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I did finish the bolero! I spent waaay too long making shoulder pads this afternoon (Vogue will have none of your "store-bought prefabricated shoulder pad" nonsense); modern me thinks they look utterly ridiculous, but costumer me reminds her that shoulders were the Look in the 40s, and honestly they're not that big. They do look pretty silly when the bolero isn't on, though... xD

Gorgeous weather today - finally stopped raining, and just about 70 - it's going to shoot up to 90 very soon so mom and I took a nice long walk through the next town over, that is very rich and has tons of 19thc/ early 20thc houses...that's always a nice walk! Judging their landscaping/house paint color/etc is a favorite past-time. ;) Except in fine weather you have to do it quietly because sometimes people are sitting out on their porches and might hear you!

Made mom a Gashlycrumb Tines-themed card for today, because 1/ I am the worst at picking out cards so it's usually just easier to make them, and 2/ we both love Edward Gorey and think the Tinies are the Funniest Thing Ever (Gorey's sure not for everyone but he absolutely appeals to my sense of humor). And then we spent some quality time with the family for dinner - not too bad but Grandmom prefers it to be about 85 in the house at all times and it just puts me to SLEEP. And now I'm home thinking I ought to be sewing something, but...nah,

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Had a lovely day down the shore at Ocean Grove with mom today (and got no painting done, but hey)! Lovely unseasonable 70-degree February day. We drove up for lunch, walked around looking at all the pretty Victorian houses and hotels, and then walked up to Asbury Park, and sat on the boardwalk for an hour and a half, people watching. Things of note: group of short guys attempting to put up a volleyball net on the beach for at least a half-hour, an amusing pair of banjo-and-bass buskers that played three songs in an hour and a half but still made at least $20, a pair of asshole Napoleon-complex small dogs whose owners insisted on standing in the middle of the boards for 20 minutes while their dogs snapped and barked frenziedly at every single other dog that came past (I was hoping the Great Dane from the other end would come down and eat them, but no such luck. IT'S NOT CUTE WHEN YOUR DOG'S AN ASSHOLE, FYI), and a sperm kite. As you do.
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One sleeve is completely sewn and pinned in; the second is about halfway done. I used the sleeves from my cream wool jacket, and just made them a little wider, to fit shirt sleeves more comfortably. Hopefully. (No fun like sausage arm fun!) I see no reason I can't have this Done Enough by Wednesday - if I finish the sleeves, back neck binding, and at least get a start on the lower sleeves tomorrow, I ought to be in good shape.

And Funny Thing I forgot to mention yesterday: my mom's choir concert was last night, and I brought a book to entertain myself before it started (it's not some podunk amateur hour, they have professional soloists and have members of the Philadelphia Orchestra play with them, and it's held in a local church with no admission charge, so you have to get there very early to get a seat!) Haydn's The Creation, which was a really glorious piece of music, btw. So I was hiding in the side balcony with my Sarah Kemble Knight journal, hoping no one would talk to me; naturally the overly friendly lady next to me did. Usually reading primary sources quashes people's interests ("Oh, are you reading that for school?" Haha, no, but I'm flattered at the implication that I'm in my early twenties and in undergrad), but not this one. She actually seemed genuinely interested, we chatted for a bit, and I think she's going to bully her family into coming to our open house on Saturday. So hooray for luring people into visit historic sites! I hope she does come...though I'll be dressed a little differently and she might not recognize me. Ha ha ha.
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I watched the five-hour entirety of Cranford this afternoon while flat-felling two seams on Windflowers, and then basting some stays gussets. And I was going to do at least a little more tonight, but then I somehow got into watching octopus videos on youtube, and next thing you know it's 11pm and I'm posting videos about the potential for rats in your toilet on FB and tagging Robin in them because I'm convinced we once had a conversation about rats in toilets, and she didn't believe me that it wasn't just an urban legend. (She remains unconvinced that this conversation actually happened.)

So...I should probably give up and go to bed, is what I'm saying!
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Got a nice chunk of petticoat painted today, although it was remarkably springlike today so I did spend some time outside enjoying the weather! Didn't take a picture of said painting because it looks the same as the picture from yesterday...just more so, haha.

