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First I cut out a dress for Saturday out of green cotton sateen - but then realized there was a fade line along the fold, which ended up directly at the CF of the skirt and bodice. Hmm. Unhelpful! Don't think I didn't consider trying to pass it off as a "design element", but it isn't an even fade, so that didn't work! After some more thought I decided to stitch a vertical line of some black velvet ribbon over the fade (since I like the fabric!), but that I don't wanna do that now. Seems like work, ew.

So, back to the skirt plan! I have a bad habit of picking up remnants of aforementioned cotton sateen from work when I find them, as when they're close to a yard I can easily get a pencil skirt out of them (and I am very fond of 1950s pencil skirts). So the skirt is a rem of the sateen in bright red (I also have navy, purple, dark red, black...good thing eventually I'll have a job where I can wear all these damn skirts). I've been doing fussy little couture-style hand-sewings on it so it's not quite done, but said fussy hand-sewing makes my meticulous little soul happy, so I did them! And I should finish it tomorrow easily.

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Got the second sleeve all sewn in, and the back bodice edge taken up, so now I get to actually finish all the edges, thrilling. Except for the neck edge since that'll be enclosed by Fur Collar. Actually remembered to buy a little piece of wide twill tape from work tonight to cover the waist seam, too.

Oh, and I made a skirt from a late 1950s pattern. Cut it out earlier this week, which probably took almost as long as it did to sew the thing together, since, plaid. I cut it all out very precisely, managed to sew it together somewhat less precisely. The lines got a little wonky at the side seams...a few mms off. I tried to get myself to care enough to rip them out and resew them; couldn't manage it. So it's done except for the zipper, which I will put in by hand, because it's quicker than putting it in by machine and having to pick it out and redo it three times. I am so entertainingly stupid at putting in zippers. Damn newfangled contraptions. xD
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Just a couple of random bits:

I did finish my remnant 1950s skirt, and am reasonably pleased with it (it's a skirt with three pieces, how exciting can it be?). I wore it today and took an extremely crappy picture of it.

Apart from that skirt, I haven't sewn this week, but I did take out the stripey 1770s dress and start putting trim on the sleeves. The red silk trim appears to have had a fraying party while I wasn't looking, which has massively displeased me. If that means I have to hem all the red silk I want to use for trim - it's not happening! Must ponder.

I ought to keep working on that stripey dress, as I think it's what I want to wear to the francaise dinner, but that would mean I have to figure out what to do about the fraying silk, so...I might move on to something else tomorrow! It feels appropriate, weather-wise, to start my wrapper for Gettysburg (it's about 15F now) so I might do a little of that tomorrow. I can't remember whether I've posted my inspiration for it, so here you go:

I can't start the quilting yet, since I don't have wool batting, and I'm temporarily banning myself from buying any costume supplies (because look at your stash. You can keep busy without buying things for a few weeks), but I can at least construct the basic wrapper for now. It's light blue wool flannel (and the quilted bits will be dark blue flannel), so, snuggly and warm! Fun to work with! More so than in July, anyway.
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I made most of a skirt today - just have to tack down the facing. The fabric was a stupidly good deal - it was just under a yard of blue and black lightweight wool suiting, when remnants were 75% off, plus discount, so I ended up paying under $3 for the piece. How could I resist? (I couldn't.)

I used the skirt from one of my Butterick Retro dress patterns...whichever one would fit onto the fabric! I think it's a 1958 pattern...too lazy to go look now. Lined it with an extremely unpleasant navy poly faille I found in the "modern fabrics" flatly refused to iron nicely. I don't know how anyone can work with polyester regularly; they're clearly more patient than I am! Acetate lining is far less terrible.

On to the facing!
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While things are cooking and people are not here yet, thankfully (what am I thankful for!)...

I finished it in good time for Thanksgiving! And I think it's rather cute. Made from Simplicity 1284 (modern reprint of a 1960s pattern), and nice and easy to put together (though it would have been much quicker if I didn't finish all the seams!).

