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Thankee for all your encouragement about the hat to go with the costume; I did end up picking up a hat from some Halloween store on my way home from work. It was too tall (Abe Lincoln, anyone?), so I hacked it apart, cut it down, and put it back together, and it looked a lot better.

Too bad I didn't end up wearing it anyway.

Swearwords ahoy! )
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Peoples of the Internet (all three of you that read this), I have failed you.

I took the hat pattern out tonight, unfolded it, stared at it for a very long time -- and sighed, folded it back up, and put it away. No way in hell would I be able to pull off a hat like this in a day and not have it look like complete and utter shit. And I don't want to waste my materials on complete and utter shit.

I contemplated wearing something else. I do have things that I could pull together for a last-minute costumed getup, most obviously that ridiculous top and pants, vintage Sixties (that I have still not posted a picture of? Bad on me). I could wear that. I'm still entertaining that idea, actually. But...I've spent quite a lot of money on this costume to not wear it at all. And told ten thousand people about it.

Maybe I'll try to pick up a crap hat at a Halloween store on the way home from work. I've got to decide this all now, because I have to dye my hair still, and will only have time to do it in the morning before I go to work. And if I don't wear BD, I don't want to go to the trouble.


Okay, we're doing this. Worst comes to worst, I'll be hat-less again. I already wore it sans hat once; no big deal. *tries to convince self*
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Now, if I were sensible, I'd be perfectly fine with the fact I've not gotten my copy of Life in the mail from Amazon the day it's in stores. Because I'm not going to start reading it until I finish my Halloween costume, right?


The corset's completely beaded (YAY), but I still have to finish the trim on the tails (clearly the fringy beaded bits will not be done for this Halloween!) and make the hat. Ugh. Why did I leave the hat til last, again? ...Because I didn't want to make it before and I still don't want to make it? Yup, that's why.


I started work yesterday, and so far it's fine. Two days, how exciting, I know. We're still setting up the store, so I've come home the past two days feeling as if I've been playing with pennies all day, from messing about with all the jewelry. They've also got accessories-type things, so besides all the jewelry I've been eyeballing, they've got some really nice pashmina scarves I've got my eye on. Well there goes my first paycheck! Plus I like all the girls I'm working with, at least so far. The stock boys are kind of weird, and corporate's been in, and running around like chickens with their heads cut off, but we stay in the back out of their way, so that's all right.
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Seriously, corset? Why you gotta eat beads like that? I had to go pick up another bag today. This is the fourth 100g bag of silver bugle beads, for the record. And I'm sure I'll end up having to get another one when I eventually get around to finishing the tails. Which won't be for a while, let me tell you.

Also picked up the hair dye, makeup, and stockings from Wal-Mart...and got a necklace that I want to eat because the beads look like rainbow Nerds, but that has nothing to do with anything.

I'm going up to New York for a second cousin's wedding for the weekend. It's a five-hour drive (YAY I don't have to drive it), so I'll be bringing sewing with me. I was really hoping I would be close enough to done to bring something else, but THANK YOU, cold, I'm not. I always hate bringing something like that along so other people can be like WHAT IS THAT OMG WOW &tc &tc. It's like I'm begging for attention, oh-so-conveniently having something like that along to sew, because of course my mom will be like WHY DON'T YOU SHOW YOUR SEWING TO EVERYONE and I'll be all, Noooooooo.... :( Because it's NOT THAT GOOD, OKAY, MOM.

Argh. I've almost talked myself into not bringing it! But I start work on Monday, so I can't really afford to waste two days of sewing time. Grr. Why couldn't it be a nice innocuous pair of mitts or something?
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Feeling loads better, though I've still got a cough. Probably helped that I didn't have anything to do this week, so I was able to sit around and do sweet fuck-all for three straight days. Watched lots of Stones things, though...I've got so many DVDs, it's pathetic...this week it was Ladies and Gentlemen (absolutely worth it because you get to see Charlie smile once during one song, tee hee) and all the extras on, ahem, Cocksucker Blues (yes, I've shelled out for that...really enjoyed the extras because of what the Micks tended to be wearing in some of the promos from '73...swear that Jagger was stealing from Bowie's closet, and Taylor looked like such a pretty girl, with this eye makeup and these hats), among other things. Other things like Silence of the Lambs and a marathon of episodes of The Waltons. (Dude, I don't know.)

