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Or, hey I did a post on the undergown!

Haven't sewn a damn thing yet today, but, uh, still got time?

Was very tempted to write a running commentary on the pics I posted on Blogger, but I remembered that I try to seem a little more professional there! Just a little.

So you get a little of the random commentary without the accompanying photos, because I'm not doing a whole 'nother picture post! ;) (You may notice I didn't wear the cute little vestie-thingie. Discovered I hadn't quite bought enough cord to be able to lace it up by myself, which was a general problem for, y'know, putting it on at all. Hmph.)

- There are a lot of pictures of me artfully arranging my train. It's not artful, it was stuck on EVERYTHING. It's spring and there are tons of little shoots growing out of the ground, and I swear I found every single one of them.
- So much trash back there. I'll be surprised if there isn't trash in at least one of my pictures! People are goddamn pigs.
- I didn't fall in the creek!
- LOL at attempting to artfully drape myself over a fallen tree. More like artfully melting over logs. So much melting.
- Squishy underfoot. EXTREMELY squishy underfoot. Definitely hasn't dried out down there from the rain. Duly noted. Good thing I didn't wear the new sandals.
- Dead leaves find the slightly fuzzy fibres of washed dupioni very very attractive.
- The last set of me on the hill, the tripod is precariously perched on top of a random picnic table, and I am surprised I didn't knock it off. Go me! There are, however, many filthy muddy footprints all over the table now. Oops.

Oh, hair. You kill me.

Ok, this is all documented, blogged, etc., as far as it goes. To the 18th century!
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Well, the weather where I am is still supposed to be rain with some snow, but the weather north and west of the city is supposed to be considerably shittier, which is where Fonthill Castle is. So we decided it's probably in everyone's best interests to cancel.

*sad trombone*

We decided this when I'd done 26/32 eyelets on the vest, so I just finished the eyelets up anyway and shoved it in a bin. I might want it for something someday...? If I'm not horribly lazy maybe I'll do a photoshoot Sunday or Monday (yeah, you know I'm horribly lazy). Not wasting the marabou on something I'll never probably never wear for an actual event, though!

I'm just disgruntled because I spent all my time this week working on this outfit when I really wanted to be working on several other things instead, but I was good and didn't stray from this project. That's what I get! *grump grump grump*
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The vesty thing is in good shape - now I just have to do the handwork on it. A hook and eye or two at the back of the neck, too many eyelets at the sides, and then the marabou...which I can always cut out if the eyelets take me too long.

I decided that it needed a little more somethin'-somethin', and that it's no fun if I'm not up sewing indecently late the night before an event, so I did some very bad machine quilting on the lower half of the vest, through the wool and flannel layers. Not that you can see it very well at all, since it's such a dark green! But I know it's there, which is the point. :D

(The color's off in these pics; they're fairly washed out but you can see evidence of the quilting!)

All machine sewn - I even bag lined it, which was absolutely horrible and I despise bag lining, ugh. But it was definitely the quickest option! I decided I'd rather spend my hand-sewing time doing eyelets and putting on marabou than nicely hand-finishing the edges (although I probably spent 20 minutes at least pressing that bastard flat after I'd sewn and turned it. Haaaaaate bag lining)!
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Good thing: I got called out of work tonight (apparently way over hours for the week; hope you had fun with no one on the CC tonight) so I had more time to sew! I also got my Fun Things In the Mail (Lil' Sis: You have like eighteen packages out on the step. Me: WOOOOOO), including my Grecian sandals and my ribbon to lace the Windflowers undergown.

And I took a couple of terrible pictures of the undergown...inside out. ;) I really wanted to show off the crappy hem facing!

Read more... )

And I cut out, sewed the main pieces, and started the neckline gathering on the voile overgown. And then I looked at the weather forecast.

Which brings us to the bad thing: IT IS SUPPOSED TO SNOW ON SATURDAY. Well, snow and rain. Believe it or not, I wouldn't even be fussed at that happening on a costume event day for practically any other time we know I'm a big fan of cold-weather costume pieces! This particular outfit was, uh, not really intended for that kind of weather. The voile overdress, primarily...I'm not even that worried about the silk. The silk's considerably sturdier than the voile!

Commence somewhat frenzied digging through scrap bins and brainstorming as to what else I could stick over this dress. I wasn't keen on using up a whole 'nother dress length for a second overgown, so I decided maybe a vesty sort of thing would be nice instead. Sort of a cross between Katherine's Eowyn Shieldmaiden dress and Merja's marabou-trimmed bolero vest over her natural form gown. Still seems fairly pre-Raphaelit-y, right? Right?

Whatever, I cut it all out tonight, so don't tell me no. ;) Hunter green wool crepe (yes, crepe, shut up, it's from the scrap bin) interlined with flannel and trimmed with brown marabou sounded alright to me. I didn't fit it at all, so fingers crossed it fits at all! It'll lace at the sides so that's a nice bit of leeway there. But more eyelets. Groooooooaaaaaaaan.
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I just have to finish stitching down the lining on one sleeve, and this bad boy will be done! Finally. Sheesh. I think making an actual late Victorian dress would have been just about as much work!