Unrelated, I saw this article linked in a couple places on FB, and it made me laugh and shake my head. If you're going to snark about "sexist pockets" you should probably actually read the things you cite as sources on the history of pockets. Just an idea.

I think my favorite was this bit, about pockets in the 18th century: "If you were a woman of money (and if you had pockets, you probably were)..." Ah yes, those expensive-ass pockets. *nods sagely*

And a close second was this gem about 17th-century pockets: "A woman's makeshift pocket was hung under her dress but over the under-petticoat, making it logistically difficult to access unless she was nearly nude." ...what?? To be fair, the I-can't-find-my-pockets-dance would have been even funnier it that were the case...
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Finished cleaning up my patterns (apart from stray pieces that are probably hidden under heaps of fabric and the like. I didn't say I was deep cleaning the sewing room...), which I consider a good day's work in and of itself. So when I also managed to get the buckram pieces for the bonnets cut out and wired, I felt supremely productive!

And I posted this on FB as well, but I found it so amusing I want to note it here, so I can remember it in future..."IMPROBABLE 18THC SEDUCTION ATTEMPT: going up to your hot employer and telling him your dress fastens up the back, so you need help taking it off. (I'm enjoying Poldark, but that made me laugh, a lot.)" I also want to mail the cast a big box of hairpins, but that's not as hilarious as a back-fastening dress being a plot point. Also...she somehow managed to put said back-fastening dress on by herself, which makes it even more ridiculous, even if we're pretending for a moment that back-laced dresses are acceptable. OH, TV.
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I was no good at all yesterday during my limited sewing time - it's a case of too many things to work on at once! So I just sort of flapped around uselessly, going, "Oh! I need to buy more grommets for the corset, so there's no use in getting that half-started! So...I could start on the petticoat. Wait, did I want to buy nicer fabric for that? Oh, I could save the TV125 (the one with the detachable train) and the nicer fabric for when I make the Autumn Dress, and go with TV170 and plain muslin for now. Wait, I need to wash the fabric. Oh! I could work on the combinations!"

And so on and so forth. I did finally make the decision to finish the combinations I started IN JUNE before anything else, and then make the petticoat, before going any further on the corset. I can't get much further anyway without a busk, which I can't order til after payday.

So, those combinations. I dug them out of the UFO bin, trying to recall what the heck I was doing with them two months ago. Embroidery, right. Well, clever me figured it would be a good idea to trace the design in disappearing ink (which would have been fine if I'd finished it then), which of course had long since disappeared, with about two inches of a motif embroidered in the middle! Clever. So I drew it on again (wonkily, and with a pencil this time, because I don't have time for this crap), and sitting on the porch a good part of the day, got the front finished.

I lifted the design pretty much completely from a cheapo embroidery book I have - it's not Victorian, but I think it looks Victorian-ish. Enough. The back's just going to be a border of the same stitch around the edge - so I might even be able to get that done tonight. Possibly.

I am not an embroiderer. It's really, really bad. I guess not, like, six-year-old bad, but still. It's old DMC floss on cotton muslin, on underwear - so I don't care.

In unrelated news, for anyone not living on the mid-Atlantic seaboard - be jealous of our fall weather today! It was beautiful! Besides sitting around and enjoying the breezes while I embroidered, I also walked to the local farmers market with the family. It's tiny, but we got some nice produce, and the Best Wine Ever - a cranberry wine from a winery in Mays Landing. Delicious! And the vendor looked at me suspiciously when mum and I were getting samples of the wine, and asked if I was 21. Thank you, my good sir!
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So I've been off how many days in the past week or so, but I choose today to Christmas shop. The day it ends up snowing an inch so far. Hasn't stopped yet. Good planning, me. Could have been home having a cup of tea and toast, but no, you had to be out driving around in the 24-degree-weather, and realize it's snowing when you get out of your car at the far, far-away end of the mall parking lot.

Also, a memo to the various municipalities in South Jersey: If you hear snow in the forecast, and wake up in the morning to see a snow sky, it might be a good idea to SALT THE DAMN ROADS. Just a thought. An idea. A helpful hint.

I'd never driven in snow before...crash course in driving in the snow, much? (Not literally.) Fun and awesomeness!

