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So I am looking at a very late night, as I got a bee in my bonnet today to get that damn twisted trim on the dress, come hell or high water! (o, hi, motivation. Where were you last week when I wanted you??) I still have tomorrow-minus-work for sewing, so I think I can get it done. We'll find out!

I'd promised my best-friend-from-high-school that I'd see Beauty and the Beast with her this week, so now we're up to twice. Somewhat surprisingly I think I actually enjoyed it more the second time. Probably because none of the WTF choices were unpleasant surprises on this viewing! I still hate the yellow dress and ear wire with the fire of a thousand suns, though.

And I dithered over whether to accept the new LJ user agreement. I read it, and it's shady. Not that I think it'll really affect me or my use of LJ (I know there's no such thing as privacy online anyway!),  but am I really interested in supporting a platform that's so able to crack down on political dissidents in their home country? I guess so...for now. I'm really going to make more of an effort to interact more here (DW) rather than LJ from now on.
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Orrrrrrr maybe not. A little bit? I may stay up late and try and get as near to my daily goal as I can though.

I went to see Beauty and the Beast this afternoon, and I had all good intentions of coming home and sewing after that...but then I had FEELINGS that had to be expressed, which meant two hours of outraged online chatting with friends instead of sewing! Heh.

I actually liked it a lot more, overall, than I thought I was going to. Probably helped that I didn't have very high expectations, but hey. The additional songs/plot points didn't make me want to pull my hair out, and while I think they would have done better to follow the animated movie less slavishly, that actually didn't bother me too much either. Yes, there were silly plot holes, but whatever, it's a fairy-tale, I'm pretty forgiving there.

And the sets and costumes as a whole were just lovely!  I can't lie, I'll probably grab the DVD just so I can rewatch the opening party scene (ALL the saques! glorious) and the ones with the villagers (indienne prints everywhere! silly caps! silly hair!); I thought the costumes were a really good mix of historically-inspired while still being fantastic. And the Prince got some lovely 18thc suits when he was human. So, really, there was a lot more that I liked than I didn't...but what I didn't like I felt very strongly about! And I need to complain about it online, so.
I think that is all my feels! Now, let me go listen to the original soundtrack. ;)

Also, I can't lie, I want to do an historical version of the yellow dress now, haha! I've always loved the idea of Disney princess adapted to be historically accurate, though I know it's hardly an original idea at this point! Someday...

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We decided to have sewing day to replace my rained-out picnic (which was indeed rained out, although if we'd scheduled it from 7-11am it would have been dry still, hah)...there was a lot of petticoat-cording going on here today! I think I've finished my cording although I'll have to trim some off the top, as it's still too long.

We also went to see Love & Friendship, which is based on an early unpublished-in-her-lifetime Austen novella. The costumes and hair were a bit dodgy, though I really appreciate seeing early/mid 1790s rather than your standard Regency fare! I thought the screenplay was really well done, adapting a 60-something-page work into a screenplay - very sardonic, very Austen. I'm planning to read the novella to see just how much they lifted verbatim; I suspect it's a lot! The characters are basically your "stock" Austen characters dialed up to 11 - a complete farce (in the dictionary definition!). It actually seems very modern - a wink-wink nudge-nudge send-up of Regency romances, but funnier (I think) because it's contemporary. I can see it might not be everybody's cup of tea, but I really enjoy a bit of absurdity, so this one's an I'll-probably-want-to-acquire-it for me. Plus then I can yell at the weird hair. Can't do that in the theatre. xD

(Kate Beckinsdale is waaaaay too tan, though. It's ridic.)

The Witch

25 Feb 2016 11:59 pm
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I did a wee bit of sewing-related stuff today, but not much. I'm planning on painting a border on a long wool shawl for Regency use, and I thought I'd cut and started hemming the wool for it...apparently I hadn't. Hemming is nice and easy, but two lengths of 60" wool is still a fair amount!

So! I went to see The Witch in theaters today, as I threatened. And I really enjoyed it! I can totally see why some (or even a lot, honestly) people were unimpressed by it. It's extremely slow-paced, they use correct-to-the-period dialogue, and there aren't really the "jump-scares" you'd expect from a horror film. Actually I think it's a disservice to call it a horror film at all, although there's certainly horror in the literal, dictionary-sense...but audiences tend to expect certain things from a "horror movie", and this ain't it.

