10 Apr 2014

mandie_rw: (germantown)
And that doesn't even look like a word any more. Wrinkly.


I am...not super-terribly-thrilled with my new linen dress. I tried it all on today, and there's a giant horrible wrinkle in the bodice front. I can tug it down and pin it out all I like, but as soon as I move, wrinkle's back. It's partly because I tied the waist tapes in a bad place, and partly because BIAS. I only have so much leeway to tug if I want to match the chevrons at CF. I know most (all? too lazy to check right now) of the closed front gowns in Arnold have a slightly bias-cut front, but damn, I didn't have wrinkles of doom on any of my straight-cut bodice fronts! Bias fronts can go die in a fire. Never doing one again, I don't care how much fun the stripes are.

At least the sleeves fit?

See - wrinkles not too bad here.

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I admit, I am bummed. The only good thing in all of this - at least I didn't wait til Fort Fred to put it all on and then find out it looked like crap! That would've been even more unpleasant. Always try your outfits on before the event!

I also admit that I'm contemplating digging through my scraps to see if I could cut out new straight bodice fronts. But I'll definitely let this sit for a few days before I seriously think about ripping it apart!

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