit. That's always a good thing! It was three-plus hours worth of fiddling this afternoon before work...it certainly doesn't look like it, but I promise you it was! Must remember I am World's Slowest Sewer. Nineteen-teens are...fiddly. I forgot that this is one of the few eras I like wearing more than I like making. Usually it's the other way around!

Unusual for me, I'm not really basing this outfit on a photo/fashion plate/etc. Instead, I've got this light blue, slightly heathered wool suiting (that didn't look at all heathered in the picture, or I would not have bought it, despite the price) from a fabric.com sale a few years ago, that has always wanted to be a teens suit. Lady Mary Crawley had a very pretty light blue jacket in series 1 (remember this is being worn to see a Downton Abbey costume exhibit!), but that's more of an inspiration than a concrete basis.

The overall plan is to have a matching skirt and jacket, with a blouse. I'm being smart and making the skirt and blouse before I worry about even mocking up the jacket!
Pictures of ugly mockup! )
Day off tomorrow, but it will mostly be spent Partying with [livejournal.com profile] blackcat452 in funny clothes, because she had to miss Fort Fred! So I can't guarantee any more sewing. Though I should probably put an actual waistband on my teens petticoat before this event...that made it great fun to fit the skirt. Add it to the list!

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