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I was GOING to do a post on my finished overskirt for the dinner dress, but it appears my ten years' loyalty to Photobucket is officially done, so I'm setting up a flickr account and sending them a nastygram tonight instead. They're getting rid of their 3rd-party hosting feature on all accounts that don't pay $40/MONTH. I do pay to host my photos (not a lot, but 10 years of costuming makes for a lot of pictures, so I don't mind having a paid account) so the 3rd-party hosting will go through the end of the year for me. Buuuuut I'm certainly not going to pay FORTY DOLLARS A MONTH so I can link pictures on fricking DW, so I'm essentially going to lose 10 years of pictures in this journal. (ETA: Not to mention everything on Blogger. Arrgh.)

Unless I want to go through over a thousand journal entries and relink them to flickr, once I get everything uploaded there. I don't.

So...slightly pissed at the moment!
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Worked on the bonnet a bit more today - I might switch off tomorrow and mock up the ballgown bodice though, because I'm getting kinda tired of it. Was supposed to get dinner and go to a concert with a couple friends from high school (the whole reason I took today off work), but was bailed on about 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet up, because, kids, apparently. Not that they were sick or the babysitter bailed or anything, just "my kids are misbehaving so I can't make it." Okaaaaaay. This is my totally unimpressed face.

So I didn't go by myself, because that's weird, which means I could have not missed a day of work, which would have been cool. But hey.
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I got the dress for S's birthday nearly all put together yesterday, just needs a zipper and hem -- and I tried it on, and do not like it. It just didn't work. Well, poo. *pout*

Sanity says to chuck the whole thing, cranky determination says to see if I can get a simple dress cut out of the fabric I have left, from a pattern I already have. Worked for forever today, but I don't think I'm too tired to sew. Hmmmmmm.


6 Jan 2011 09:43 pm
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You know those times when you're trying to sew something easy, but it just turns out to be One Of Those Nights where for some reason you can't do anything? Yeah, it's one of those's all little things, but they're making me awfully cranky! All I wanted to do was hem the 1840s mantle...sewed the hook and eye in the totally wrong place, been getting pins under my nails all night (yay, puncture wounds!), the velveteen's been creeping out in places where I didn't catch the fold of the hem under the needle, and then I thought I was done hemming for some reason, but forgot a whole side of the thing. *head-desk*

Have decided to put the whole thing down and back away slowly! I'll see if I can manage to work on something else -- or I could just waste my night scheming up macros for a certain post on [ profile] rock_macros that [ profile] clarey_h and I are plotting! ;) We'll see.

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