Haven't worked on Black Diamonds as much as I should, and I know I'm going to be very sorry next week, but oh well. Shit happens. It's difficult to do handwork when your nose is threatening to drip on it every five seconds. I'm just saying.

Got the hairpiece in the mail today. It's pretty much the perfect color (again, whether I can get my own hair to turn precisely that color is another question!), although with slightly less of a curl than I was hoping. It's good enough, though! I was getting a little fidgety. Guess that means I'll be breaking out the hair dye again sometime next week. :D
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Bought the hairpiece for my Black Diamonds costume. It ended up being a little more than I really wanted to spend, but the cheaper pieces didn't come in a color that would work. Some of them didn't even have any shade of red. And one I think would have worked only had what looked like a Little Mermaid-type red...which is not what we're going for here.

Well, now I have to finish this costume (in case I had any doubts before!)...I've spent a pretty good amount of money on it at this point! (Don't want to add it all up at the moment, it's too intimidating.) And I still have to get a few more things like hair dye, makeup, and hose to wear under the fishnets so I'm not quite so cold! And check that the fishnets don't have holes. And find the shoes.

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I was sort of product-ful today in the sewing arena, and therefore feel good about myself.

I got most, if not all the rhinestones glued to the tails; I'm still waffling about putting another row at the very top. Also glued a few more of the missing scallops to the corset. I can only do a few at a time because of the way the hip gore wrinkles up; if I put them all on at once they'd dry sticking half off the fabric. Which would be less than helpful. So I can do a few each day on that, because it takes a few hours for the glue to dry.

And since I couldn't work on either the corset or the tails at a certain point -- and because I sat in the park for a couple hours this afternoon, since the weather was nice, and I wanted some hand sewing -- I got out the panels for my new 18thc petticoat, the one of the oatmeal colored linen. I pulled threads and cut the panels last night, so I had a nice time sitting in the park sewing. After gluing a few more sequins on the corset, I decided to work on the petticoat some more. At the moment I'm sewing the hem. Tomorrow I'll pleat it and put the waistband on. Might as well take advantage of the fact I want to sew it right now, yes? ;)
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Haaah. After an hour and a half of trying to figure out how to make the damn top hat, I decided to chuck it all and just buy one. Oh, look, there aren't any that even kind of resemble the one I want. *swears profusely*

Aha! Hat patterns! Cleverrrr me. Thank you, Lynn McMasters, for saving stupid people like me. I can definitely mess with this pattern to get what I want. *flop*
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Have found motivation for working on the Halloween costume -- I have friends throwing parties on the 29th and 30th. Motivation is good!

Motivation may possibly have come too late...there's really still a lot of beading to do on this thing! I'd still love to finish it, and I will try, but if I manage to finish beading the corset and not the tails, I'll still be reasonably pleased. As long as there's also a hat.

I think I've decided to dye my hair for the occasion, and buy extensions -- not necessarily in that order! The length of my own hair just doesn't cut it (harr harr).

Also I'm nearly out of silver bugle beads, boo. I thought I had another bag but apparently not! Off to pay Jo-ann's a visit tomorrow, I suppose. Gotta remember to get stupid glue-on rhinestones as well.

OH ALSO: I've finally been hired, yay! It's for this jewelry and accessories store; they're opening their first store on NJ soon. Soon here having the meaning of November 1, and they don't get the store til Oct. 18th, so no immediate monies for yours truly, and it's still just part-time. STILL. Income will be good!
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Yay, it's fall! (Shh, I know it's already fall according to the calendar, but the weather hasn't been cooperating.) October's probably my favorite month of the year; I love the autumn. It's about 60 degrees currently, and the humidity's finally gone, along with the rain. Not that I mind rain a lot, but that was a lot of rain...somebody left a cooler on our back deck, and the rain in the past couple of days completely filled it up. Not a little tiny cooler, either. O_o.

Tomorrow's TCNJ's Homecoming football game, and I'm going up with some friends. Not that we care about the game, but we want to see each other and walk around the campus. And tailgate. Supposed to be about 70 degrees, no rain. I love fall!

Here, have a couple pictures of TCNJ in the fall. I took them last October, I think...

Maybe this nice weather can somehow instill some motivation into me... I haven't been working on much of anything, sewing-wise, and I have neglected my guitar completely, two days in a row, now. Bad me. If I don't get my butt in gear, there's no way I'll finish the Black Diamonds costume in a month. Have I lost motivation to care about this? Perhaps.

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