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Since Alice has helpfully posted her photos, there are now enough of my own silly face to make a recap not entirely photo-less. Thanks Alice! :D

So! Wednesday night I decided to stay up late and throw together a hood, because suddenly cold was going to be a Thing. (Nobody wants the ones in my shop so I could have worn either of them, but didn't like how they looked with my coat and dresses.) Bulk of it took about an hour (because yay machine sewing!), but measuring and cutting all the strips of rabbit took another hour! So I of course had some sewing to do in Gettysburg, but since I think Katherine was the only one, I didn't feel too bad!

Thursday I headed out to [ profile] sewloud's place around noon, and we managed to shove her, me, [ profile] koshka_the_cat, and alllllll of our stuff into one car. Wheeeee! Who needs to see out the back of their car, right? Katherine got these shots of it...

Onward! Not for the faint of heart! )
And I would like to note that I started writing this post approximately 12 hours ago! Silly Thanksgiving dinner and eternal cleanup! *flops* But hey, now I can sew 1830s without (much) guilt! Still need to get pics of the marquee dress. May in fact wait til the Victorian Christmas tea at Smithville if we're doing that, though. Am bad blogger.

Gettysburg photobucket album here
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It did not turn out to be as costume-filled a weekend as anticipated; the plans were to do Pennypacker Mills' Victorian Christmas on Saturday, and then Pottsgrove Manor's 18thc candlelight tour on Sunday, but it turned out no one but Robin wanted/was able to go to the latter, and it's rather a far drive for no especial reason. And I didn't want to have to pay PA prices for gas, which I'd've had to do if I drove out to Pottsgrove! Thanks but no thanks. And then Robin and I were going to go to the much closer 18thc farm, Peter Wentz...but then we were watching the version of A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart, lost track of time, and missed the few hours the site was open. Oops.

So today my most efficient use was for downing pots of tea and eating way too many gingerbread hearts. And sewing a very few eyelets on my wool 1770s stays. I hadn't planned to try and finish them for the colonial ball or anything, but they were the only handwork project I had ready to stuff in a bag and go...

But anyway, PPM was a lot of fun: it was an 18thc house that was added on to and remodeled in 1901(ish?), and they did a great job of decorating for the season. Everything was lit by oil lamps, and they had Santa, a bell choir, and a candymaking demonstration in the kitchen. And free hot cider after the tour! I'd like to go back sometime in warmer weather and walk around the grounds (good location for pics of our sooper seekrit plaid project, eh wot, partners in crime?).

As for pictures, we basically just made sure to get photos of my new dress and that was it. Most of the tour was too dark for my poor old camera so I didn't bother taking it out the whole least til we got to Taco Bell afterward! That was well lit, haha.

A few pictures, and then Words about Boots )
There will be sewing tomorrow! I almost promise!
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Today I polished my boots and painted the buttons (no idea if the paint will hold up to being shoved through buttonholes, but only one way to find out!), polished my 18thc shoe buckles (almost forgot I meant to do that. Now as long as I don't forget to put them back on my shoes...), sewed on the zig-zag cuff trim (it's still uneven but hopefully less obviously so?), and made plain linen cuffs, which I'm stitching in now.

And also very much enjoyed watching the snow fall! Best kind; just a dusting on the ground but quite thick in the air! Just the collar left to do on the dress, and reattaching the buttons on the boots.
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Yesterday I did the hem, today I dyed my boots. Still left to do: polish boots, redo left cuff trim, make collar and cuffs.
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I'm at the "And now I have to fix everything that is suddenly wrong with this effing dress" point with the plaid silk 1860s...after complaining about it extensively to Robin this afternoon, none of it is as awful as it seemed at first. All very fixable (or not that bad), and hey, at least the bodice fits, right?
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Because when I finished the bodice of the candy stripe plaid, I didn't want to gear up in corset and hoop to do the hem...but it was still Sewing Time! I sewed on all the ribbon for the bodice trim, which is not quite even but lalala I can't hear you, and did the buttonholes and buttons.

I had a bit of hair-pulling with the buttons; I didn't take into account how fat the buttons I wanted to use were (hint: very fat), and so my (machined, never fear) buttonholes were juuust slightly too small. Commence hair-pulling and sifting through my button collection for other possibilities, but I was very attached to this option! They look like candy.