And have fewer eyelets. :P
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Oops, forgot to post earlier...I was eating too many leftover chocolate eggs and perusing fashion blogs, which is totally worthwhile and not a waste of my time at all.

Underdress: not quite done! I did get the facing all tacked up last night, and got the neckline facing put on today, cut the sleeves out if silk, and sewed them together, so unless I flat-out refuse to get out of bed until I go to work tomorrow (I was going to get up early to have more sewing time this morning, but it went down into the 30s last night and we didn't turn on the heat because it's spring I turned off the alarm and sunggled right back under my blankets! Just too tempting) I shouldn't have a problem finishing the undergown tomorrow. Barring last-minute casualties, of course.

Giant hem

3 Apr 2016 11:24 pm
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Good thing I'm putting on the world's dodgiest facing, so I don't have to hand-stitch a nice careful hem! The facing's machined on, so now I just (just!) have to tack it down. Let's see if I can stop poking the internet and get it finished tonight... If I can, then I just have to sew the sleeves, put them on, and face the neckline, and this underdress will be done. Tomorrow? That's probably ambitious, but that would be A Good Thing!
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Soooo behind on this dress. Tomorrow's my last day off between now and Fonthill, and I'm fairly busy so I don't know how much sewing I'll get in.

I got my darker extensions today, and as predicted they are an even worse match. Well, actually they match the hair on the top of my head very well...but dark-then-light-then-dark-again is an even worse look than your standard ombre, so. I'm gonna be late-Victorian-ombre, bitchez!

...anyway. So I sewed the two "light brown" sets of extensions together (I bought two in each color, because one is all right, but two looks considerably nicer) to at least make sure my hair is ready to wear, even if nothing else is!

On the actual dress, I sewed together the bits of muslin for a facing (all cut out of random muslin remnants, so it's a couple different colors. Good look), and got it about halfway pinned on. Definitely at the "why won't this dress sew itself??" point...there are several things I'd like to be working on, and none of them are this! But it's going to be very fun to wear, I why won't it finish itself!

(I bought fabric yesterday - that is, [ profile] hiraimi went and bought an Ikea duvet cover set for me! Well, I really really wanted a white-ground floral print for my 1830 day dress, and if I divide it up into yardage, it comes out to about 6.30-something/yard...much cheaper than any of the Williamsburg prints I was considering!)


2 Apr 2016 12:17 am
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And this is why I try to post here every day...once I get out of the habit it's all up with me! Nothing exciting or traumatic going on, just brain-meltingly lazy, mainly.

Let's see...I should be a lot further along with the pre-Raph undergown than I am, but there was an eyelet snafu (which reminds me suddenly, I haven't ordered ribbon to lace it, probably should do that, like, yesterday) and I was mad at it for a couple of days - and then I got over myself and made more eyelets, grumbling all the while. Does seem to fit, though. That's good. And today I mocked up the sleeves and cut the linings and remembered I hadn't washed the extra yard of silk, and so washed that too. And marked the hem on myself, which was about as fussy as you'd think it is to mark a 250"-ish hem on yourself. I left the extravagant's far longer than I originally intended (I'm just going to leave a sweep on the undergown, she said) but I couldn't bear to cut it off! So it stays. Not like this is a practical dress anyway!

Longer train means longer overgown, which I measured out and discovered it's going to use just about every scrap of my voile. Time for another Dharma order! That's one of the things I just like to have on white linen.

What else? Oh, I got my extensions in the mail, and they're a fairly terrible match. I promptly ordered the next darker shade, which will probably be an equally terrible match, just too dark instead of too light. The problem with costumey wigs/pieces...nobody sells them by color number! "Light brown" is not helpful. At least the texture is bang-on? (Does this mean my hair is like "corn weave" plastic? Probably.)

Dis my cranky-extensions face. Oh well, I'll just wear whichever set is less awful, and cut up the other for hairpieces. At least they're cheap!
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Still didn't get much imperative sewing done, although I'm basically down to two weeks for the pre-Raphaelite dress. (Oh, when did that happen?) I keep telling myself it'll be no problem to bang out, we'll see if that's true. Ha ha ha. I did sew one CF facing on today?? And bought (hopefully) the rest of my odds and ends, including some fairly expensive sandals. In my defense, I'll need them for the neoclassical dress too...and for life in general. I've wanted a pair of nice Grecian/Roman sandals since the first time I watched Roman Holiday! (The Target ones only lasted a couple of seasons, haha.) I think these qualify.

Also hemmed the twin of the fichu I made yesterday for the IKT (I made these triangles, and the IKT doesn't need two plum windowpane check fichus), and took pics of it for the shop. Did not yet list it, because zzz.

And spent way too much of my life making a casserole from all fresh ingredients, that turned out solidly acceptable. This is why I hate cooking. I HAVE A LIFE TO LIVE! THINGS TO SEW! (I generally survive on things like sandwiches and frozen burritos, so actual cooking is noteable. And infinitely annoying.)

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