Although in the movie's defense, anyone who saw the trailer and expected another formulaic horror flick is an idiot (also in the dictionary-sense, heh)! I overheard some high praise from the people behind me after it was over: "Well that wasn't as bad as I heard it was." So glad it exceeded your expectations!
Not exactly spoilers, but cut for yammering )

Enough waxing philosophical and yelling at War & Peace! In conclusion! I liked it and thought the historical detail was great; you should all go see it too if you don't mind slow movies and 1630s English!

(Totally random thought from later, after reading some reviews that really run the gamut: WHY doesn't anyone realize that the settlement the family's exiled from is Plimoth?? Keep seeing things like "some Puritan New England town." I'm pretty sure it's even the real - well, current-day re-creation - Plimoth Plantation where they filmed that bit! Even if you've never been there...if it's not Jamestown it's probably Plimoth, right guys? Guys? Doesn't ANYONE know their history?! THIS IS PRETTY BASIC.)


24 Feb 2016 11:04 pm
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Thanks to everybody who left an opinion on the not-spangled-spangled dress post! After doing some pricing, I've 90% decided that if I do make the dress, it's going to be spangles, and those spangles are going to be fake. You know I'm all for spending silly amounts of money on my dress supplies, but either spangles or plate would be the equivalent of fabric for a sacque at's a lot of little frickin' dots on that dress!

Have pretty much been slacking off, as I like to do after a costume event (despite this one not actually having had a new outfit, but, details), but I got my box o'fun from Dharma Trading, so I can start the project that, if it doesn't fail horribly, I will post about soon, haha.

Will probably start that tomorrow since I'm off, although I do have some grandma-babysitting-duties, and I'm determined to go see The Witch in theaters so tomorrow is probably a good day for that. It got good critical reviews and bad audience reviews, and since I distrust the American movie-going public's opinion and I love all I'm hearing about the research that was done for it...I'm going to see it.
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This morning I went to see 12 Years A Slave, because I really wanted to see it, and was tired of waiting around for somebody to accompany me! (Big girl, can see movies by self, right.) And it's an excellent movie - hard to watch at times, but considering the subject matter...that's not exactly a surprise.Cut for delicate sensibilities...or those who aren't interested in my Opinions On Movies! )

Anyhow, while it's so good, it's a little distracting...somehow the whole thing kept invading my thoughts all day, which made it really hard to focus on the World's Frumpiest Nightgown! I love thought-provoking films, but they aren't especially helpful when I'm trying to marathon-sew!

Since today was supposed to be paletot-sewing day, it's officially been bumped down to the bottom of the queue. I know I've already put quite a good amount of work into it, but I don't need it as much as I need, well, pretty much everything else. I have multiple shawls, and if it's as cold as it's been the last couple days, I have my 1840s mantle, duh. I didn't actually think of that til yesterday. It would be rather unfashionable for 1863 (because somehow it's got in my head since that's the year we're commemorating...all clothing must act accordingly), but I like it, and have only worn it once, so that's okay. My bonnet's a tad outdated too, if it comes down to it.

ANYWAY. Today, despite distractions, I finished off the World's Frumpiest Nightgown apart from two buttons and buttonholes, which I just could not bring myself to do. Slacking slacker. And now I'm binding Alice's bonnet, which really doesn't appreciate the effort.
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Watched Daniel Deronda today for the first time in years, and my primary thought was: Lord Grantham! You are a very bad man in this movie! (Secondary ones involved Hugh Dancy's adorableness, and that maaaaybe I'd like to give early bustle dresses another chance.) Clearly it's been many years since I watched it...

Dragging myself back into the 18thc got the sleeves of the chemise gown hemmed and fiddly little lace attached to the cuffs, because it needed just a wee bit of frou-frou. I also marked & trimmed the hem, and sewed about four inches before I let myself get distracted by LJ! I foresee a post about a finished chemise gown sometime in the next couple days...

