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Well, it wasn't as populated an event as we sort of had the impression it would be, but since there were five of us this time and we have no problem entertaining ourselves anywhere...a good time was had by all, I think! Allaire billed it as "see how they celebrated George Washington's birthday in the early 19th century!" so I told everybody to wear Regency...and then they were all in their usual 1836 costumes. EXCUSE ME, VERY MISLEADING. But we were terribly fashionable, if in the wrong year, so no one minded, haha. Actually I think "Tessa's friends" are starting to get a bit of a reputation... (for being obnoxious, I mean)

Obnoxious? Who, us?? Nevah!

As can be seen, I did not bother finishing the fur-trimmed pelisse, which was a Good Idea. Very balmy for February! Finally decided on my Little White Dress, worn (slightly crammed, really) over my shirt that goes with the pompom outfit (looked dumb, but I really wanted long sleeves that weren't wool! and I didn't take the spencer off at Allaire), and the black wool spencer. Gotta love Regency separates.

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The good first! I was very pleased with my outfit, and I'm always happy to see my friends, whether in costume or not. And lunch at City Tavern was delish, as always. Why do I not go there more often? Their lunch prices are very reasonable. (I loved my raspberry shrub and my turkey pot pie!)

You'll be very displeased to hear that I got ONE picture of my outfit. And the way the wind's blowing my skirt in between my legs, it feels...indecent. That's me, always indecent! But since I only got the one, you'll have to make do.

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I intermittently worked on the spencer (cut out the pieces and sewed the back to side-backs) and the straw forms today (I am not certain enough that they won't fail miserably to not buy a roll of buckram...), and got a couple pictures of the Little White Dress.

With inappropriate hair and footwear, because it was hot and I'm lazy.

Or, um, pastoral? Yes, that's it.

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LWD done

13 Jun 2015 11:43 pm
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I sewed the hooks and eyes on this afternoon, and the white dress is therefore done. Seems to fit in a not-too-appalling-manner, but I didn't want to take pics of it over a green t-shirt, so maybe tomorrow, haha.

Will definitely not be able to fit a spencer on the leftover swiss dot, so red it is! I'll use my black wool spencer pattern, with just a bit of tweaking (as it's over a thin muslin rather than wool). I seem to have lost the sleeves though...and I know that pattern had sleeves because I labled the envelope "collar and sleeves"! Haven't the foggiest where they went, though, so it appears I'll be mocking up new sleeves for it...

ETA: Or apparently I used the pompom spencer pattern! This is seriously why I keep sewing journals, so I can go back and figure out wtf I did! Now, let's hope the pompom spencer pattern has sleeves with it.


12 Jun 2015 11:57 pm
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Finished piecing in the skirt extension and then hemmed it (mostly while watching Austenland, because it's been too long), which means this bad boy is done, apart from two hooks and bars. Which I will be smart and not sew til I try it on over my stays. Tomorrow!

I've done some tweaking of my original spencer-bonnet plans; if I have enough of the swiss dot left (doubtful) I'm thinking of making a matching spencer instead of the red. And as for the bonnet...instead of buying buckram I bought three woven straw blanks to see if I can wrangle them. (They arrived today so if straw fails miserably I still have time to order buckram!) I very much enjoy hat-wrangling so I'm feeling up to the challenge. ;) Also they smell nice! (Is that weird...that's probably weird.)
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Am on the last lap of my Stupid Alterations...should be able to finish them tomorrow, bar any really annoying things that are in the bag I haven't gone through yet.

Pinned the piece onto the hem of the LWD, and it doesn't look too stupid, so I've started sewing it on. The original hem wasn't quite the same distance from the lowest tuck, as the rest of the tucks are from each other, so it just looks like I maybe slightly mismeasured the (new) lowest tuck. Well, better that than an obvious "you made that too short, didn't you?"!

And Thursdays are now Hannibal nights again (I missed the first episode of the season airing last week because I forgot it started, whoops), so I'll never get anything done Thursdays after work because I'm too busy curling up into a ball and shrieking. I hardly watch any shows as they air, but this one? Yes please.
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Tucks, I am so tired of tucks.

