29 Aug 2017 11:55 am
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It's my last week of freedom before school starts, and I'm taking advantage of it by doing basically nothing! Somewhat in my defense, I caught a cold over the weekend - it's not a very bad one, just bad enough to be annoyingly sniffly (and grumpier than usual when having to stay past 10pm at work...). Not especially motivating to sew anything complicated, either.

I did start working on the Kannik's Korner cap again yesterday, since the old sewing finger doesn't have such a puncture any more. This cap's rather fussier than the two I made previously - lots more hemming!

I was going to finish one of the Nicer 1950s Dresses I started earlier in the summer this week, for a show mom and I are going to at Longwood Gardens this Saturday...but the forecast currently calls for rain. And since it's a rain or shine event and the tickets are not refundable (and I paid for them and they weren't cheap!) and you can't have umbrellas open during the show....I will probably not be wearing a nice dress to that!

(And if the forecast changes...well I've certainly got dresses to fall back on.)

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I worked a bit on the blue-and-white anchor dress today, up to the point of putting the zipper in. (Invisible zipper. Gross. But it was the right color, and happened to be 50 cents on clearance, so gross invisible zipper it was.) Which is not getting worked on any more tonight as I've just painted my nails. Red for Canada Day because Canada is 150 today and is kind of beating my country at everything this year Independence Day weekend! If I finish the anchor dress in a timely fashion I'll wear that on the 4th with red accessories to be all patriotic and shit. (Sense the enthusiasm!)

Going to visit the Albany branch of the family tomorrow, and staying over, so I won't have any sewing to report over the next two days...although I am going to bring my hand-sewn-linen-stays pieces in the car. They're a good travel project!


26 Apr 2017 11:26 pm
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So I sort of forgot that mom and I had plans for tomorrow-day, and then I have work, and obviously I'll be busy most all of Saturday...so I have essentially one day (with work) to finish the new 50s dress for the opera on Sunday! Hmmmm. I did sew the basic bodice together today, but this seems unlikely. You never know, maybe it'll go together very quickly! Ha. Ha. Ha.

Why did I suddenly run out of sewing time? Welllllll, I've been wasting a lot of time the past two days learning all about fountain pens. Um. Is that weird? You see, I came across an article linked on FB about how it isn't really computers that killed handwriting...it was the rise in ballpoint pen use. Oh. Well, that makes sense, actually! Those things are no fun to write with. You might've noticed that I enjoy pretty, oldey-timey things (WHAT?! NO WAY), so the enormous amount of pen and ink options available make me quite gleeful! (Zillions of colors! Shimmery inks! Eeeeeee!) So I'm treating myself to a pack of disposable fountain pens from a delightfully helpful website I found (I say "treating", but it's $7.50 for three pens, so not a huge expense), to see if I like them.

...I may have found an even dorkier hobby than historical costuming. xD

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Long time no update! Well, two days feels like a long time when I try to post every day. ;)

Saturday was Accepted Students Day at Rutgers, and then work directly after. I didn't learn a whole lot of new info - look, I've already paid my deposit, I don't need to be convinced to come here...oh god there are so many 17-year-olds here, I am ancient - but I did find out that for one of the required "welcome days" for new students in August, the over-25s have their own version, and it involves wine and cheese. Okay, Rutgers, I am convinced.

Sunday was photoshoot day for Jenny-Rose's new hairpieces; over the weekend she did about a million hours of filming for her tutorials, and I was one of her models. I will say I was treated very well by the production. Tons of food. ;) Playing with my hair is a wonderful way to lull me to sleep, so I'm impressed that I didn't nod off while I was getting my hair did! I can't wait til all the edits are done and I can see how incredibly miserable I look in the video! I wasn't really being tortured, I promise...

pouty face with undid hair
Although I was sad when I had to take my awesome hair down. Obviously.

And then today I dug through the18thc bin and tried to decide what to wear Saturday for the dressmaking demo, since the forecast is WAY TOO CLOSE TO 90 for my liking. (WTF, it's April. Bastards.) I wanted to wear something a bit nicer, but I don't want to wear the bird print dress again, and I sort of forgot how crappy the fit is on the white/red cotton sack jacket that's part of the Brunswick. Riiiiight, that would be why I've only worn it twice... Fixable (mostly a problem with the back shoulders, as usual), but I'm not sure I can really be arsed to fix it, and I definitely can't be arsed to fix it in time for the weekend! I'm not all that attached to it so I'm more likely to put it up in the shop for stupid cheap. Anyway! Moral of the story is that I'm probably going to end up in my blue and white stripe linen gown at this point. It's not fancy, but I don't care if I sweat through it. :P

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I want to start sewing on some project, but pretty much everything is at the "still need to buy X for this project but I shouldn't do that til next paycheck" stage. Boring. The polka-dot dress for the WWII air show is probably next, but I still need lining for that (going to use cotton lawn, but I usually buy that in 10yd lengths from Dharma since it's cheaper, so that's a chunk of change). Might cut out the pieces for it tomorrow though.

So I made myself do boring housekeep-y things, like put away clean laundry that's been sitting for *mumble* days, do a couple of small sewing repairs that have been sitting around for months, hand-wash a few of my wool sweaters in preparation for switching out my winter clothes for summer...super exciting stuff like that! Woo.

