2 Oct 2011 10:35 pm
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The weather on Saturday ended up being not bad at all! I wore my old standby, the block-print gown (which I like, but need to finish something else ON TIME, because I'm getting tired of it!) with a brown linen petticoat. I was glad to have a last-minute cloak though, as it did get chilly! Mitts would have been ideal. Or, you know, remembering to bring my gloves.

I got, literally, six pictures, because I'm the kind of person that forgets she's got a camera in her pocket ten minutes into the event! I fully intend to steal any and all pictures by my partners-in-crime, [ profile] blackcat452, [ profile] madamekat, and [ profile] dragoneyes19!

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Whee, [ profile] rose_bertin and I had a great time today! It was pretty hot, of course, but definitely worth it for the thousand pictures we took -- and the bazillion pictures all the tourists took. Hee. And we made three whole dollars from it, too -- two people offered us money for taking pictures with them! Around Independence Hall is really an excellent place to get waylaid for pictures if you're wearing silly clothes.

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(I don't know about any of you, but I'm always astounded when I actually manage to post pictoral content...)
So without further!
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And we have pictures! (In other news, that cotton print from yesterday turned out to be already sold, so I can't have it. The Fabric Gods have decreed I have too much fabric. I shall respect their wishes. Shipping's still horrendous.) I'm just impressed that I managed to finish something more than a month before it needs to be. Don't get used to it.

And no, you don't get to see it on me until Bastille Day...I just think it'll be more exciting with the hat and hair an' all than with my, "eh, I don't have any reason to go out today and so I look like it."

Commence too many pictures.

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The sleeves are sewn to the gown, with only one instance of sewing things into places they shouldn't be, and that was quickly remedied, happily. (And Help! was watched last night, and much fun was had by all. That is to say, me.) Now I'm working on sewing the trim to the sleeves, which is just about as much fun as making the sleeves themselves. That is to say; not fun at all. However, if I'm not completely distracted by the totally unrelated project of sewing beads to trim (which is a distinct possibility, and is for something I'll post about when I feel like it, which is not now), I don't think it'll tske me too much more time to...dare I say...finish this outfit.

We'll see, though. For some reason, sewing beads to trim has a really strong lure right now...Very inexplicable.
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I am indeed working on the Sleeves. I devoted about five hours to doing so yesterday, and after 3 toiles, I came up with something acceptable, cut it out in the cotton, and started sewing them together. And that's as far as I've gotten. I had to read everything here on LJ before I could even think of sewing, you know. :)

Since I'm sewing them by hand, I think I need some inspiration in the form of watching a movie while sewing. :D Maybe I'll put on Help!, that still amuses me, even though I've watched it a lot.

*trots off to put on movie and sew*
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And I take wonderfully awful pictures of that sewing to prove it! (I always seem to remember that I want pictures about half an hour after it's gotten too dark outside to bother lugging Mabel out to photograph things.)

I still need to decide exactly how I want to polonaise the skirt and add ties...and oh, yes, sleeves. I haaaaaaaaate sleeves. Which is why I've left futzing with them as late as I can. I just keep putting it off...but I can't really put it off any longer, can I? Eww...well, be prepared to see (well, hopefully see) sleeve progress in the next few days.
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Memes courtesy of [personal profile] ladyneferankh 

Oh, and since I was home (again!) today (technically yesterday!), this time to see my little sis in her middle school muscial, I managed to do some sewing this afternoon. Took almost four hours, I think, but I finished sewing the flounce on the block-print petticoat, and so it is DONE! (And there was much rejoicing.)

Did some embroidery on the Pocket on the train ride home, and it's reeeally close to having the embroidery done...just a few more hours should do it. Then I can sew it together, and I'll have something done for Bastille Day! And just in case I run out of things to do (I might, actually; I have a record-breaking ONE final paper due this semester [plus 3 finals, okay, but still], so I might end up with a decent amount of time to sew), I brought up Hat Stuff. Also for Bastille Day.
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Taken, with much amusement, from [profile] realm_of_venus

Dear [personal profile] ladyneferankh

I don't really know how to tell you this, but our romance is over. I think I realized it last year with George Bush and his wife and I saw you sit on my avocado plant. I'm sure you're scarred enough to understand the middle east. I'm returning the pictures from LA to you, but I'll keep your photo as a memory. You should also know that I never will forget a passionate interest for mice.

Good luck on your short-term leave from jail,

Oh, and I actually did some sewing over the weekend, as I was home to see a show.
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Well, as I figured, my Grand Plans were overly ambitious, and I hardly got anything done. Hanging out was much fun, though, and I did finish A.'s stays and started the petticoat. That's about it though.

Then yesterday I decided to try on my polonaise-so-far-even-though-it-has-no-sleeves. (Dead camera batteries, so no pictures.) The bodice fit well (whew), but the skirt looked a little skimpy. Hum. So I measured my blue anglaise's hem, then the new gown's hem, and what do you know? I somehow managed to make my new gown 30 inches less wide than I meant to. Hum. Dammit. Not that hard a fix, as I still have plenty of fabric and I only have to take the skirt off and re-pleat it. But annoying. Very annoying.

Needless to say, I chucked all my 18thc stuff on the floor and went to bed. I think I want to make a couple skirts for everyday use and maybe one of the 1940s Vogue patterns I have. I have all the fabric already, and meant to make this stuff over christmas, but of course didn't get round to it. Well, we'll see.

And I slept until 3 this afternoon. I blame Daylight savings, as I went to bed before 1am last night. Completely ridiculous!

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