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(I think it is So Damn Annoying that Blogger uses your post title in the url, so if you make a typo and notice it later, you're stuck with it forever! NO, BLOGGER, THIS IS NOT AN 1880S HOOD, DAMN YOU.)

Hooray for the first proper snowfall of the season! I was inspired to get some costume pictures, partly by [ profile] reine_de_coudre's lovely shots of her pelisse, and partly by [ profile] sewloud's telling me I ought to get pictures of my wabbit hood. Oooh, right, I should. So I did! Just lazy-person pictures - in my front yard and I didn't even put on my corset or really do my hair or take off my modern makeup. But they're in the snow! :D

So, my blog writeup on my not-quite-finished paletot and my yes-actually-finished 1860s hood...

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Since Alice has helpfully posted her photos, there are now enough of my own silly face to make a recap not entirely photo-less. Thanks Alice! :D

So! Wednesday night I decided to stay up late and throw together a hood, because suddenly cold was going to be a Thing. (Nobody wants the ones in my shop so I could have worn either of them, but didn't like how they looked with my coat and dresses.) Bulk of it took about an hour (because yay machine sewing!), but measuring and cutting all the strips of rabbit took another hour! So I of course had some sewing to do in Gettysburg, but since I think Katherine was the only one, I didn't feel too bad!

Thursday I headed out to [ profile] sewloud's place around noon, and we managed to shove her, me, [ profile] koshka_the_cat, and alllllll of our stuff into one car. Wheeeee! Who needs to see out the back of their car, right? Katherine got these shots of it...

Onward! Not for the faint of heart! )
And I would like to note that I started writing this post approximately 12 hours ago! Silly Thanksgiving dinner and eternal cleanup! *flops* But hey, now I can sew 1830s without (much) guilt! Still need to get pics of the marquee dress. May in fact wait til the Victorian Christmas tea at Smithville if we're doing that, though. Am bad blogger.

Gettysburg photobucket album here
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Today I finished the paletot enough. I'd still like to get those flappy decorative button thingies on the front eventually, but not enough at this point to figure them out and sew them on. Soooooo lazy. I ought to work on the slippers or sew the ballgown skirt to the bodice, but I'll probably go to bed instead. Zzzzz.

The obnoxious lining tickles me! And yes, you can see the blue where the skirt stands out from the hoop. I didn't put a collar on, because I wanted the option of pinning a little fur collar (vintage, 1950s probably, that works very well for 1860s) on. Still haven't decided on that yet. Will probably bring collar and decide there.

Got my earings and necklace set to go with the ballgown in the mail today; also the lamp oil (32oz is suddenly looking smaller than ideal, as I look at my lamps...oh well I'm sure there's a wally world in the vicinity if we run out) and wick (take out that gross stinky one!).
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Well...paletot week was sort of a failure - once I got the lace in the mail I kept wandering off from the paletot. I even made a capelet to wear over my ballgown! (From the yard-and-a-bit of my white and yellow taffeta stripe from Belvidere...if I can remember to take pics of it in daylight tomorrow I will.)

At least there's really only a day's worth of work left on the paletot to make it wearable. The front lapel-buttony-thingies that are annoyingly piped will take longer, but as the buttons won't really fasten, they aren't vital to paletot function, and I can put the lining in without regards to them either. And the forecast as it currently stands is too warm for a paletot anyway! (So I'll be really mad if if spend all my sewing time on a coat I won't even be able to wear without melting...)

I had a bunch of stuff to do this weekend, which didn't allow for great chunks of sewing time, but I got the ballgown skirt panels sewn together, and today made the flounce, which has a really low ruffle:skirt ratio and STILL took four solid hours to get to the point of lace-sewing. (Sewing all the lace on by hand, because machine sewing would be really visible, and what's the point of buying delicate expensive cotton English lace if you're going to put clunky machine stitches all over it?)

Any other type of fabric and I'd have just topstitched the hems on the flounce and called it a day, as both of them are getting lace-covered, but this satin wouldn't be happy with that. Because satin is gorgeous and EVIL. So the whole stupid thing is lined in a brown lightweight linen-cotton (ugly poop brown, which wouldn't be my first choice, but since I really can't buy anything else for this dress, even a couple yards of muslin, this was the best Stash option) to prevent it from doing that curly-hem thing satin so loves to do.

One more note: I think I'm going to be pulling a few all-nighters to be able to finish everything I want for Gettysburg, and I've had the brilliant (?) idea to do them this week, rather than the days right before. We'll see how this works out...
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Worked a decent amount on the paletot today...but apparently I will go to some pretty extreme lengths to avoid bits of sewing I've decided I don't want to do - this instance being hand-sewing the piping on the paletot's second pocket flap. Well, it was fiddly and annoying!

