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Well, okay, you can't see the other one, but take my word for it, it does exist.

And now the pet en l'air is really really done, and is now living in a box with all the rest of my costumes...and my room looks less cluttered already. Got to work on that... ;)

I also finished messing around with the sleeves on the polonaise. They still piss me off, but I'm not redoing them. Because I donwanna. So nyah. As a matter of fact, the stripes are running the completely wrong way in the pieced bits in the sleeves - I sewed them in and then noticed, and didn't have the heart to redo them! And the piecing's at the bottom of the armscye anyway, so when it's on me, I don't think it'll be visible. (Plus - I have had more than enough of these particular sleeves.)

I also sewed the hooks on the CF of the bodice, sewed one thread bar, and, after realizing I'd sewn said thread bar to the opposite side of the bodice as well, decided I'd had enough of that.

Moved on to things that are More Funtm. I dug out my mock up of the L.H. Foy corset (literally dug out, too; it was buried under lots of other Sewing Things in bags, all under a layer of dust that got up my nose and made me sneeze), and was pleased to discover it very nearly fit. Only took about half an hour to make it fit - as well as I can tell without making a boned and laced mock-up, anyway. I'm far too lazy for those.

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I just remembered that I forgot  (, nevermind, I've confused myself!) that I did take a picture of exactly how much fabric I had left after everything on the pet en l'air was finished. It's with the crap camera of yore, but eh:

That's less than I'm accustomed to having left over, let me tell you.

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Like I said before (yesterday...?), I wanted to make some flounces for the sleeves of the pet en l'air, preferably before I put it away in the Bin of Costumes, because then I'll forget about it.

So. I went digging in the Stash for some linen to make said flounces out of, and was disheartened to only find a little bit of my nice light weight white linen left (am I going to have to buy more of that? Probably. *sigh*), but it turned out to be enough for a double flounce, like the ones in PoF 1, which is what I vaguely based them on.

Ah, but it was only enough linen if I pieced the lower flounce. MOAR PIECING ARRGH.  I sat there for a couple of minutes and glared at the fabric, willing it to grow enough so that I wouldn't have to piece it, because I am so damn tired of piecing, I can't even express it properly. When that didn't work, I heaved a sigh from the very depths of my soul, and set about piecing the wretched thing.

After the piecing fun, I decided to put the gathering stitches in by machine, because my gathering stitches done by hand look like crap. I then proceeded to sew the right upper flounce to the left lower flounce, and vice versa. *curse, unpick, unpick, curse* (At that point, I was very glad I hadn't sewn the gathering by hand, because I would have been really annoyed then.)

After the proper left and right pieces were joined together, I sewed the band to the right cuff and hemmed the flounces, in hopes of getting at least one sewed to the pet en l'air tonight, so I could take a picture of it. Oh, I got it sewn on, all right. Crooked.

And at that point, I've decided the sleeve flounces have won the battle, but not the war! I will conquor them tomorrow! (Well, not tomorrow actually, as I'm going day tripping to Cape May with A.) The day after tomorrow, then!

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In between the thunderstorms and the hail and my being out until it was dark, I did manage to take pictures with my shiny new camera. (I like to take "finished" pictures of gowns and things on Mabel on the back deck if at all possible, as the light in this house is awful.)

First one includes the fichu, because I like it, and because then the stupid little flap I insisted to myself I wanted on there doesn't look so stupid. (I'm not completely enamored with this stomacher...if you couldn't tell...but the small brainz could not figure anything better to do.)
Peektures! )

Edit: And I just remembered that I did take a picture of how much fabric I had left over after all was said and done.

Not much!

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I got a new camera today, hooray! Since I know nothing about cameras, other than I wanted one that has a zoom on it this time, thnxverymush, I got a Kodak somethingorother because it was on sale. Now I can inflict costume pictures on my f-list that aren't total crap!

Too bad I still haven't finished anything to take pictures of. Hmm. I've been home from school a month today, and what have I finished? A hat. Oh, and the bustle. I feel like that's not all that impressive.

Well, hopefully I'll have the stomacher for the pet en l'air and the pink petticoat to go with it done by tomorrow, so I can take pictures. We shall see!

Oh, and I was at Wal-mart today, and picked up a few more yards of cotton prints for the Boring Yet Crazy quilt, and two yards of canvas for corset-making - too bad I don't have any boning since I used it all in the bustle. I like the people who cut fabric at Wal-mart - they either can't measure or don't care, because I said I wanted a yard each of the prints, and two of the canvas...I measured when I got home, and on one of the prints, I've got five extra inches, and the canvas has four extra. Even the other two prints are at least one inch over. Man, when I worked at Jo-ann's, we measured that stuff  to the yard exactly, and woe betide you if you didn't.

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I sewed together about 75% of the stomacher for the pet en l'air tonight - the original in Costume in Detail and PoF1 has a mock stomacher - it fastens with hooks and eyes at CF, but I have had about enough of 18thc things that close at CF, and want something different. Plus I don't have large enough pieces of the cotton damask to make the tabs that way - in one piece- anyhow!

