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Got up off my duff and took pictures of my Romantic underwear today before work, and just now got a blog post written on it. I'll just link to it here since I've already talked about most of the finer points here, if not all together in one post.

Everything is so white...xD (And I did adjust the contrast on some of the pictures! Couldn't be arsed to do them all though. Too much work!)

Clicky da picture!
...oh good, the cropped pictures are all compressed. PHOTOBUCKET YOU ARE A DOUCHE.


29 Jul 2016 11:39 pm
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Is finished. Woo! I wore it around the house for a couple hours today, and there's nothing poking me where it shouldn't be, so that's good. It's certainly not a perfect-fitting example of the corset-maker's art, but it's quite nice and neat and I'm pleased with it. I'm still planning to do a blog post on all my Romantic unders, so you'll get a pic of it on me then! That may or may not be before the Allaire dance, depending on whether I follow my "Best" schedule or my "Good" schedule of sewing, haha! I did get most of the rest of the spangles sewn on the lace today, though, so I'm currently optimistic!

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Got my quota of half the eyelets done today, and got the rest of the binding sewn on. So I'm on track to have this corset done tomorrow, which is good!
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Since that really really does need to be finished first! Goal is to have it finished by Friday, which will give me plenty of time to finish the rainbow trout dress. I sewed about 3/4 of the binding on today, and realized I'm approximately 2" short on binding. Grumble grumble grump. So annoying! So I might not completely finish sewing binding tonight, just because of that. Hrmph.

Anyway, once that's on, I have two days to do 22 or 24 eyelets (haven't marked them yet), which is very doable.


25 Jul 2016 11:47 pm
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- Went to see the Philly Orchestra the other night; they showed The Two Towers and the orchestra played the soundtrack live. They've done movie-and-a-soundtrack before and I always think it's cool, but damn, LoTR has a majestic soundtrack! And it was amusing to see that movie in such an enormous group - not exaggerating when I say probably close to 10,000, as the place seats 14,000 at capacity and it was pretty full - as everybody laughed, booed, and cheered together like we hadn't all seen it multiple times! Samwise Gamgee practically got a standing ovation for his speech at the end! :D

- Weather, YOU STOP THIS RIGHT NOW. I was off today, so literally the only time I ventured outside was to get the mail. F that.

- Got a couple of cap patterns in the mail today to play with, one of which is an 1830s cap, so that should be fun! Obviously not for the dance! but I feel like messing with caps, so. (That'll probably end soon, haha.)

- I know you all always end up having a great time at CC, but damn, the week leading up to it has been stressing ME out, and I'm not even going! Sending happy thoughts to all of you having last-minute costume crises!

- Almost finished stitching the boning in my 1844 corset today - just a little over half of the last channel to sew, and I'm determined to get that done tonight!
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Which I put in quotations because I personally got just about two bones sewn into the new corset. It's slow to sew boning in by hand, but even I'm not quite THAT slow usually...I blame costume flicks, tea and snackies, and [ profile] miss_philomena's kitties for that! (Kittehs! I so miss having a cat at home, a cat that's happy to get scritches and hang out with me is a terrible distraction.) One of the flicks we watched was The Young Victoria, though, so at least it was an inspirational distraction? Can I express my love enough for the hats, hair, and costuming in that movie? No, I cannot.


17 Jul 2016 11:40 pm
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Day of corset-ing today! And now I'm committed to actually finishing it for the Allaire dance, since I stole the boning for the CF and CB out of the old one. (I'll use new cording, as I'm not that desperate.)

So I: sewed in the bust gussets - by hand, argh, because they're visibly topstitched - finished sewing the pieces together by machine, tacked ribbon over the seam allowances of the gussets inside the corset, and sewed half of a center-front bone. And then decided I'd had quite enough corset for the day, thanks very much! But that means I've got all the machine work done, so it's all ready to go to sewing day this week, which was the intent.

White blob o'corset.

And the neverending backstitching of the gussets. The boning is all getting stitched in with either spaced backstitch or running stitch, because I've had enough of that.
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Well, only sort of. After the Allaire wedding, I filed it away that I really wanted a new corset if I have time, and since the ballgown is coming along swimmingly, I decided that today I'd start said corset. (Plus, I really like to have hand sewing to bring to sewing days if at all possible, and there's one coming up. And the ballgown is still in the machine-work stages.)

No, not that poor neglected pair of blue corded stays...I've found I prefer a strapless corset with this type of neckline, so my 1844 corset is perfect for it! Said 1844 corset was made in 2010, though, and leaves something to be desired in construction.

Well, I shouldn't even really say construction; it's very well sewn indeed, as I thought I'd machine sewn the cording in, but went back and looked at it closely today. Nope, it's hand sewn! (How's that for a really egregious humble-brag?) Apparently I used to be super dedicated to perfect backstitching...And I blundered into fitting it quite well - the only adjustment I needed to make for an update was some awkward curving along the bottom edge. I used amazingly crappy materials, though...I think the top layer's Joann poly-cotton broadcloth (which has started pilling), and most importantly, I used really thin, loosely woven fabric to make the boning channels. Which means the cable ties that bone the CB edges have worked loose and started poking me in the upper bum. Still wearable, but a corset that pokes one in the bum is maybe not optimal?

So today I cut out all the pieces for a new version, and started sewing them together. One layer of cotton drill for strength, and then a white-on-white cotton spot print on top (because white unders at this period still seems most practical, but at least a print is less boring that solid white!). I'm machine sewing the pieces together, and then hand sewing the rest of it, because that's apparently what I did in the original corset, and I can't let 2016 Me be topped by 2010 Me! (It's two bones at CF, one each at CB, and then two lines of cording on each seam, and there are 4 pieces to each side, so not really that crazy, haha.)

ETA: I forgot to mention that Lil' Sis came home yesterday afternoon and said something to the effect of "I think a bird exploded or something...there are white feathers all over the lawn." I got a good chuckle out of that!
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Ballgown: bodice is pretty much done. Still needs hooks/bars to fasten it, but I'm leaving that til after the skirt's attached. I had a fun time trying to make the front drapery look nice - and by fun I mean I had to recut the top piece after I screwed it up the first time. Good thing I didn't skimp on buying yardage!

I didn't take a pic of the bodice all together, but here's the front piece with the draperies:

I think it looks pretty nice on - the lining is the same as the green voile dress, just with the front neckline trimmed down 1.5". Which may have been a little more than needed to be trimmed, but hey, it's an evening dress!

I also FINALLY finished the stupid puffers. They are very stupid, indeed.

Puffers! )

And there are now feathers all over the front lawn. And the neighbor's front lawn. The local birds are probably confused and suspicious. xD
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Not a lot of sewing today, in terms of quantity, but they were both things I really didn't want to work on, so I consider it an accomplishment! The neverending plaid linen apron for the shop is done, and the stupid sleeve puffers for my 1830s dresses are all sewn, they just need to be stuffed. Which, since the stuffing is feathers, is getting done outside, tomorrow. If I tried doing it now I'd get bug-bombed by all the idiot moths and things that fly into the porch light. No thanks!

And since I told Robin that I was sewing my second sleeve puff while wearing the first (uninflated) puff because it amused me, and she demanded photographic proof... here's a picture of me wearing an unstuffed stupid puffer.

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