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So, I should definitely spend my sewing time today uploading my pictures and doing a Belvidere writeup instead, right? Of course right!

Well, first off, I couldn't ask for more perfect weather yesterday! I don't believe it got above 70F the whole day, it was overcast with a lovely cool breeze most of the time, and at worst we got a few drops of rain. (Rain in costume doesn't bother me til you get to the all-day soggy-woggy downpours.)

I insisted we get up to Belvidere relatively early, for Cheap Silk Buying purposes, and we still weren't early enough to snag the biggest rolls. I mainly got a bunch of 1-2yd lengths (which works out to not nearly as good a deal as the big rolls, but still far better than the usual retail price of $20+/yd for taffeta), but also got a roll of quilted silk to use on my 1860s wrapper, which was worth the price of admission! The same silk in a different colorway online was $25/yd, and I paid...not $25/yd. ;)

[ profile] sewloud and [ profile] hiraimi also got a nice little haul at the jewelry seller, but I'm not actually that much of a magpie, and really stocked up on the cheap costume jewelry when I worked at the jewelry store a couple of years back - so I didn't buy anything there.

Robin then introduced us to a gentleman with one of the most impressive setups I've ever seen - his kit and tent for Belvidere are done to be the setup of the British campaign in Egypt in 188mumblety (er, military history is clearly not something I retain), and is full of authentic pieces - he even makes his own labels to be repros of the ones from the period. And he also offered us period drinkies. Although Alice and I had to share a glass of gin and tonic, because he wasn't expecting a party-crashing group, and didn't have any more glasses. Our bad. :D So we sat and chatted with Mick and co. until the Coccgana-mobile remembered it had a two-hour drive back, and regretfully decided it probably ought to leave.

Someon posted us to the Belvidere FB page already, which is nice, because we didn't get a group picture on my camera, oops...

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So, to sum up - Belvidere was great fun this year, and I have no idea if I'm going to get the bird dress properly trimmed in time for Saturday! Have decided it's presentable, though, so don't care. And am so, so tired of gathering trim that it's hard to motivate myself to do it! We shall see.
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More for my own benefit, since it's pictures from everyone else and therefore have already been seen! Wimpy blog post link.

I'm pretty amused about how hopeless I am with white dresses...the skirt of this thing is absolutely covered in marks! It's probably due to my indiscriminate sitting. Filthy tea house porch steps! Sure! Squishy lawn? Plop! I don't mind - as I've said, I do make these costumes to be lived in. :)

(It's like when members of The Public ask me, slightly horrified, if I know my train is dragging in the dirt/leaves/filthy road?? Yup!)

And the not-matching sleeves and neck yoke don't look too bad. Woohoo!
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I did sew today, so there! And ze bonnet is done. It looks very much like, well, what it is: an untrimmed bonnet! [ profile] blackcat452's going to trim it herself, because she probably has better trimmings in her stash than I do. It's not perfect - argh, unforgiving taffeta! - but I never claimed to be a professional. :)

Rather glad I didn't wait til the morning-of to take the giant fluffy 1860s out (well, I wouldn't have, since I needed to put fastenings on), because when I put it on to mark where some hooks and eyes would go, I discovered a big fat hole in the right lower sleeve. The fabric had frayed right through the seam...two seams, actually, since it was flat felled. Between this, and the hole in the gold 1920s, and the hole in my striped blue anglaise petticoat, I'm starting to think my costumes go out partying without me!

(Or, you know, I made the sleeves just a bit too tight, and the stress the seam was under, combined with the rather wimpy sheer fabric, led to a hole. But I prefer the other explanation.)

So I just cut my losses and took them off, since I clearly can't redo the seam and make it any smaller! Of course, the gathered bit at the elbow was gathered right to the undersleeve, so I had to redo all that. It's annoying that I don't have any more of that fabric - the new undersleeves will have to be made of something different than the neck yoke bit, which will look dumb, but what can you do?

I guess I could just not make new undersleeves, since that would eliminate the not-matching problem...but I also haven't seen any plates or photos of an adult woman showing off that much bare arm in a day dress. It would also defeat the "sun protection" purpose. I have some similarly shiny and sheer (how's that for alliteration) white silk/cotton voile, so I think it wouldn't be too offensively awful to use that. Well, I don't have anything better anyway!