You may notice it is on a hanger and not on me, which is because it does not in fact fit. My ass does not fit into this dress. Well, technically it's my hips, but as my ass is at the same point, I find it more entertaining to say that instead. And technically it is wearable, but scrunches up in a most uncomfortable and unattractive manner. I'm going to actually have to start accounting for hip when I cut commercial patterns, since it now appears that is three sizes away from my bust. This was definitely not a problem a few years ago...I must be getting fat in my old age. *snort*

(No, I know, it's my body going all, Hey! let's have kids! We are so prepared for this! and me giving it the super side-eye and saying, uh, you are completely barking up the wrong tree there...)

Anyway, I still think it's cute! Though I do not feel inclined to get more fabric and try it again at the moment. Add it to my pile of "things I ought to sell off at some point." It's fairly well-constructed for me (linings! finished seams! hems faced in ribbon!), so I don't feel bad if I consider doing so. My historic stuff on the other jacked up.

Buttons on the back, since I didn't have a zipper as intended, which led to some weird plain-cotton-facing-finagling to get said buttons on.
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Worked on my turkey day dress today - got the main part of it sewn together, just basically have to do fastenings and finishings. Why do french seams make everything take fifty-seven times longer? Very annoying.

And I tried it on, and it was too small in the butt, and I was all WOE, and then I realized I was trying it on over sweatpants. Oh.
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Somhow I got a bee in my bonnet that I wanted a new dress to wear for Thanksgiving. I'm tired of all my skirts, and most of my dresses are summery (because they're easier to make. Less in the way of sleevils!), so instead of going shopping like a Normal Person, I...well, went shopping, but for fabric! There's a cotton print at work I've had an eyeball on for months, and since that calico's quite On Sale currently, I bought some along with my dollar lace last night. It's a slightly obnoxious, very retro-60s type of print that is probably ugly to lots of people, but I have a weakness for ugly retro prints. And it's very fall-colored, so Thanksgiving's a perfect excuse for it!

Anyway, that's what I cut out today. It's a simple shift dress, so barring more Things To Do That Cut Into My Sewing Time (so rude), I can probably get most of it put together tomorrow.
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Yaaaawn. All right, so I'm a bum and decided this morning it's not in my best interests to finish the polka-dot dress now. Partly because I started getting twitchy about not sewing on K Parr for so long, partly because I realized I don't have a zipper in the right length/color, and partly because it's a fairly full skirt and I don't want to hem it! :P But the obnoxiously printed dress is all nice and finished, and I'm quite fond of it! Guess that means I'll have to either wear an old dress or one of my vintage dresses instead of the polka-dot. Oh no, what a tragedy. ;)

So, sewing time today was devoted to Katherine Parr. I pieced the pockets together (scrap linen fronts and navy silk backs) til I got bored with them (which didn't take long), and then sewed spangles. More spangles! And kept dropping them. There's going to be a sparkly trail to everywhere I've sat and sewed recently.
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Just the hand finishing left on one dress, which I'm working on now, and then the other I've got the skirt put together and the bodice fitted - that was the only pattern in this sewing spree I haven't used before, so I had to take out the absurd amount of ease they put in, and take the waist up a bit. As per usual.

Apparently I was on a blue kick - the novelty print skirt has a blue background, the dress in my lap is a (delightfully horrible) blue and green and white print, and the one still in pieces is blue and white polka dot. I didn't do it on purpose, I was just grabbing from the "modern fabrics" section of the stash! And they're all various shades of obnoxious. That was on purpose.
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Today I got up at Decent Times (the earlier part of the week has been a failure in that department), with the full intention of hemming the Hawaiian dress, cleaning up my modern sewing, and getting back to the K Parr forepart.

Well, I did hem the dress! Somehow I also cut out another one. And a half. OOPS. If I finish those, I'll be able to wear (Hopefully) Cute Dresses I've Made all week when I'm away. Seeing as I can't resist continuing to buy all those Vintage Vogue/Butterick Retro/etc. patterns when they go on super-sale at work...I may as well use them!

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