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Well, not that it isn't fun to make something new for an event...obviously I adore last-minute sewing! But sometimes it's nice to just pull from ye olde costume closet and drive five minutes down the road! Well, five minutes down the road from me. A little more for [personal profile] robinsnest  and [personal profile] miss_philomena ! (But it has been officially dubbed an excellent costume-shoot location; if one building isn't of the right date for your dress, just walk down a few houses!)

We invaded the (long-suffering, no doubt) Indian King tavern again today; there was a guest speaker/interpreter who gave a presentation on tea in the 18th century. Very interesting, but a little long. We then wandered over to the perennial favorite, The British Chip Shop, for a meal, and then strolled round Haddonfield's lovely historic downtown. Took pictures and got honked at all up and down Kings Highway, which was very amusing. And then treated ourselves to some really delicious gelato, which will ensure all present parties can be bribed to return. Yum, indeed.

Got rained on a bit here and there, but nothing too damaging, and temperature-wise it was just about ideal for costume-wearing! Robin and Adrienne both had new dresses, which were properly documented; I wore my old traffic-light-striped silk, since it was Silk Sunday (as we determined). I still like that dress though! Robin finished her dress that we'd started last weekend for our demo at the tavern, so it was fun to get pictures of it in the tavern! Especially fun since there were a few visitors in the crowd that had been there for our demo, so they got to see the dress finished on a person.
in front of a dinosaur sculpture
We couldn't be in Haddonfield and not visit the town dinosaur!

three people on front porch of 18thc tavern
A slightly more traditional setting.

ghosts in the mirror
And a shot that I couldn't resist playing with in photobucket editor! Ghosts in the mirror! ;)

Adrienne and Robin both took a bunch of photos of us misbehaving about town, so I'll just link their albums here, for my own ease. And I'm sure they'll both post more detailed dress writeups, so I won't natter on any more here!

OH, and I exploded my stays. Um, oops? I was undressing and Robin was like...uhhh I see your shift in a place I shouldn't... Right side seam started splitting under the arm. Could re-sew, but new 1770s stays were on the docket anyway; now they just got bumped up the list! Good thing I don't have any 1770s events for the rest of the year...

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I did get a ve-ry few pictures at the Trenton ball last night; it turned out to be quite a reasonable amount of fun for the ticket price. It was in the Masonic Hall this year rather than the nearby hotel (which was wildly un-historical), which was much more scenic but somehow even less room for dancing. It's a respectably-sized room in and of itself - but they also have food and tables and chairs. Which is nice, but that meant there was barely room for two sets of dancers. Take a clue from all those period movies that have the food and the dancing in different rooms. (We know there's at least one more available room that would work for the spread, we could see it!) So I didn't end up dancing any more than I did last year. Didn't help that I went as gooseberry to [ profile] miss_philomena and her affianced. Not that he's a big dancer, but still. But I would have made more of an effort if there hadn't been so many people crammed into such a small dancing space.

Enough of the bad - despite those complaints, I really did have a nice time! I've discovered I do in fact like dancing, and if I practiced more I might be alright at it. (Yes, the costumes make all the difference!) And I enjoyed hanging out with Adrienne (we determined that we were the Bingley sisters at the beginning of the ball, before the dancing started...standing in the corner and snarking cheerfully), and Eliza was there, so we got to meet some more of her friends too. And one gentleman told me my dress looked just like a Gainsborough painting...I couldn't tell you which one, but it was still a very nice ego boost, hahaha.

I was reasonably pleased with my hair, so of course I got no pictures of it. I managed to leave enough hair to do a few buckles on the side, and they didn't even fall out. Color me pleased. I wanted to stick a feather or two in, but since my hair barely fit in the car as-is, and I much prefer adding feathers while putting the hairstyle feathers.

I thought the 18thc hair and makeup looked nice with the sweatshirt and scarf. ;)
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Merry Christmas! Somewhat belatedly!

I decided against more trim on the striped taffeta; when I wasn't dealing with relations or things relating to feeding said relations, I was either curled up on the sofa reading Dita von Teese's new book, or watching Wives and Daughters (since I asked for the Elizabeth Gaskell DVD set for my pricier gift).

So, ball tonight with a slightly under-trimmed dress, but with lots of lazing time! Which is what my holidays are all about, personally. ;) My sis was running around to five different places yesterday, which is not really my thing.

I'll try and remember to get pictures of the puffs tonight, but I make no promises, haha.
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Trim on the striped taffeta gown is tentatively done? Enough? For now? I got the CF skirt edges trimmed in little lines of silly puffs today, and I'm still debating whether to try to get the second line of bigger puffs on before the ball as well. (The ultimate plan is to have the one line of bigger puffs flanked by a line of small puffs on either side, but I sincerely doubt I'm that motivated before Friday night.)

That's the only problem with skirt trim - you have to commit to getting both sides fnished before you start one, haha. I'd really like more trim on this dress, but I'd also like to be able to flop around and read my new books and/or watch my new costume flick additions to my dvd library tomorrow!

Maybe I'll put it on Mabel and stare at it for a while...


23 Dec 2015 11:36 pm
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Finished the petticoat trim puffs last night, and despite doing mostly a whole lot of nothing today, should have no problem getting the neckline puffs stitched on tonight. These puffs are the most instant gratification I've ever had with 18thc trim!