I did put on all the fastenings, though, after I'd taken off the offending sleeves...hooks and eyes at the waistband, and snaps to hold that strip of trim at the neck in place. Yes, snaps, shocking...but I can tell if I put hooks on that thing, it'd be unhooking itself all day! Which doesn't sound like fun to me.
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Well, it was meant to be Civil War Saturday at Fort Mifflin. But earlier in the week Robin pointed out that she doesn't do well in extreme heat and corsets, and adding in the potential for thunderstorms in the forecast, we made the collective decision to move on to Plan B: tea! In air conditioning.

Since it wasn't strictly Civil War anymore, we extended the invite, and [ profile] dragoneyes19, [ profile] hiraimi, and I were joined by [ profile] madamekat, [ profile] ladyxjade, [ profile] grace_lee_19c, and Robin's neighbor Victoria (who we spent a good part of the time enthusiastically bullying to come to more events, since this is the first time she's joined us!). We went to the New Leaf Tea Room in Riverton, which was a new place for all of us. It's located in a pretty little Victorian town on the Delaware, which I'm sure would have been very nice to stroll around if it hadn't been 98 degrees. Maybe next time.

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So, I put together a little less than half the trim at the neckline of the sheer dress today. Before I left for work I noticed a couple spots on the lace I hadn't noticed while actually putting the gathering stitches in it and such. At this point the lace-trimmed gathered section was only pinned to the bodice. Okay, the vinegar actually worked very well on the skirt stains, let's do that again. So I scrubbed away at the stains, which seemed to come out pretty well, so off I trotted to work.

I just pulled the bodice out now, to maybe do a half hour of work on it before I go to bed - and - who knows what's coming? The original spots are mostly gone, yes - but everywhere there's a pin is now green.

Green spotted lace!

Not what I was going for.

Whoops. *snort*

Don't worry, I still find this pretty hilarious, probably because I still have one more day to work on this dress.
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On the skirt, anyway. Still got to do the bodice trim, but that'll be NOTHING compared to the skirt! I even tacked up the hem facing tonight, so the skirt's completely done - just needs to be gathered to the bodice and it'll be a dress! Not quite a finished dress, since there's the neckline trim still, plus the little odds & ends that have to be done, but it all still looks very do-able.

And I just have to say how much I LOVE Farmhouse Fabrics...I ordered my ribbon on Sunday, and got it in the mail today (which is why I could finish all that skirt trim). Probably helps that they're based on the East Coast (so'm I!), but still. Very, very happy.

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Another Working day (with the manager that takes til at LEAST 10.15 to close EVERY TIME, ugh), so all I did was work on my white petticoat a bit. I need to finish it before I got to bed - no matter how long it takes!

Why not the skirt of the sheer, I hear no one asking? Well, because I have somehow contrived to get Mysterious Stains on it, and today was Attempted Sun-Bleaching With Vinegar Day (since it was actually sunny today). I've been trying to get them out for a few days, but didn't want to complain about the Stains til I'd actually confirmed they are something to complain about. And they are! Because where are they but right on the front of the skirt, sigh. Haven't the foggiest what they are - though they look suspiciously like I'd stabbed myself hand-sewing and didn't notice til I'd got blood spots on it.

Which is still very mysterious, because I haven't done any hand-sewing on the skirt. They're much less awful now than they were...but, y'know, it's a giant white skirt, they're still pretty obvious!


14 Jul 2013 11:12 pm
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Didn't feel at all like sewing tonight after work, but did (go me), and got my goal for the day done - so I'm in the middle of the third flounce. All gathered and ready to be pinned on. Tomorrow.
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And the Endless Ruche, too. That's hours worth of work, right there, even if it doesn't look like it!

Also, I'm going to run out of ribbon. Um. Good thing the event isn't in a week or anything, so I can order more and not worry about it getting here!

(Hint: It is.)


Edit: Just ordered 25 more yards of ribbon. If my maths aren't totally wonky that should be plenty. (For a grand total of 65 yards of ribbon on this thing!)
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I, um, pinned on one-twelfth more of the Horrible Endless Ruche today. Progress...?

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