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The second annual Francaise Dinner was wonderful - I personally didn't take any pictures (at dinner, because my camera takes such bad shots in low light it's not even worth it, and at breakfast, because I just sort of forgot), but I'll repost some when other people put theirs up!

I drove home in my quilted petticoat, sack jacket and waistcoat, because I really like this outfit and wanted to wear it for a bit longer (actuully I'm still wearing it, haha!) and it's comfortable to drive in! So when I got home I recruited Lil' Sis to get some pictures of the outfit, since I had it on already, and since it's such a nice day to be outside!

We had a nice little jaunt down to Red Bank Battlefield park, since it's close to us and a nice background for pictures - the Whitall house was built in the 1740s (I think?). Lots of people out in the park today - all the better to give me more funny looks.

Though one woman and her group of friends thought I was the Coolest Thing Ever, and asked if they could take a bunch of pictures of me. :)

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I really am very happy with this outfit - even if I'm going to have to hem all the ties on the waistcoat. They're only pinked, and they're fraying like crazy! I left red fuzzies everywhere I went today. I think it just needs some coordinating mitts, now!

And I'm very fond, indeed, of the silly lappet cap!  (Doily, ahem.) It's made of silk/cotton batiste and cotton lace - the lappets are made of the same lace as the ruffle on the cap, they're just two pieces spliced together, since I could NOT find nice galloon lace in a 3-4" width! And I had to overlap and stitch and snip the straight edges of the lace to make it look halfway decent. Good times.
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Today was a nice easy day; very little last-minute sewing (unless I decide to try and bang out a cap tonight after I get off here)! So, re-wearing a dress is not all bad. :) Just cut out the ties for the jumps and made a pleated band & bow to go round my neck out of the same red silk, for the breakfast outfit.

So, I will see you all tomorrow afternoon/evening! PARTY PARTY.
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Finished! And photographed, so it counts as finished!

Which is all that really matters; as the internet says, pics or it didn't happen.

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The jacket's all finished, and the waistcoat just needs eyelets at the front for the ribbons. Which I should be able to finish tonight while the Oscars are on.

(I just put it on, and was confused for a second...I thought I was watching the Tonys. So! Many! Musical! Numbers! Nice and all, but...why?)
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I sewed a negligible amount on the waistcoat tonight - the main priority was to Get The Trim For The Jacket Cut Out, Dammit. And so it is!


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21 Feb 2013 11:03 pm
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Jacket: Trim is a little more than half pinked now.

Waistcoat: Coming along. All the pieces are sewn together, now I'm in the process of turning under all the edges and stitching the lining down over them, mainly because I didn't want to make binding and sew that on.

None of this is picture-worthy, unfortunately.
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I hemmed the jacket today, which made me feel very accomplished. It's always nice to have something wearable!

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Sleeves and binding attached - this leaves just the hem to make it wearable. And then of course the trim...
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I suspect I'm going to have to take a break in the middle of pinking the trim, but this outfit's my #1 priority for the Francaise dinner weekend. Of course I want to finish the Expensive Sack Gown (the Turkish outfit is, yet again, probably going to be put on the back burner, because I'm bad with Time Management), but I'd rather rewear the I Want Candy sack gown and have a breakfast outfit, than a new gown for dinner and nothing to wear at breakfast!
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3/4 of the sleeve flounces are sewn on, which is unimpressive, but this weekend is full of Going Outside The House and Doing Things, which is very disruptive of flounce-sewing.
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I only sewed the sleeves together today, as I remembered that Pennsbury's sewing day is this Saturday, and I need to finish the hood I brought home. So I worked on that for a good part of my Sewing Time. Boring!

The Pinking of The Trim (and Flounces) is up next though, mostly because I can't avoid it any more!

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