Mocked up and made the sleeves today, with three tucks each. And I just finished sewing them on, so the dress is virtually done...except for little things like fastenings, and putting a piece in the skirt because it ended up too short. LOL OOPS. It's probably right at the edge of Regency-acceptable, but it shows the top of my boots and a bit of leg, which looks kind of stupid, and isn't at all the length I wanted.

Tucks, man. *shakes head*

Nice tucks on sleeve...

Nice tucks on Regency mini-skirt...

So, I'm just going to add a length at the bottom, and make the current hem into a faux-tuck. It's almost the least amount of work...the actual least amount of work would be to take out a tuck or two, but that would be sad and I couldn't bring myself to do it! So my hem-tucks will be slightly further away from the hem than intended. Other than that, it's come out nicely, I think!
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Still nice weather today (the 90-degree weather is coming!!), so I sat on our front lawn, under the giant sycamore, and sewed this afternoon. I really should have been doing this all along when the weather allows; not least because it keeps me off the computer and all the things that distract me on the internet!

Started attaching the skirt to the bodice; the flat front's done, and one half of the back is gathered and mostly sewn on.

And I bought a bunch of trims at work today, for stashing. Well, clearance was half off, what can I say? Red marabou, brown marabou, black and white striped cording, and some flat gold braid that might not be too cheesy to use (at the J? shocking I know) was 40 cents a yard so if I decide it's awful, not much money wasted! And I was quite good; the only clearance fabric I bought was two bolts of cheap ugly prints for mockup fabric. (I can't even bring myself to buy the cheap Joann muslin on sale at this point; it's so, so awful!)
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I was pretty wiped Saturday night (10-3.30 in costume, and work at the J 5-10, with a huuuuuge sale set) so I didn't post...and also I only got two pictures of me, neither at the actual event. Ooops, sorry. It sort of felt unprofessional to bug people to get pictures of me on my own camera, though. (Me, a professional? LOL.) I will definitely get to wear this jacket again, though, so I'll try harder next time!

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Behold the Last-Minute Apron! I'm very fond of it and am glad I decided to neglect my other duties and make it.

And now I'm rambling. Shall I try to cut it short? I was off today, and as it was really lovely weather, spent the afternoon with mom and grandmom by a local creek. They played Scrabble and I sewed tucks, while we listened to the clackity-clackity-brrring! of a typewriter nearby! I'd laugh at the young man using it for being a hipster, but as I was sewing an 18-teens dress by hand myself, I couldn't laugh much. (Who's the hipster now, eh?)

So I finished my tucks on the skirt tonight, wahoo! and hopefully haven't made it shorter than intended. The measurements still check out, but you know how that goes...

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After the WOE-I-must-take-out-my-tuck experience, I considered ditching tucks and doing two little flounces instead. While I considered, I mocked up and mostly sewed the bodice. I finished the top edge today, so all it really needs is fastenings (apart from the top drawstring). Which I need to put the skirt on to do. Which I need to figure out what I'm doing with the skirt to do!

...alright fine, tucks. I've scribbled all over the skirt with supposedly water-soluble graphite, but at least that's better than the neon purple marker if it doesn't, in fact, wash out. (And I only actually marked the under-side of the tuck, so "scribbled all over" may in fact be an exaggeration.) So, one tuck is sewn (again!) and I'm in the process of marking the second one.

Naturally this has thrown my nice sewing schedule all out of whack.

In other news, I went to the thrift store today for a basket to hold my sewing things for Saturday, and came home with a basket...and a blue willow sugar bowl...and a stoneware Williamsburg mug (also for Saturday, so I can have a more appropriate drink container than a plastic water bottle!)...and a silver-plate small box, also from Williamsburg, that will work very nicely for a tea caddy...and a pretty English teapot that, according to the Google, can be no newer than 1978. I love my thrift store.

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