And since I couldn't make Dress U and the Tiaras & Jampagne party, I sewed and drank in my newest tiara tonight! It was bought a while back when I was planning an early 1800s French court dress for the Court Dinner at Dress U, actually! Fear not, I'll make an Empress Josephine dress the very distant future...when I have time to hand-embroider and be-sequin the entire robe. Crazy or bust! :P
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Ouf. That stupid virus really wreaked havoc on my sewing determination and focus...I'm having a hard time getting back into the 1913 dress.

Figuratively, not literally, since it's not enough of a dress to try on or anything! (Oh, I'm so funny. *eyeroll*)

Didn't sew a thing today, just slept far too late, sat on the back deck for a bit of sunshine, then went to see Not Fade Away by myself - which apparently no one anywhere liked, except for, like, three critics. And me, I guess. I'm easy to please when it comes to movies about the 60s! Give me a good soundtrack and I'm thrilled to bits. (And good clothes and hair. This is where my bad taste comes from, by the way.

(OH, and it's also cemented my determination to cut my hair back into bangs after March. It's exponentially more awful for most historic hair, but I like them so much better on me than no bangs for everyday! Sorry, random aside.)

Anyway, I may go back to working on the teens coat, just so I can have something done for the challenge due date! Cheating, cheating...don't care.
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Well, not really much sewing, technically. Draping. I spent most of the day out with me mama, and we finally got to see The King's Speech, which I absolutely loved (hmmmm, why do I suddenly have the urge to dabble in late 1930s fashions, even though I have no reason whatsoever to do so, and I know I'd look dumpy?? Also, Colin Firth love. Just in case I didn't love him before seeing this movie. ...look, I own A&E's Pride and Prejudice, how could I not?).

I did manage to get my butt in gear on these 1790s dresses, though, which is good! I always have the worst time getting myself to actually drape the patterns for things, and obviously can't start sewing till I do that! I was even doubly industrious, and actually got both bodices draped and fitted. Figured I might as well, while I was at it, and had the stays on and all.

They were both quite easy to fit, though I feel like it's cheating a bit...both gowns will have linings that are pinned in front, so there's room for adjustment! No pictures, because, really. It's a toile. No one cares about toiles; they're not shiny! (I don't care about toiles.)

Got the paper pattern pieces cut out from the toiles as well, and I could probably have started cutting as well, but decided not to push my luck! I already screwed up on cutting the panels of the blue taffeta a couple nights ago...measure twice, cut once. But I did measure twice! (Measure three times...?) There may be piecing in order. But we'll see.

And I think I've decided to make the round gown first, mostly because I have some peacock feathers floating around The Stash, and I want to stick them in my hair when I wear this dress. Ridiculous? Um, of course, it's the 1790s!

(I'd be perfectly happy to work on both gowns at once, but I tend to misplace bodice pieces when I have too many cut out at one time...)
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Sometimes. Today I did, yay for me. Had a stupid meeting at work this morning, but was off the rest of the day, so I decided, dammit, I really need to sew something! ...After I go see Black Swan. By myself, because I have boring friends, and I was afraid it would be out of theaters if I waited much longer. So I finally saw it, and wow. Fantastic. I left the theater feeling slightly bonkers myself.

And those costumes. *gets all googly-eyed* [ profile] cleopatramwi is already doing a Black Swan costume, which I have no doubt is going to be fabulous, and I'd feel a bit of a copycat for being all, "Eeee, I wanna Black Swan costume tooooooo!" Hmm. Will mull this over in my ickle brains for a while and see what happens. (Lord, and there I go, doing a Google images search on the costumes, "just in case.")  I've already got the shoes! Yes, I used to do ballet when I was in high school, and every once in a while, I put the shoes on again and do a few steps. People are never surprised when I tell them I was in ballet..."You look like a dancer." So...I'm thin and have small boobs. Thank you. And I was never particularly good at ballet!

Also, now I want to go see a performance of Swan Lake. The music's been playing in my head allllll day. Rather conveniently, I might be able to, as the Pennsylvania Ballet is doing Swan Lake in March. Coincidence that they're doing that ballet when fourteen of their dancers were in Black Swan? I THINK NOT.

Ballet goofiness aside, I actually did come home and sew things.

Things. Things get long. )

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