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Not having last-minute sewing for an event is so weird. At this point I'm just poking away at random stuff that's close to hand, til my fabric that's definitely not for a Brunswick gets here. Which should be Monday.

Today it was that neverending eyelet ruffle on the hoop petticoat, mainly. I intend to at least get half of it pinned on tonight. Although I did realize that maybe I ought to finish those 1770s least get the eyelets put in so I can fit mockups! So I also did two eyelets on those today. Progress?

And I need to sew the sleeves on the 1780s stripey dress, despite obviously not trying to finish it for Saturday, because a lot of pins are in that, and I need my pins back!
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The wig wasn't dry when I wanted to work on it today (couldn't have anything to do with the fact that I left it on its side, right?), oops. So I ripped off the binding of the "gathered" eyelet I got from work on clearance, and then realized I might as well wait to wash it all til I got the fabric for the petticoat tonight. (8 yards of sateen AND a bag of Reese's minis for $22 is Not Bad.)

So I, slightly unwillingly, unpicked the skirt of the stripey dress. Also pinned in the sleeves and tried the bodice on (yeah, sure, good enough. Wait...after I take in one back shoulder, of course. Unpick, unpick).
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Directed to my lovely striped silk 1780s dress, because I spent so much time on it today, pleating and repleating the skirt and finally sewing it on...and it is still wonkus. Hello, I hate you.

So I unpicked the sleeve of the curtain-along dress that had frayed out and resewed that...just in case I stay mad at the striped dress for another week!
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I was off today, so I sewed up a sleeve and half-sewed it in. I probably should have done more, but I kind of had trouble focusing after hearing about the tragedy affecting one of my costumer buddies. (Tell your friends and family you love them right just never know what's going to happen.)

Need to get cracking feels like I still have tons of time before the FD, but next thing you know I'll wake up and it'll be in five days, and I'll be in trouble! How does that always happen...


6 Mar 2015 12:38 am
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So very much snow. Relatively speaking, anyway. For one day. For us. Well, they closed our store early and that never happens! We got about eight inches in this area.

I might be the only one, judging by the sound bites from random people on the news, but I'm not tired of winter and snow yet! (Though I probably should have made that Winterfell dress for this season, huh?)

I think my favorite is the little snow hats on the sycamore balls, hee hee hee.

Don't break the treeeeeees!

And I finally buckled down and finished piecing my sleeves together. Here's a pic of the three pieced ones, in which I stuck pins in to mark each seam, so everyone can appreciate how many seams there are! (I actually managed to get the first cut out in one piece.)
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I'm still poking away at piecing the sleeves together...3/4 (sleeve pieces, not sleeves total. I don't have four arms) are successfully put together, anyway. And I'm leaning towards the "I don't want to bother" option to making them full-length!

(I also suddenly got a bee in my bonnet that I want a little silk cape to wear over my Gettysburg ball gown. No, I haven't gone and cut it out...YET.)


1 Mar 2015 11:58 pm
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I pinned and repinned those sleeves (well, the one sleeve I was using as a mockup) for over an hour - nope nope. Those original long sleeves were just not happening! So I'm in the process of piecing the sleeves from my dress-in-a-day pattern together. Those are three-quarter-length, which I might have to settle for...if it doesn't seem too awful I might piece another six inches into the bottom to make them full-length. If I can! But let's get a three-quarter first and then see what we have left to work with.
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The only actual sewing I managed today was to stitch down the back of the shoulder straps (had to do lots of running around, including getting fingerprinted and picking up itty-bitty knitting needles for Robin...not at the same place), but to do so I had to try the whole thing on. So I took some pictures of my lovely non-matching stripes.

And my t-shirt. Yes, I am always too lazy to put on my shift. Those are pajama pants too. Well, might as well put on my stays before I put my bra on for the day, right? Guys? Okay fine, I'm just super-lazy.

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Sleeves are next up, mainly because I really don't want to deal with them, which always means I should deal with them first. Grump grump grumble.
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I was not-quite-successful in lining up my stripes at the side seams. I didn't feel like piecing together those fronts on the bias, so it is what it is. At least the side seam is the least obvious for non-matching stripes! If I stop being lazy I can try the bodice and waistcoat on tomorrow and sew the back shoulder pieces down. Big if!
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Okay, well, I really should have finished it yesterday, but it was such balmy weather yesterday that I actually ventured outside the house to enjoy it. I know. And then when I came back there were cats on the internet and the all-important shows on Masterpiece. But I did finish it today! Despite more cats on the internet.

And I didn't feel like bothering to put it on again, but it does fit. I think. Probably.

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