(Since I like to live dangerously, I was eating Christmas-colored peanut M&M's and sewing these buttons on at the same time! No, I did not eat a button.)

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I think I'm recovered from the holiday weekend (though I seem to be coming down with a cold; go away, cold! I fights you!), so it's back to sewing on the plaid 1860s. I finished sewing the trim on the second cuff today and think it looks quite nice. Camera's in the other room though, so no picture tonight. Zzzzzz
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I did all the little bits of bodice finishings today that needed to be done, apart from the buttons and buttonholes.

My box o'ribbon fun got here today, woop woop! It's all synthetic, as expected, but mostly decent synthetics. The green ribbon matches nicely, and I think isn't too offensively shiny. There's also some heavy white picot-edged ribbon, a spool of black ribbon so ancient it's turned a rather nice shade of aubergine, an enormous spool of nylon-y white floral ribbon, a spool of pinky-purple cheap-ish ribbon, and three spools of double-faced red-orange velvet. The velvet was the best deal, I think! All in all, not a bad haul, as I think I can use the majority of it for costuming (and as for the rest of it, everybody's going to get presents tied with pinky-purple or white bows for the next fifteen years).

So I guess that means I have no excuse to not continue working on this til I finish it? *shifty eyes*

Well, really, the only thing that's stopping me is that every single other thing I want to work on needs a mockup. Ew, mockups.
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Still don't like piping. Piped and attached the sleeves (which only necessitated ripping it out once), and piped the wrists and neck edges. I will not say they are well done, but they are done. Am now tacking down the edge of said piping.

The buttons will depend on the ribbon matching (where are you ribbooooon), so after I tack down the piping, all I can do is finish the bottom of the bodice til the ribbon gets here.

And put fastenings on the skirt. And actually hem the skirt. And figure out collar and cuffs. I guess that's enough to keep me busy... though I might be naughty and work on something else tomorrow.
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It looks very much like a skirt now. Waistband and pocket and all. No hem yet, though.

No word yet on the ribbon lot; I can only assume it's still buried under a mountain of snow. I admit I'm getting antsy already...which is silly, as I don't need this outfit for three weeks yet. Just in case, though, I find myself making alternate bodice plans. (I am Very Attached to my trim scheme on this particular bodice.) I made the skirt separate already, just in case I want a ballgown bodice to go with it as well; certainly have the fabric for it! So a third bodice would not be completely out of the realm of possibility. There was a lot of fabric on that roll, yes...

I've completely given up in digust on those Trenton colonial ball people. Are they EVER going to update their info so I can buy a ticket??? Not saying I won't go (I fully plan to, whenever they get around to selling tickets!), but I think they're not getting a new dress from me. I'm sure they would be very broken up to hear that. Unless I feel really super-motivated in between Pennypacker's Victorian Christmas and Actual Christmas, I'll make do with the old pink sacque.

Because there are other things I want to sew! I haven't forgotten about the Winterfell dress, for instance. It being Really Cold lately has reminded me that that was a thing I wanted to make. I have fabric for the under- and over-dress, still need wool for a cloak and linen(ish) for a shift. Think I'm going to get a wool blend suiting that's on sale currently from FFC (I have nice woolens in the Stash, but they may be, um, a little too nice for this project that has no real reason to exist other than I wanna) because it's stupid cheap right now.

I also bought a wool flannel blend for my Gettysburg Remembrance Day wrapper from FFC...somehow I got it into my head that my wrapper must be wool flannel (we're going to be in a cabin again, and those things are not terribly well-heated, as we have learned, so I think this is valid), so I had to buy it when I saw it. Light blue for the body, dark blue for the quilted contrast panel...and enough pink for a dress just in case it's nice enough for a dress?

Yes, Remembrance Day is fully a year away. Yes, I'm planning for it now.

I still want to make an ice skating outfit, too! 1860s is my backup, because I want to do late 1890s, and I've got to start from the absolute beginning with that. Got a corset pattern all picked out...

And there is a tiny project brewing with [ profile] dragoneyes19 and [ profile] hiraimi, also 1890s-related, and also thanks to FFC. That probably won't be done til summer, as it's summer-weight fabric, and there's no deadline for it...but I have promised to make the hats for it. :D

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