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27 Oct 2009 01:32 pm
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First, I just want to say how very, very glad I am that we did not plan to go to the PA Ren Faire on Saturday; what awful weather! It was beautiful on Sunday -- and perfect weather for my velveteen and fur! I think the highest temperature was about 63 degrees, and it did go down to about 50 after it got dark (which we were still there for, as we stayed for the final joust). Instead of getting the usual, "Aren't you hot in that?" I actually got an, "Aren't you cold?"after it got dark, from one of my friends. Nope; though my legs did get a little chilly, as I didn't wear a petticoat under the corded petticoat. And my hands didn't get cold because I just stuck them in the fur sleeve turn-backs! Really, I'd be good for much colder weather with just a wool petticoat under the corded one, gloves, and a partlet.

That means I got to be all smug about being warm while I saw everyone else shivering in their sweatshirts and jeans -- and horrible nylon mass-produced "medieval" costumes. (Yeah, lots of them, as usual. And women wearing far, far less clothing than they should. Again, as usual. Nothing really stood out to me as exceptionally horrible though -- for once. Maybe I'm just too jaded to be horrified any more. I couldn't help giggling at one woman's skirt, though -- it was bright blue with glittery blue swirls on it, over a bridal hoop, and [my favorite part] it had a multitude of noticeable threads hanging from the hem. The strings hanging from the back of it were trailing quite a collection of leaves, too!)

I got so many comments about looking like a nun... )

Yay for long and rambling entries! When I finish the embellishment on the bodice that I actually do want to get done at some point, I'll take some more pictures of it. Wow, this entry took far too long to I should go actually do some schoolwork, or something!

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I did sew the pearls around the neckline of the gown, and after much squinting at the portrait the gown's inspired by, I've decided to make the gold Thingies (technical term) out of gold pearl polyester cotton, which I have, and gold seed beads, which I do not have. But I'm not doing that now. I would just rather not drive myself crazy trying to do all that in three days, and then it would look like crap anyway. And I still didn't buy enough pearls for the entire necklace, but I'll Cheat and it'll be All Good.

It's funny how nothing is ever really complete the first time I wear it. But the hood's done, and the sash is done, and the kirtle's done, and DAMMIT I still have to put the hook and eye on the back to hold up the train. I think I'd better go do that now before I forget again, whether I really should be Brit-Lit paper-writing or not (and yes, I should).

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First, I would just like to say that, after trying the gown on to do sleeve-futzing, I'm pretty sure I'm just going to roast at Faire this year, unless the weather continues to be about 50 degrees! If everyone else there is walking around and complaining about how cold it is, I'll be comfortable. Also, I really want to weigh this thing...with both sleeves sewn on, it really does weigh a ton!

Let us proceed with more less-than-thrilling pictures. I always forget how much I love Mabel until she's not around. A dress dummy really is a helpful thing!

Gown sleeves; or, how to cheat when you don't have enough fabric. )
And on a completely unrelated note, my extremely irritating floormates are apparently attempting to breed tiny flying things in their trash cans. So far, they are succeeding, and their advance guard is coming to colonize my room. *swats small bug*

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See, I said I'd sew something, and I did! Okay, it's not all that much, but hand sewing's slower than whizzing it out on the machine! And whatever's left to be done on this outfit has to be hand-sewn, as I do not have my machine at school.

In which sleeves were boring to sew and are boring to look at. )
I need to sew something that makes for exciting pictures -- hmm, how about the right sleeve to the gown? It's kind of funny, really; I cut out all the pieces to both gown sleeves, then decided to put one at a time together. Made one and got bored. Typical.


13 Oct 2009 07:32 pm
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I neglected to post yesterday and tell you all how much I enjoyed the Shopping in Paris : French Fashion 1850-1925, at the the Philly Art Museum. I went yesterday morning, because my mom pretty much woke me up that morning and said, "Hey, do you want to go to that exhibit at the art museum this morning before I take you back to school?" Um yes plz!

