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I went to a lovely little picnic at [ profile] blackcat452's house yesterday; it was just a small get-together, but she put together a nice spread with pretty decorations, and we all had a wonderful time! Good food, great company, pretty costumes...what else could you want!

I wore the chemise gown, and trod all over the hem as soon as humanly possible. Because of course.

(All these photo stolen from Judy and Robin...because I never take pictures of anything, if you hadn't noticed.)

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Bad ones, at that. But I drove out to PA today for fabric-shopping and bodice-draping, so I didn't have enough time to go down to the park and leisurely take a million self-timer photos. It's a chemise gown...they all look the same, you know what it looks like!

First: it's a shoe! I managed to get one heel muddy already. Yay me! I also managed to step on the front hem, snag the hem thread, and put a dirt mark on it (on the inside, happily). All within a ten-minute wearing. I am thinking I am not made for white dresses...

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Hooray for 200+ inch hems! But it's finished, and since Lil' Sis isn't available, if I can find a headstone that will pass for a decent tripod (umm...I often take finished-costume-photos in the Rev War-era cemetery down the street! I don't just have headstones lying about) I'll get pictures of it tomorrow.

And I got the bodice pieces of the linen turque cut out tonight, and may even start sewing them together before bed tonight. But let's not get carried away.
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Watched Daniel Deronda today for the first time in years, and my primary thought was: Lord Grantham! You are a very bad man in this movie! (Secondary ones involved Hugh Dancy's adorableness, and that maaaaybe I'd like to give early bustle dresses another chance.) Clearly it's been many years since I watched it...

Dragging myself back into the 18thc got the sleeves of the chemise gown hemmed and fiddly little lace attached to the cuffs, because it needed just a wee bit of frou-frou. I also marked & trimmed the hem, and sewed about four inches before I let myself get distracted by LJ! I foresee a post about a finished chemise gown sometime in the next couple days...

And since I couldn't make Dress U and the Tiaras & Jampagne party, I sewed and drank in my newest tiara tonight! It was bought a while back when I was planning an early 1800s French court dress for the Court Dinner at Dress U, actually! Fear not, I'll make an Empress Josephine dress the very distant future...when I have time to hand-embroider and be-sequin the entire robe. Crazy or bust! :P
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I've been all atwitter over our newly-planned Gettysburg trip the past couple days, so of course all I can think of right now is 1860s. I'd really like a new dress...should I use my plaid wool or my plaid silk or a plain wool and trim it in black ribbon or...? Need to properly trim that red bonnet! Got to buy that pattern for the wrapper! Should I buy another pair of stockings? Look at all the five million ways I could trim the paletot I obviously need to make!

...but there are a few other things that probably ought to get done first. Like the chemise gown and the blue linen turque, since I need that outfit in two weeks.

Oh, right. To that end, I sewed up the brocade sash (except now I'm pretty sure it needs fringe to be properly finished) and fixed the sleeves on the chemise gown tonight. Not the most exciting things ever, but I'm trying to be good!

(And now I'm going to go look at Farmhouse Fabric's trims and plot paletot trim layouts...)
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Late-night posting again, yeesh. I was really trying to stop doing that...

Got the sleeves sewn together and attached to the gown, with a minimum of finagling - they aren't the best sleeves ever, but I've made worse. (There's a little fitting issue that I could probably fit with a minimum of work...but I'm not sure I care enough to do it. Ugh, I probably do. Tomorrow!)

Robin pointed me toward this portrait, which I hadn't seen's got the cutaway "zone" front with a loose-fitting chemise-gown-kind of thing underneath. Woo!

And I really like that sash! I may have to make a new, extra-long one, so I can wrap it like that. I've even got a yard of (absurdly expensive) blue and gold silk brocade languishing in the stash that would give a similar (shiiiiny!) effect...
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Yesterday I gathered the back of the dress and sewed the binding, and today I sewed the drawstring channels at the front neckline and put in the drawstrings. And then sewed on the shoulder straps. Which of course are too big, because I never learn. Will pick them off at the back and resew them tomorrow.

Where we are right now: world's most devotedly-hand sewn Weeping Angel costume?

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Trying to work on the chemise gown...

Gosh, life is so difficult sometimes! :)

(And yes, orange cat means I'm still at my parents' house! Thank God, because there's air conditioning here...)
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Sewed the other two seams on the chemise gown today, so now I have an enormously wide tube of white voile. Good thing it's not 95+ degrees so that even a lapful of voile makes me sweat!

No, it totally is. Ugh.
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Had my team of drunk monkeys sew the panels for the front and the back of the chemise gown together today...seriously, when it comes to long, ostensibly straight seams, I couldn't sew a straight line if you paid me!

Thank goodness the voile's 58" wide already, so there are a minimum of seams - I really shouldn't complain about them! It's made of a whopping total of four panels, so I guess I'll shut up now. xD

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