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Had a lovely day down the shore at Ocean Grove with mom today (and got no painting done, but hey)! Lovely unseasonable 70-degree February day. We drove up for lunch, walked around looking at all the pretty Victorian houses and hotels, and then walked up to Asbury Park, and sat on the boardwalk for an hour and a half, people watching. Things of note: group of short guys attempting to put up a volleyball net on the beach for at least a half-hour, an amusing pair of banjo-and-bass buskers that played three songs in an hour and a half but still made at least $20, a pair of asshole Napoleon-complex small dogs whose owners insisted on standing in the middle of the boards for 20 minutes while their dogs snapped and barked frenziedly at every single other dog that came past (I was hoping the Great Dane from the other end would come down and eat them, but no such luck. IT'S NOT CUTE WHEN YOUR DOG'S AN ASSHOLE, FYI), and a sperm kite. As you do.
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If I finish this last repeat tonight, I'll have met my goal and I can take tomorrow off! Come on, self! *drags feet*

I did have a copy of The Handmaid's Tale put on hold for me at the library, so it's very possible I'll swing by there tomorrow and spend the day reading, instead. Been meaning to read that for quite a while and now that they've made a show out of it, I really want to make sure I read the book first. (I'm one of those people, yes.)

Or I could finish up the walrus skirt that's still sitting around, and a pink linen skirt I unearthed today...I felt motivated to go through my bag of modern UFOs, and wow. Clearly I hadn't done THAT in a while. I am very much one to Save All The Things, but sometimes you just need to cut your losses and chuck things. The pink linen skirt was part of a dress that that weight of linen would have been wildly inappropriate for. There were also THREE cut-out dresses that I mercifully ran out of muslin to line and always meant to go back to; they were all super shiny fake-o "silk" sari fabric that I guess I didn't know any better? Or didn't care? Either way, they all went bye-bye. Really quite tragic. xD

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Getting very bored with the same userpic all the time over here on DW...I think I'm going have to import my userpics from LJ soon, I just got very used to having a nice variety to choose from!

Sent off the first painted petticoat today, and started the second; it's at least a slightly different color scheme so not another two panels of the exact. same. thing., anyway! I really do like painting petticoats or I wouldn't have put them in the shop for sale, but two right on top of each other is a bit much. Especially as I should have made Taylor's at least a month ago so I really am obligated to get this done ASAP!

If I'm very good at painting the next two days though, I might give myself one day off to sew something for me. Possibly decide what outfit I'm going to wear to the big hat tea, but more likely a modern skirt or start a new dress or something. A small attempt to start getting rid of my starting-to-get-ridiculous stash of "modern" dress fabric! "Modern" here meaning 1940s-60s, of course. But someday I'm going to get rid of the joann's green fugly polo and need actual dress clothes, really!

("Someday" currently depends on whether Rutgers decides I'm a reasonable risk. We shall see - I'll post more about that later if I'm accepted! I thought I wrote a terribly moving essay... *snort* )

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These were a totally random find on ebay while looking for gloves for the 1790s outfit - definitely one of those "I probably shouldn't buy these but it's ok because someone will outbid me" things. Well, nobody outbid me so now I'm the proud owner of some vintage mitts, oops. No idea how old they are (20th century because they feel like nylon; 1950s if you forced me to guess, because the '50s liked pretty, delicate accessories, but that's a shot in the dark), but they're awfully purty!

Horrible laptop picture of me wearing them:

Perfect condition; I don't think they've ever been worn...and tiny! I can tell they'll travel downward a bit on my chicken arms, but they take some easing to get over the hand. Not much stretch in these! (Well I think we've found the answer to why they've survived unworn...)

I was going to get some gloves for the New Castle ball but I think these will do very well instead! Since I've bought them I ought to wear them, haha. They're actually a little long for 1840 (all the fashion plates I've found 1830-40 have gloves that are mid-forearm to just under the elbow, and they get shorter after 1840 - and these mitts are just over the elbow), but that's one of those things I should Probably Not Worry Myself Unduly About. I'm sure I'll get chucked out of the ball for having mitts that are an inappropriate length. Definitely. xD [livejournal.com profile] sewloud will disown me.
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Ugh, it's been the kind of busy past few days in which you're pretty much going the whole time, but haven't actually accomplished anything material.

Also, I decided to to try the apparently more-usual method of covering and then assembling the 1880ish hat (rather than the reverse, which is what I usually do), and it's pretty stupid. Won't be doing that again.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] sewloud invited me fairly last-minute to a movie premiere in Philly (her husband was a cameraman, so they got a bunch of tickets), so I made myself up after work (couldn't find my fake eyelashes though, tragic), wedged myself into my gold and black 1920s dress, skipped dinner, and off I went! Robin bought me a very ginny G&T as compensation for having missed dinner, which worked.

Bloodrunners, in case you wanted to know. (You didn't.) It's a movie about vampires set in the 1930s, hence the period-ish dress (Still more period than anything in that movie. For reals). Bad but not as entertainingly bad as I was hoping. Robin got a costume credit, for which she is patently horrified...the costumes and hair were pretty sad. Apparently they're currently trying to sell it to some tv channel, so if you ever happen to catch it on tv, I do recommend getting one or three drinks and watching a bit, just so you can be drunkenly appalled by the information that this is a "period piece." I was hoping that the good guys would all die, especially the annoying couple, but no dice. The vampires mostly had slightly less horrible suits so I wanted them to win. Oh well.

Also we heard a baby crying briefly toward the end, and were like, who the f decided to bring a baby to this...? After the lights went up...oh, apparently the star. Guess that's allowed. So I can now say I've been near enough to Ice-T to see him on a distant balcony in a theatre. Ermagerd. Only Robin and Rob were allowed to go to the afterparty, oh how terribly sad, so I had to come home and eat dinner at 11:30 like a normal person. Well, "normal"...

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