They had a lovely collection of dresses, a majority of which were from the 1870s and 80s. I've been thoroughly spoiled by the last exhibit I went to, in Allentown, though, where the dresses were Right There in front of you , on tiny platforms, and you could put your nose about an inch away from them to see the stitches (which [ profile] heidilea and I did...quite often), and practically get a 360-degree view! Those were movie costumes, of course, but it was still fantastic to be able to get that close. In Philadelphia, the mannequins were on a three-tiered platform, about waist-height, and the clothes in back were too far away for me to see any real detail Or, well, the detail a seamstress wants to see!. *sad face*

But I still really enjoyed the exhibit, and I especially enjoyed the signs pointing out the 18thc influence on some of the pieces from the 1900s. Yay 18th century! And here are links to a couple of my favorite pieces... The black Pingat gown was displayed with its long-sleeved bodice, and I really wish they'd put up a photo of the front of the black Worth gown, because I could barely see the front in the exhibit! I realize the back is more interesting and all, but come on.

I really liked that black Worth dress, can't tell so much from the picture on the site, but the beads on the front drapery had a rainbow sparkle in the light. Fabulous. Hmmm...I do have some black silk fabric, actually -- it's taffeta, not faille, but...(I may or may not be having wicked ideas right now...)

Focus, self. Concentrate on the sewing you actually have to do right now! (Hmm, yeah, imagine if I actually did that. Stuff might actually get done!) I brought up the Tudor gown when I came back (and it takes up so much space and weighs a ton), since I had lots of icky paper-writing to do for school, and also since I ditched any thoughts of actually sewing a Halloween costume, I'll have time to sew for the Ren Faire. A week and a half, anyway. I'm pretty sure I can finish this in a week and a half, and might even get done the embellishments of the neckline of the gown that I figured I'd only do if I had time.

I managed to finish all my schoolwork that needs to be done for tomorrow before dinner, so what am I going to do? Not get ahead on my work, no. Sew velveteen and fake fur so this blog actually looks like what I claim it is, a sewing journal!

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And something vaguely related to sewing, at that, so it's all public and stuff. *promptly falls over in surprise* Well, I didn't get anywhere near the amount of schoolwork done today that I should have, so why not compound the procrastination with a LJ post? It's too late to concentrate on history textbooks anyway, so I may as well give it up as a lost cause for tonight.

I've been a victim of nearly perpetual waffling on Black Diamonds... at this point it's less than a month to Halloween, and there's still a ton and a half of work to do on it. I swing back and forth between being determined to completely finish at least the corset (I highly doubt the tails will be beaded, by this point in time) because it's going to be AWESOME and SPARKLY even if it's not finished, and completely despairing of the whole thing, wondering what the point is, because it's not going to be totally finished and the rhinestone scallops are wonky anyway and I still need to find a hat but what's the point on pouring money down a rat hole if it's not going to be finished anyway...

Right now I'm on an upswing and have decided it's going to be finished. Not least because now people have actually seen me sewing on it, so  I want to be able to show it off!

As for the Tudor Ren Faire gown, I'm still blissfully optimistic about finishing it next weekend, as I have Monday and Tuesday off for fall break. Shh, don't tell me that's totally unachievable; I'm enjoying the delusion!

Also, I may or may not be making a dress for my mother. The choir she's singing in is having a madrigal dinner first weekend in December, and she told me they have some crap for them to wear (really, her word for the costumes they supply, haha), but was hoping maybe I could make her something...? And, because we all know I'm a sucker, I'm probably going to do it -- but only if I'm given a reasonable amount of money to play with. I refuse to use the nasty cheap satin that overpopulates the local Joann's this time of year, for example! That stuff makes me twitch. It won't be a Well-Researched and Period-Correct Garment, but I at least want a plausible style for whatever time period we end up going with...I do not do Simplicity-style "Medieval."

I'm kicking around a couple of ideas already (of course I am!), but I'll wait and see if I get a go-ahead for spending money on things like linen...and if I get the go-ahead for Stupid Hats. We all know I love Stupid Hats, and there were so many of them in the 14th and 15th centuries. In fact, if I don't get the go-ahead for inflicting Stupid Hats on my mother, I might have to add something to my own To-Sew list!

