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This is me posting about Winterthur so I can get on with my sewing! I feel guilty for neglecting an event post for sewing for the next event! If I leave it too long I won't do it at all.

As I think I mentioned, we had wonderful weather to wander about the grounds; the only time we really spent inside was in the DA exhibit. We all made our way though the exhibit, and decided we were all peckish, and where were our servants to bring our food to us??

Here's the entire group after seeing the exhibit. What you can't see is that our photographer is about to be run over by a bus full of seniors...

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So close! I just have to sew the buttons on and put the lining in...and if that starts taking too long I can just safety-pin it in for the moment.

Looks like we'll have great weather for excursions in Winterthur's gardens - if maybe a little squishy in the unpaved areas! (The area had about two inches of rain today; glad it was today and not tomorrow!)
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I managed to get my butt out of bed at a Reasonable Time today, and got a respectable amount done on the jacket as a result. First I finished cutting all the pieces out, then I sewed the lining together, then put the pockets on the fronts. I trimmed the tops of the pockets with dark brown velveteen to match the upper part of the collar (also said velveteen). Machine wasn't thrilled with many layers of folded-over velveteen so stitching line is wonky. Decided I do not care enough to pick out.

Sewed the body of the jacket together, and managed to get one side of the front pad-stitched before work. I used my old standby for interfacing, cotton canvas - the pad stitching is just on the lapels, then the rest of the interfacing piece is just tacked down. It'll be fun if you can see those stitches, but I think they're pretty tiny so I should be okay!

Need to get the other front pad-stitched tonight before bed, to make sure I'm not behind schedule! I need to take the car for an oil change tomorrow morning, so I'll bring the collar with me and pad-stitch that there. Then I just have to attach the collar and facings, do buttons and buttonholes, and hem/put in the lining. Which could be safety-pinned in if it had to be!

Glad my hat's already finished...
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I worked out my priorities, and decided I'd rather have the jacket than combinations, camisole, or new reticule. The jacket's most visible! (All right, my handbag is black and will clash with my brown accents, but life goes on.) I can wear the slightly-too-large antique camisole I have, with my shift under that. I have sleeveless Edwardian/teens combinations, but I don't want to sweat directly onto an antique, hence the shift. All this era-surfing requires so much underwear!

I mocked up and fitted the jacket today, mostly with very little trouble. It's a Butterick pattern, and pretty basic. I had to nip the waist in quite a bit at the back and side seams, but that was easy...the sleeve was another story! Absolutely not impressed with the pulling at the sleeve head on the first mockup! I had to do quite a bit of fiddling, and it got to the point where to really make it smooth, I'd have had to move the dart, cut the front piece larger, make a different curve on the sleeve head, and probably fifty other little things. So - I gave up on "perfectly smooth", and decided "acceptable" was, well, acceptable!

The sleeves of my blouse are just loose enough that they get wadded up in the jacket sleeve something fierce, and just short enough that I can't hang on to them while putting my arms in the jacket. So that adds a bit of stuffed-sausage arm fun to the mix...that jacket is not coming off and on several times in the day, I can tell you! I'll be lining the jacket in silk, which hopefully will help with that (but probably not much).
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I didn't get a lot of actual sewing done today (though I may finish sewing snaps on the skirt after I post this, since I finished the petticoat today and this could mark where the snaps needed to go), but I feel accomplished all the same. I have a tendency to leave thinking about hair til the the of the event, and when it's something I'm unfamiliar with, I really shouldn't do that!

[ profile] reine_de_coudre's quick-and-dirty 1920s hair tutorial inspired me - 20s and teens hair are very closely related, I've discovered. (As an aside, that seems to be one thing they did change for Downton Abbey...the majority of hairdos in period photographs I've seen have more volume and might even be termed "frizzy", whereas even the curled hairdos of the Downton ladies are sleeker and much more flattering to our modern eyes. Since my hair is a big fan of "frizzy", I am all for that option.)

Samantha recommended a waving iron in her tutorial, so I went out and bought me one today. It was on sale, so I got a fun one with an adjustable barrel - can make the waves bigger or smaller. The smaller ones will be perfect for 20s, but the larger ones looked better for teens I thought. And yes, I then went to work with my hair waved in a different width on either side of my head. Heh.

It's not too bad, all things considered! And now I can see what adjustments to make - mainly get the whole thing up a little higher off my neck (though not too much because hat), and hide that rat a little better, oops.

And hat on head, because I couldn't resist.


Also, when I tried on the outfit, I was struck anew with the awful snausage-ness of it all, so I'm leaning towards making a belt and not worrying about the jacket at all. Although interestingly, according to the forecast, if we're there all day, I might want the jacket! (I'm always cold, shut up.)
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So close to finished! I just have to put closures on the skirt, and it's done. I kind of want to put the waistband on the petticoat first though, just to be very sure of the measurements... the skirt ended up being just a touch too big (because the mockup was a wee bit on the snug side, so I used a smaller seam allowance, so of COURSE the skirt's too big!) so I want to be slightly more sure I won't have to move the snaps once I put them on.

(That's optimistic.)
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Had my day off yesterday; my mom and I had made plans to go to the NJ Botanical Gardens (which are practically in New York, natch), and despite the fifteen-degree predicted difference in temperature between home and the gardens, we went anyway. It never actually rained, but was misty and wet the entire time...which I think is just as lovely as a sunny day, in a different way. We didn't realize that a location two hours' drive north would be quite a month behind in growing season, though! Their website said lilac peak season is around Mothers Day...LIES. Which was mainly what we went to see. Oh well. Still an enjoyable day!

I took a million pictures of trees and mist, because it makes me gleeful. Pretty sure I took more pictures up there than I do at most costume events, oops. Here's just a couple, because they're pretty!
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I got the skirt of the teens suit put together today. Still have to do the placket, top facing, and hem, but it looks like a skirt, and that is always encouraging!
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Or is it a waist still? I don't actually know. Feel free to correct me!

Tuesday night my back decided it was going to be mad at me, and has proceeded to be cranky ever since. I didn't do anything to it or sleep funny...apparently I'm just a senior citizen now. I actually wore my old effigy stays to work today, and other than slightly pokey armpits and a really odd silhouette I think it was quite helpful! Back support and all, y'know.

Anyway, that means I've been sewing at half-speed, and cutting at maybe quarter speed...which is pretty damn slow. I finally put the finishing touches on the blouse (buttons and hem), and cut out my skirt pieces today.
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The main pieces of the blouse are sewn together; still have to do front fastenings, hem, collar and cuffs. My least favorite things! I was very dedicated and zigzagged the seam allowances, since this fabric is rather fray-happy and I want to be able to wash it! And that zigzagging was sooooo incredibly boring.

It's not as noticeable on any of the other pieces, but it was really reinforced just how off-grain this print is when I cut the cuffs! Par for the course from Joann's, but it certainly entailed a lot of swearing and yanking on the fabric, and it's still a bit off. I sincerely doubt any of it's noticeable, especially once it's all put together, but it did make it very annoying to cut out!
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Or, well, cutting; today I cut out the pieces for the blouse. It's a rayon silky print from work, and it's so squeedgy (this is the scientific term) I had to cut each piece separately. And they're still not exactly even.

And since it took so long, that was all I did today!

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