In other news, this weather sucks. Hot and rainy for Christmas! I didn't realize I lived in a jungle swamp.
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I sort of forgot that I really wanted to add more trim to my red/yellow/green stripe anglaise before I wear it to the Trenton ball on the 26th...and today I realized the 26th is coming up fast! So I sort of flailed around today trying to figure out what I wanted to do trim-wise, and decided on...puffy sort of self-trim, since I've done gathers, I've done pleats, I should probably do something different, no? Orginally I did want a red or green for trim instead, but I don't have any non-horribly-fraying silk that will work, so. Self trim it is!

I don't know how much I can actually get done before the ball, with the holiday coming up (go away, unpleasant family, I'd rather sew than see you, grump grump), but we'll see. Naturally I started with the least-necessary bit first, a line of puffs on the top of the petticoat flounce. Buuuut to do the neckline trim I have to refit the back shoulders over my new(ish) stays, which sounded like work today. Tomorrow.

(I did think about wearing the pink sacque instead, but that's got a longer petticoat and I'd probably tread on it, even with the gown hoiked up. Plus I'm very probably going to rewear that for the francaise dinner...which, despite being fond of that dress, is a little depressing, but odds are good I'll be needing to spend my time sewing other things at that time, so.)
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Yesterday I had a very long, but very enjoyable day! Even if six hours of it were spent in a car...not entirely intentionally. You see, I got up at five to get dressed and do my hair so I could be in north Jersey by 8.30. And then spent two-and-a-half hours trying to go fourteen miles. At least I wasn't driving then! (Well, I won't drive in NYC. I'm a weenie.) Had so many curses for everyone involved in the triathlon yesterday...they shut down half the streets in the city so we couldn't even get to the Historical Society. Ended up parking about six blocks away and pack-muling it over. Which was something less than fun.

Recovered and watered, though, I had a very good time! See, I've finally got an in with reenactors. ;) I actually met Eliza briefly at the Trenton ball, and then we really properly met at the first event I did at the Indian King Tavern; she and her BF Erik do 18thc living history demonstrations, usually involving music (they're the Ministers of Apollo on FB, go like them! Yes, shameless plug). They were scheduled to go to the NYHS on Sunday and had a regular back out, so Eliza asked if I'd like to join them. You mean I can sit and sew and yap to the Public about it? Sign me up!

Eliza and I were the Fancy Half of the table; she specifically asked for that, as these living history demonstrations tend to gravitate toward soldiers rather than civilian life...which is all well and good, but you don't need six guys all standing around talking about their guns, haha. Eliza had a setup with cosmetics and hairstyling (and real 18thc teacups! I then stole her teapot inadvertently because it was in my basket, ooooops), and I was making a Fancy Cap. Apparently we were both eclipsed by the kid next to us doing a tailoring demo with a waistcoat. Hmph. ;) I declared my intention of Bringing A Gown Next Time Because That's More Impressive. I think I may have insulted one woman by informing her that Philadelphia Was Better Than New York In The 18th Century, Sorry-Not-Sorry (and I still vastly prefer it, personally! What can I say, I'm such a South Jersey girl, haha!). Her face was really funny when I told her that...not in quite those words, but...

We also had a woman with a cooking demonstration (who was not wearing a Fugly Bedgown so I liked her immediately), and the rest of the guys were doing their bit with the drumming...outside. Poor bastards. They did come in every so often, but that's dedication! For those of you out of the are, it was 95 with a real-feel temp of over 100 yesterday! I am not that dedicated. At least, not in silks! Which I sweat through anyway, natch, because of the hike there. :P

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Sidetracked from my sidetrack...I'm so deep in distractions I'll never climb my way out...

I'm going to the NY Historical Society on Sunday, though, to help out my (relatively) new friend Eliza with a living history demonstration...type...thing. I am clearly very informed about what exactly I'm doing. "I can sit and sew a Thing? Sure, count me in!" Fancy was requested, though, and I rejected most things in my wardrobe for various reasons...finally I decided on the striped taffeta anglaise I made for the Trenton ball. I had to take the red silk trim off, though, as it's been sitting in a bin, quietly shredding itself to bits for the last six months. And then I had to add a piece to the front because OOPS it didn't fit with my stays more loosely laced. I'll be driving 2.5hrs dressed and wearing it all day, I'd rather not have a repeat of my last afternoon at the IKT.

So I just need to take the sleeve ruffles out of the cotton print jacket and tack them in this, and it'll be good to go. And then make sure my sewing stuff is prepped - I KNEW I should've bought some period sewing supplies! These reenactors are gonna judge me so hard...

...but at least I won't be in a fugly bedgown. *evil grin*
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I'm going to be really industrious, you guys, and write an LJ and blog post, when all I want to do is go to sleep on the couch. Be proud of me.

[ profile] dragoneyes19, [ profile] hiraimi, [ profile] miss_philomena, and I went to the Colonial Ball in Trenton last night (hosted by the Old Barracks Museum), and I think it was a fun time! Hopefully everyone else did too!

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Bunches of last-minute wrapping and booze-shopping to do today before work (oops), so I only got to sewing after work, and then there was church service too. But I did put on the loops and ties to loop up the gown skirts, and intend to finish hemming the petticoat before bed tonight.

Yes, again. I decided it was just too long, and took off the bottom stripey strip.

Also I finally determined what I want to do for trim (about time, yes?), although I won't pretend I'll have time to do much of it before the ball! Ideally I want to use red for the contrast, because I know I have a piece of red leftover silk that will work (also a few reds that will not work), but if there's not enough of red I have a green that will go nicely as well. Though not as nicely as the red. I like red...

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