22 Jan 2014

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I mean really. Those ruffles.

I ended up being busier than I thought on Monday, and then I decided I wanted to edge the ruffles with lace, and then I got lost on ebay for hours looking for francaise-dinner-appropriate jewelry for [livejournal.com profile] hiraimi, so I didn't quite finish the chemisette that day. And then today I wanted to take pics of it with the bodice of the dress, but I'm still not quite done attaching the neck ruffle on that, so I thought I'd better post the chemisette now anyway! When I go too many days between posts I just get out of the habit and stop altogether.

You may notice an interesting difference in opacity between the body of the chemisette and its ruffles - that's because this is a UFO, and I started it two years ago, and I don't have any more of the voile I used for the base. Clever me! But it's both a completed UFO and something I actually need soon, so I think I can live with it.

(As regards my overflowing bin of UFOs, I don't think I've mentioned my new Plan to Conquer the UFOs that I came up with recently...quite simple, just complete an average of one UFO a month, for twelve by the end of the year. Reasonable I think, and allows me a bit of leeway. This is for January; starting off nice and simple!)
mandie_rw: (regency)
Today I finished sewing the ruffles on the neckline of the dress. Not that the neckline treatment matters at all with the giant derpy chemisette, which I tried on with the bodice this afternoon. It looks ridiculous. I'm still attempting to decide whether it's a good ridiculous or bad ridiculous...I think it's great for 1820s, but maybe a bit much for 1810s. Um.

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