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On Saturday, I went down with my local peeps to the Annual Pumpkin Tea, hosted by [ profile] sadievale and her mom. As always, they're wonderful hostesses and put out a really good spread!

A fair summation of this event could amount to: We came, we saw, we ate. :D We didn't even go out to the pub for a late dinner as we usually do; instead a platter of Chick-fil-A nuggets, champagne, tiaras, and jammies sounded like a really good way to spend the evening. While laughing ourselves sick while watching Austenland, because that just seemed the most appropriate.

This is my favorite picture anyone took, I think...Regency wedgie shot! (With a bonus Maggie, hee hee.)

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And I (somewhat hilariously) forgot to clip the pompom "stems" on the one side of the CF when I was declaring myself finished last night, which I didn't realize til I was putting the spencer on in the parking lot. Whooooops. Oh well, not driving home and back to do that. Just tucked them under and made the best of it.

Pics not always in the best light, but we didn't have all that much time, and I thought you all would rather have weirdly shaded pictures than no pictures...

And now? Lunch! And then starting a new 1920s dress. Ahem, what?
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Just sewed the last of the pompom trim to the spencer, which means this sucker is DONE.

If Lil' Sis is available tomorrow morning, I'll have her take pictures of me and the spencer in a field or somewhere else...autumn-y. (Since I think I've decided it's probably in the best interests of my finances and sewing time to skip the Pumpkin Tea this year - gas! tolls! still so much to do for Gettysburg! eep - so I don't know when this outfit will get worn to an actual event.)
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Working on my stripes still, but I've come here to complain about pompoms, not stripes. Besides sewing down the trim bit, I have to go around all the trim I've already sewn again and tack down every damn ball, because if I don't it flops around and looks generally stupid. Shame I did the bit around the bottom of the spencer first, because that was the easy part; no tacking of balls required! *grumble*

(ETA: Annnnd I managed to pull a pompom off completely. Not even because of the chopping of pompom strings - it was just the ball, which I hadn't tampered with. Have decided that pompoms totally hate me and that I should ignore them in favour of velveteen strips from now on.)
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Ehhh...I'm going to regret not having got more sewing done today! But somehow things to do come up on your day off, you know?

I did cut and sew the hem facing on today, which I had to do before I put any trim on, because Reasons. And I figured out the widths of the trim, even if I didn't cut it yet!

And I finished sewing the other sleeve onto the pompom spencer last night, so now I just have to sew lots more pompoms on it...
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I was supposed to be off work today, but then I wasn't - so there went my plan of trim-wrangling. I need a good chunk of time when I'm not tired to do that, since it involves maths and stuff. So, Sunday is the new trim-wrangling day.

Instead of paletot trim, I basted the layers of the sleeves together, and then since I wanted to keep hand-sewing, I switched back to the pompom spencer. Got the other sleeve sewn together, which is good because now that there's a date set for the Pumpkin Tea, it suddenly seems a lot closer.


5 Oct 2013 11:54 pm
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Spencer progress: Right sleeve is now attached. Woo.
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I was off work today, and finally forced myself to buckle down and mock up the sleeves of the spencer. It wasn't too awful, mainly because they're supposed to be slightly too long and wrinkled (artfully) in the upper arm! I think this style of sleeve should be fashionable forever.

Anyway, they're mocked up, cut out, and one is sewn together. SEW SEW SEW!
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(And I'm copying this from my public blog, that's how lazy I am!)

Time is really getting away from me - this spencer really is such a simple little garment, it should have been completed the beginning of this week, at the latest. But the early fall weather has just been so enjoyable these last two weeks, that every time I have a good chunk of time to devote to sewing, I've been going outside for a walk in local parks and nature preserves instead! I'm terribly not-outdoorsy, so be impressed.

I still have to make and fit a sleeve mockup, but since I'll always put off sleeves as long as I possibly can, I'm working on the trim now.


So far I've only got it sewn to the bottom edge of the spencer, but, you know, better than nothing, right?

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I was off work today, and since the weather was so perfect (in my not-so-humble opinion), I went for a wander in the woods instead of staying in and devoting my whole day to sewing. Or laundry. Or cleaning. Yes, we do have woods in South Jersey! A very small wood. Apparently full of screaming children today (right, it's the weekend), but still lovely. The trees haven't quite started to turn yet, but I saw turtles, evidence of a beaver, about a thousand squirrels, and scared the hell out of a deer.

(My mother and sister went down the shore for the weekend, but 1/ I had a Party to go to, and 2/ I obviously much prefer greenery to salt and sand!)

Oh, right, the Party. Robin's Birthday Party. Most of the pictures I took were of people's backs (WAY exciting), but it was a beautiful day, a wonderful and well-attended party, and a most excellent location - Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia.

(I got lost trying to find the party once I got to the cemetery, of course, and got rescued by the caretaker. "Are ye lookin' for the thirtieth birthday party?" HOW DID YOU KNOW.)

Aren't we pretty? I wore my old dress, and this is the very last time, because I exploded a button trying to put it on because I am apparently too fat for it now wtf. It's still wearable, but not really comfortable. So whenever we have another warm-weather Victorian event, I need to make that natural form dress!
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And I did get some sewing done today after all the tromping through the woods - the collar's all sewn on to the spencer, and as such I deemed it ready for photo documentation.
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