No worries, it's still Gettysburg sewing! ;)

And in other news, I got my English lace  for the ballgown in the mail today - I love how promptly I receive things from the UK! Really wasn't expecting it this soon. (Also, if I can't afford to buy food at Gettysburg...this lace is the reason why. Hah. Kidding. Mostly.) The first, narrow one I bought is a slightly darker shade of ecru than these - and in fact the top two are just a wee bit lighter than the bottom - as you can probably see, but that's not really something I'm fussed about. Indoor, ball lighting, right.
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With the marquee dress done, I have determined this to be Paletot Week. Shouldn't take the whole week, actually, which is good.

Some weird things going on that I wish I could fix (this is what happens when you pick up a project you started two years ago), but not enough to take the entire thing apart to fix them, haha. Nothing truly horrible. I sewed the sleeves on yesterday, so it's mainly piping and facings and fiddly bits and figuring out pockets. All the things that you think shouldn't take as long as they do.

Entertainingly, the paletot feels like it weighs nothing, after dragging around the marquee dress!
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This morning I went to see 12 Years A Slave, because I really wanted to see it, and was tired of waiting around for somebody to accompany me! (Big girl, can see movies by self, right.) And it's an excellent movie - hard to watch at times, but considering the subject matter...that's not exactly a surprise.Cut for delicate sensibilities...or those who aren't interested in my Opinions On Movies! )

Anyhow, while it's so good, it's a little distracting...somehow the whole thing kept invading my thoughts all day, which made it really hard to focus on the World's Frumpiest Nightgown! I love thought-provoking films, but they aren't especially helpful when I'm trying to marathon-sew!

Since today was supposed to be paletot-sewing day, it's officially been bumped down to the bottom of the queue. I know I've already put quite a good amount of work into it, but I don't need it as much as I need, well, pretty much everything else. I have multiple shawls, and if it's as cold as it's been the last couple days, I have my 1840s mantle, duh. I didn't actually think of that til yesterday. It would be rather unfashionable for 1863 (because somehow it's got in my head since that's the year we're commemorating...all clothing must act accordingly), but I like it, and have only worn it once, so that's okay. My bonnet's a tad outdated too, if it comes down to it.

ANYWAY. Today, despite distractions, I finished off the World's Frumpiest Nightgown apart from two buttons and buttonholes, which I just could not bring myself to do. Slacking slacker. And now I'm binding Alice's bonnet, which really doesn't appreciate the effort.
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Reasonably productive today on my day off, although only one thing I worked on was exciting enough to take a picture of...

First, I wired the brim of a bonnet and sewed binding around the edges of all the pieces. (By machine! With mismatched bobbin thread! No, you don't get a picture of that.) So they're all ready to be sewn together into something that hopefully resembles a bonnet, whenever I feel like sewing though buckram., never, then?

Then I made all the rest of the velveteen stripes for the paletot - and it was just total dumb luck that I made enough. No measuring or anything, but I ended up with about three inches leftover. Hooray dumb luck! And yes, that means I finished sewing the stripes onto the paletot, that's how I know there were three inches of stripe to spare.

And I tried it on Mabel over the hoop, and I don't love how it looks, to be completely honest! I should've probably taken a bit more fulness out of the skirt back when I was fitting the mockup. All the velveteen makes the skirt a bit stiff, and it stands out kind of weirdly. But I don't absolutely hate it, and there's no way to fix it without a completely ridiculous amount of work that I wouldn't want to do even if I had the time for it. So it is what it is!

And for some reason, after that I wanted a break from hand sewing and paletots, so I ripped panels for a chemise. I keep forgetting to put it on my list, but I really need one with the correct neckline for my ball gown. I sewed a sleeve gusset on the wrong way twice before I decided it was time to pack it up for the night...
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That's what it had BETTER be for the next three weeks; I haven't got the time to be wandering off into anything else!

Yesterday I did manage to tack down the facing (or tack up, really), pin the third stripe on, and cut out the buckram pieces for a bonnet. Bonnet? Yes. [ profile] hiraimi, [ profile] dragoneyes19, and I are doing an exchange of skills. I'm making 1860s bonnets for both of them for Gettysburg, and Robin's knitting me an 1860s sontag, while Alice makes me a fancypants Regency reticule (not for Gettysburg!).

What do you think the odds are that I still don't actually trim my own bonnet...

And back to the paletot; tonight I sewed on the third stripe, and am currently working on the fourth, which I am determined to finish before I go to bed!
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I was off today (woo), so I made myself cut more strips of velvet and sew them on. The sleeves are finished, and I got two stripes on the skirt finished as well. It takes a lot less time to type that than it did to sew, believe me!

At least it's all downhill from here, since the longest stripe goes on the bottom, of course - which was about 130".

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