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The fluffy silk petticoat is all pleated up, just needs ties now. Yes, I'm sewing at a snail's pace. No, I do not think I will be doing any more trimming of the birds. I think I need just a wee hand-sewing break - which I shall get very effectively with 1860s sewing!


9 Sep 2015 08:46 pm
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Today I decided that I was going to stop working on shop items for a couple days, and see if I could crank out most of the bird dress trimming. (Clearly it's what I want to work on least; if I only allow myself to sew that I might get it done faster. This has worked before!) Was off today, so got the neckline trim all finished this afternoon:

and started on trimming the petticoat flounce.

And then decided to be nice, because my mother's had a very trying day, so I thought I'd make a decent dinner for her...and burned the shit out of two of my fingers taking the chicken out of the oven. THAT IS WHAT I GET. Nothing seriously serious - they hurt like a bitch because that's what burns do, but I promise I'm just whiny and not in need of emergency medical care. (I'm typing this, aren't I?) They don't even hurt enough to keep me from hand sewing...but bandaging them up sure did. Apparently I require being able to bend my top finger joints to be able to hand sew properly. But I don't think I should leave my freshly burned fingers open to stabbing by many pointy, um, I think I'm effectively done trimming for at least the next 24 hours.

(Tomorrow is suppposed to be cooler, so the sewing room with the machine should be bearable, so I might be able to do something, but not on the bird dress! Tonight? I'm bored already! *sulk*)


6 Sep 2015 09:47 pm
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Hrrng, I am so tired of piecing things on this dress! I sewed the flounce lengths together today, and since I still had a few large-enough scraps, felt obligated to eke every inch I could out of them. The flounce is already a far smaller flounce-to-skirt ratio than I like, so whatever I could squeeze out of the scraps was a bit of help! A very little bit - I think I added on 12 or 14", with 6 separate tiny pieces!

But I am THROWING AWAY the scraps, that's IT, we are DONE, I CARE NO MORE. GOODBYE.

I should probably start gathering the flounce, as it's still early, but I don't know if I can make myself. Something Not Birds may be in order.

Oh, I also made a boringly functional apron this afternoon for the shop (it was nice weather, so I sat outside in the shade, with no online distractions...which helped immensely). I still have a flat hat in production, but I want to see if some other accessories will sell, too...impossible to tell what will sell without making it first, though. xD
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But hey, this time it's finished. So, that's good.

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Gathered at the top and bottom, and then just tacked down in the middle. Ideally I want some sleeve ruffles to tack in, too (the little ones that I made for the shell jacket are too small for this)...but I should probably finish the rest of the dress first. Heh.

And I got a bunch of silk bits in the mail today (mail is fun!!) for hat-makin's. Not really any cheaper than buying by the yard, but a lot more variety, which is what I wanted.

And I somewhat accidentally bought a half-yard of silk-wool faille ("click on ALL THE LISTINGS!!!") that is not going on anybody's bonnet - it's bright blue wool crossed with silvery grey silk, that makes for an iridescent French blue. And soft! I don't have any idea what I'll make with it, but hoarding it seems safe for now. ;)
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As promised.

I apparently am to the point of "if only this trim would sew itself on", so I finished my silk cap before dragging my butt over to the waiting birds. (Donwanna!)

Shown with The Worst approximation of 18thc hair ever, in the dark. Since I didn't think to get a picture of it til tonight, despite proceeding to wear it all day after finishing it, because that's how I roll. And I'm suspecting that the intended hair powder for this outfit might be just wasting my hair powder, lol! Especially the pink. We shall see.

Burds in every direction.

I started hemming another fluffy cap for the shop, then somewhat unwillingly started attaching strips of voile to the edge of the bird trimming for the sleeves, and putting gathering stitches in it all.
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Just finished piecing it together (half pinned, half sewn still) - to make up a 16x27 rectangle that will be two gathered sleeve cuffs, there are ten little pieces put together. Whew! Birds in all directions! They'll be gathered up so it doesn't much matter...but it's still funny.
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Since the dress probably won't trim itself, no matter how long it sits on Mabel...

I measured and cut the strips for the dress, which left me enough fabric for a rather wimpy 6" petticoat flounce (and that's with piecing the bejeezus out of all the tiny scraps I have left, to use for sleeve trim, and no print cotton trim round the neckline). I've only seen a very few 18thc dresses with a wimpy flounce, but I've determined I don't want to spend any more on this dress, so wimpy flounce it is.

And I've decided to wait to make a final decision about an 1860s ballgown until after visiting Belvidere's Victorian Days (and Cheap Silk Man) a few weekends from now. Plenty of things to work on til then!
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But wearable, which is always good. Half the battle, really. Needs trim.

(There's one sad small line of gathered voile on it now, which I think looks more pathetic than if there was no trim at all. You tried? LOL)

Don't have much left for trim - in a relative sense, for the 18thc. I'll be fine for the gown itself, but I don't think there's going to be much in the way of a petticoat flounce. I could always buy more, I guess - it's sold in 2.5y lots and I don't want to overbuy, but a petticoat flounce would probably eat that right up. Will have to decide on that soon, as it ships from India and can take a while! I'll cut the dress trim and then see how much I have left.

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Attempting to get things ready to sell apparently makes for a very boring LJ - also I need to get up a bit earlier so I can have more sewing time. But I'm addicted to the snooze button. :P We shall do better this week!

Today I was determined to Sew For Me (after finishing more stupid alterations. This is IT, I am DONE, I am MAKING HATS NOW), so I dug up my sleeve pattern from the shell-print jacket I made a few months ago. Covered in a few months' worth of dust, probably. And several other pattern pieces. I really need to clean those up... This sleeve is a nice below-the elbow, that should fit on this dress. Should.

And I wanted to save the yard-plus that I have left in one piece for trim, so one sleeve is pieced with two pieces, the other with three. At least the sleeve lining was not pieced this time. One sleeve is sewn and pinned in, now I'm working on the other. Also finished the CF and neckline. And we should be at an "interesting enough to take pictures" point tomorrow, which is good. Everybody likes picture posts better!
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First row of trim on the polonaise is nearly done - should be able to finish that tonight. And I got my two flat hats all constucted today, so tomorrow I get to start the fun part, actually covering and trimming.

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