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In pictures! Well, a very few pictures.

Saturday was Indian King Tavern in sadly under-trimmed Brunswick. I didn't have time to really get pictures before I went in the morning, and then when I got back the sun had moved into a bad place for pictures anywhere in the yard! I tried.

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[ profile] dragoneyes19 and I made a relatively last-minute decision to go up to Allaire for their 18thc event to-day, in hopes of seeing [ profile] misspeachum (since we couldn't make it up for a Christmas tour). We were in luck; she wasn't working the event but did pop in and found us (stuffing our faces with apple cake in front of the general store and being generally loud, as we do), hooray! She's been awfully busy being a Student, but we're hoping we can kidnap her for something later in the year :D

Allaire is an 1836 working-class village (which is why we haven't visited before; we don't have any 1830s. TRAGIC), but they do have other-era events, and this was one of them. 18thc? Yeah, I have a couple of those outfits in my costume bin...One or two.

And it was nice to see a good amount of reenactors at a skirmish for a change! I appreciate the effort, but when the British have six men and the Continentals ten, it doesn't really look as impressive. North Jersey must be better at this. (I'd like to do the Battle of Monmouth...but hot. Hmmm.)

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As you may have noticed on Blogger...I found my camera cable. :)

Windy! That would be my word to describe Fort Fred this year. Lovely weather besides that though, and I'd much rather have that than Too Hot.

First things first, here are some pictures of the new outfit, all put together. I didn't get pictures til we were in the parking lot, ready to go ("WAIT I didn't get pictures of my dreeeeesssss!!") so I'm rocking the windblown hair look! I'm surprised the cap didn't just take flight.

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Hah, I WIN. The stripes go a bit woobly over the waist, because I always forget to add for the bulk of the petticoats, but it's still so much better, in my book. The straight stripes aren't nearly as visually flattering as the chevrons, but I don't care. The improved level of wrinkliness definitely compensates for that.

(And now I can count this as my completed UFO for April. I missed February and March, but...ah, good intentions!)

I also cut out the pieces for my cap today, of some plain white cotton lawn, and started hemming them. Ruffly bits take so long to hem! One garter is also finished, I just have to actually cast off. But the dress is d-o-n-e done, so anything else I actually manage to finish is just icing on the cake! So to speak.
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Second bodice front is almost sewn on. Will be finished before bedtime tonight!
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Counting down to Fort Fred! As per usual I've still got things to do and not many days left in which to do them...still have to make a new cap, re-trim my straw hat, possibly finish new knitted garters, and sew Bodice Front No.2 back on.

What? Oh, that's what I did Friday, which was when I last had a good chunk of sewing time (thanks, Easter!); unpicked the front bodice pieces of my linen gown and recut them on the straight. You knew I was going to. (It will be extremely amusing if the thing still doesn't fit.) Today I got one side completely reattached, tomorrow I need to finish the other.

So I should wear it like this, right? ;)

As you can see, redoing the bodice fronts isn't really that much work! The lining stays attached, and I basted the couple inches of skirt pleats into place so they wouldn't go anywhere while they were unattached to the bodice.

And now I'm sleepy and drinking leftover wine punch, so I'm working on a garter at the moment...since that requires the least amount of thought!
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And that doesn't even look like a word any more. Wrinkly.


I am...not super-terribly-thrilled with my new linen dress. I tried it all on today, and there's a giant horrible wrinkle in the bodice front. I can tug it down and pin it out all I like, but as soon as I move, wrinkle's back. It's partly because I tied the waist tapes in a bad place, and partly because BIAS. I only have so much leeway to tug if I want to match the chevrons at CF. I know most (all? too lazy to check right now) of the closed front gowns in Arnold have a slightly bias-cut front, but damn, I didn't have wrinkles of doom on any of my straight-cut bodice fronts! Bias fronts can go die in a fire. Never doing one again, I don't care how much fun the stripes are.

At least the sleeves fit?

See - wrinkles not too bad here.

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I admit, I am bummed. The only good thing in all of this - at least I didn't wait til Fort Fred to put it all on and then find out it looked like crap! That would've been even more unpleasant. Always try your outfits on before the event!

I also admit that I'm contemplating digging through my scraps to see if I could cut out new straight bodice fronts. But I'll definitely let this sit for a few days before I seriously think about ripping it apart!
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The pocket slits are hemmed, the hem is...hemmed, and I'm currently working on the placement of the loopies so I can hike up the skirts. Should be completely finished tomorrow; maybe I'll even take pictures of it!

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So very nice to have that Mary outfit off my plate...had work today, but decided to take a little sewing break. Got up very late, made a cup of tea, sat in the spring sunshine flooding in our big window, and...uh, now what? Okay, fine, sewing.

I half-attached sleeve number two to my striped linen gown (yes, back to this!), and pinned the top halves in to see if they needed wrangling before I sew them down. Always forget how uneven my shoulders are, so the right shoulder's got a much smaller pleat than the left. Well, I think I can live with it!
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Striped linen dress: Right sleeve is partially sewn on, and left sleeve is sewn together. Didn't have much sewing time today (cleaning) or yesterday (went to the ballet, didn't get home til 11. Stravinsky concerto and Carmina Burana, and AWESOME).

And I got most of my fabric for Mary's outfit in the mail today - now I'm just waiting on the jacket fabric. And the quilted petticoat fabric, but that I'll get at work.

Checked linen for fichu, natural linen for jacket lining, cotton/linen blend for shift, and striped brown linen for petticoat.

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