You I need anything else on there. Like I need to buy more fabric for myself. Self-control? What is this self-control you speak of??

Also: ARGH I SMELL A SKUNK BLARGH. I never smelled skunk up here before this semester, now I've smelled it at least three times since we've been here. *choke* Can people stop pissing off the skunks, please?

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Yes, I've come down with a wicked cold, though it could be worse (like actual flu). Having an overabundance of sleep seems to help, though, and happily I've been able to get a nice overabundance of sleep - I skipped my three-hour seminar this afternoon to nap. Am so done feeling guilty for skipping class, 'specially when I'm sick.

Time's really gotten away from me, in sewing terms. *is cranky* I've only gotten a teensy amount of beading done on the Black Diamonds corset, and I seriously doubt I'm going to have time to put any beads on the tails at all. Boo. At least they do have the sequins on, so they won't be completely nekkid, and will be wearable. (Hell, I wore this two years ago when all it had were the sequins and rhinestones on the corset, so I shouldn't be so worried.) Really, I just need to track down a hat...

As for the Tudor gown, I'm not even going to bother bringing it up here, unless I suddenly find myself with an abundance of free time. Weighs a ton, and I haven't even sewn the giant furry sleeves on yet. Lugging that beast around is more trouble than it's worth. I think I'll just blissfully ignore it for a while, and hope I can knock most of it out on a sewing marathon weekend, when I'm home for fall break.

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I meant to be wonderfully productive today, but only got a tiny bit of sewing done on one sleeve of the Tudor gown. I blame VH1 - they were celebrating the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, and I got totally distracted from sewing when I sat in front of the TV. (Yes, it would have been completely impossible to have sewed and watched television at the same time...)


14 Aug 2009 09:32 pm
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So, today, I finally forced myself to choose between 1870s and the Tudor gown...because, really, I don't have enough time to finish both of them, as the event for the Victorian dress is in mid-September - but I will also need the Tudor for October, and my Black Diamonds costume for Halloween. It's possible that maybe I could finish all three, but I'd rather have two nice costumes than three rushed costumes. Plus I'm not sure I'm going to be able to go to the Victorian weekend anyway, whereas I know I'll be doing the annual PA RenFaire visit with my HT peeps...and I also know that I need a superfab Halloween costume (come on, it's my senior year at TCNJ and the first year we'll all be 21, hee hee).

This all means that I spent some time today (probably not enough, but I was lazy today) futzing with sleeves. YAY SLEEVES. Really I could and should still be sewing, but I much prefer to dither around on LJ and eat black rasberry ice cream, which is quite yummy and well worth wasting time on. Mmm.

Anyway, the mocking-up appeared to go successfully, and the sewing of the sleeves seems to also be going successfully - this of course means that everything will blow up in my face at some point soon...

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If I write out another nice long picture-containing post and LJ eats it again, I'm just going to assume it doesn't want to hear about my adventures in French hood-sville and give up.

So. I made a French hood to wear with my Tudor gown. I find that it's always good to make accessories sooner rather than later...because I always run out of time to do something, and one really needs something on one's head with a Tudor gown, or people will be really confused. (My sister saw me with it on tonight while I was taking pictures, and told me I looked like a nun. Um, yay?)

It's not actually 100% done, as I realized I wouldn't have enough pearls to finish the billaments on the veil, and I want to make sure the ones I get aren't a different shade or something, because I'd be really annoyed if I had to take them off...have discovered that I am tremendously slow at sewing on pearls, and consequently, doing so is not my favorite thing to do. But besides that, it's done.

Read more... )
Oh, and I got my umpteen yards of silk from today, and I luuuurvs it. (See above, under cut for comment on slubby silk taffeta.) Well, everybody hates the yellow shantung. Poor yellow shantung...I like you! The green dupioni for my bridesmaid dress is really pretty, and I was actually entertaining the thought of starting it today, but I realized I need to buy matching thread. Poo. Add it to the list...

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