So, I sewed tabs on a stomacher instead, and then decided it looked stupid, as I can't cut and sew things like tabs straight, so there was a noticeable (to me) difference in their size. And I decided the tabs can go to hell.

Am going to dig something else, probably totally non-matching, out of the Stash to make a stomacher instead. I would have liked to have the same look as the pet en l'air in the books, but eh. I don't care all that much. Well, now I get to go through all my books and decide what I want the stomacher to look like...mwahaha.
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...on the pet en l'air. Not much, but some. All I got around to was leveling and sewing the hem. For some reason, it took me forever to hem the thing. Maybe because it doesn't seem like there's that much fabric, as it's all hiding in the pleats at the top...but when I got to the hem, I realized just how much fabric was pleated back there! Gah.

Now, on to figuring out what the heck I'm going to do for the stomacher... I hardly have any fabric left at all (when I'm all done, I'll take a picture of the amount of fabric left over!), so we'll see. I might possibly have enough left to make the tabs that fasten in front, like on the original, but it's no big deal if I don't; I know I have some ivory shantung that would match if I decide I donwanna do any more piecing though then I'd actually have to find said shantung, which might be a problem in and of itself.

::sorry, mini political content!:: Also, if I have to sit through one more dinner in which I have to hear about The Evil of President Obama and the Muslims, I'm going to scream. I hope gay marriage passes in NJ so Certain People I Live With's uber-conservative and intolerant heads go all asplodey.
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I think my attention span on this particular project has just about run out at the moment. I wouldn't even have worked on it today, but I didn't want to leave bits of sleeve flounce laying out, not sewn together, because I know I'd lose them, and then I'd really be screwed.

A slleve, a flounce, then a sleeve and a flounce together. ) I should work on the polonaise or the Tudor gown tomorrow, but...I wanna make a bustle! (I think I'm actually going to make this outfit...I must be feeling crazier than usual.)
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Well, first it was sewing up the other sleeve of the pet en l'air and putting it in, which was not without its drama, of course. Somehow (no idea how, really; I must be very talented) I managed to make the left armscye considerably larger than the right, which meant that the teeny-weeny pleat in the sleeve head on that side didn't match the other one at all, which was a reasonable size. There was so much sleeve-cursing, it's a good thing no one else was home. I ended up putting in a triangular gore into the sleeve, so the pleats would be reasonably close to matching. So now there is a lovely enormous and pretty stupid-looking piece at the top of the left sleeve. Ugh, I don't even care. Sleeves can go to hell.

While I was sewing the sleeve together (before all the Sleevetacular!Drama), I watched the film Amazing Grace, which I took out from the library because I'd never seen it, though it's a few years old now - but costume movies never get old, in my opinion. (Unless the costumes suck.) I'd been wanting to see it for a while, because, hello late 18th century! We know I have an unnatural love for those costumes, and I'm quite fond of the ones in this film; they're very good. There aren't a whole lot of girlie dresses, as a decent amount of the story unfolds in Parliament, but I've never had any objection to men in 18thc clothes...*grin*  And Ioan Gruffudd is some nice eye candy, imo. I'm quite fond of him. (No, really...he was in Titanic way back when...he was that officer that took the lifeboat back to save people...and when all my preeteen friends were drooling over Leo DiCaprio, I was like, yeah, he's okay, but I think I like the looks of that guy with that unpronouncable Welsh name a lot better...*grin*)

Anyway, after the fun of watching a good costume movie and the un-fun of piecing the Evil Sleeve, it was time for more piecing fun. I'm getting seriously short on fabric, which is never fun when it comes to something the size of and shaped like a sleeve flounce. I eyeballed the pattern of the flounce in Janet Arnold and then freehanded a paper pattern. I actually only finished one flounce because I had to do so much piecing, and I'd just had enough for now. The one I have done now is made up of...*counts* seven pieces. Oy.
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Sewing Progress: Sewed together one sleeve for the pet en l'air, and sewed it in. Extremely exciting.

I actually spent more of the afternoon CADD-ing again...the 1870s of course. I was struck with the possibly genius idea that, instead of using the striped silk and having to buy more fabric for pretty much the whole gown (much as I would really love to use that silk), I could use the black and white striped fabric I already have. It's not silk, it's only cotton, sadly, but it is striped, and black and white is always awesome. I was going to save it for a Duchess-style 1780s outfit, but really, I already have a lot of fabric for 18thc things, and I think this would work very nicely for 1870s too. Plus that would mean I have to spend a whole lot less money - I was looking at wool, and nice wool is pretty expensive since it seems to be out of season for it at (which is where I got my green wool for my medieval dress, and I love that wool; and it was really cheap too, 100% wool and was something like $6/yd), why is 85% of solid color wool apparently either black, grey, or some icky shade of taupe? So boring.

So anyway, using the striped cotton will preclude any Great and Unsatisfying Wool Hunt of 2009, which is good. And then I will spend less money, which I think might have been the plan for sewing this year, but which costume lust has pretty much thrown out the window.

I'll still have to buy a busk and boning, though - money money money! Anybody have any recommendations who to get it from...or who not to order from?

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