Also, I had to be up in the morning today to watch another tour at the historical society (worst damn group of kids I've seen in a while; no one paid any attention and they kept wandering off and touching displays... "NO DON'T PLAY WITH THE CIVIL WAR SWORDS!!" From Vineland; the bunch from Camden High School were waaaay better behaved!), but I woke up an hour before my alarm. Because, I shit you not, I was dreaming something, don't remember what, and then Chuck Berry popped up out of nowhere and started yelling at me to wake up because I was missing his show. So...I woke up.

Thanks, Chuck Berry, you're an asshole even in my dreams.

I bought some crap at Wal-Mart to make Christmas cards with, for my family since they're all getting gift cards, and I picked up some ribbon while I was there. By "picked up some ribbon," I mean I spotted some ribbon I've got a little bit of left, and was thinking of trimming my 1840s nonexistent as of yet bonnet with, so I grabbed the whole spool off the rack (and a couple others of the same weave but different widths!) and marched up to the counter, demanding the whole thing. (The little Filipino lady working at the counter was the most adorable thing ever; she told me all about how she buys fabric and takes it to the Philippines to get clothes made cause it's cheaper there!) The older lady ahead of me noticed the miles and miles of ribbon I was buying, and asked if I was a teacher. Nope, this is just my hobby. She told me she was a seamstress herself, but she's giving it up, and has all this stuff she wants to give away. Not sell, give away. Craft supplies, a thread rack, fabric...was I interested?


We exchanged contact information, and turns out she's just the next town over from me. I shall let you know how this works out!
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Dislike: Waking up to hear Glenn Beck's radio show being played in the house. Loudly. Like: Putting on a Black Sabbath album. And playing it even more loudly. Take that, Glenn Beck.

I only worked the evening to close tonight, so I had time to sit around and sew, which I actually did. I never cease to be amazed at how things get done when I sit myself down for a good block of time with hand-sewing and a DVD (Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones, because I didn't think that would distract me too much. It didn't, except for every once in a while when I'd look up and see just how tight Jagger wore his trousers in 1972...that was pretty distracting)! I nearly finished cording the corset (OMG YAY), and can most definitely finish the cording tonight if I can pry myself away from the charms of Teh Interwebz. Maybe even cut out the binding...but let's not get carried away!

I'm off again tomorrow, so that looks promising for Sewing Progress...though I've really got to go to the mall and get some Christmas shopping done with. I hate that mall...and no lie, half my family is getting gift cards, because I have no idea what to get them. (They apparently never have any idea what to get me either. I wish they'd get me gift cards!)

And it's cold. Not that I'm complaining, but wow. (I've noticed that a lot of the people who complain about it being so cold are the ones who are too cool to wear proper coats. I saw a group of kids walking down the street when I was driving home from work at ten p.m.., and they were wearing sweatshirts. Just sweatshirts. Well NO WONDER YOU'RE COLD, STUPID.) 22F at the moment. (Sounds so much more impressive in C... -6, wow!)
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As regards work: OHMYGOD that was boring! We didn't have any Big Deals at our store, we just opened early, so we had the amount of customers to match. Busy, but not insanely so. And for just "busy," we were definitely over-staffed for most of the day. I haven't been that bored since college classes I didn't want to take! ;)

Also, I apparently need to watch a little more closely to how many hours I'm accumulating when I cover peoples' part-time, I'm not allowed to go over 40 hours/week. And this week I'll have gotten up to 39. Whoops.

This means they'll definitely give me the days off when I want them for playing dress-up, right? 'Cause I'm such a good worker? ULTERIOR MOTIVES.

Then I was going to sew, but didn't because O LOOK, it's a Rolling Stones Thanksgiving day after Thanksgiving?? on VH1 Classic! Yeah, gonna watch that instead.

Why I shouldn't watch these things with my mother... )

And one more thing...commercials work, because stupid Guitar Center had a stupid commercial on about how they've got a Fender acoustic (basic cheap model anyway, but still) for a hundred bucks. Plus shipping. I just got paid, and I worked a lot of hours in the past pay period, so it's a pretty good check. HALP HALP DON'T LET ME DO IT! By which I mean...if I do it, don't yell at me too much, 'kay? I mean...I've spent more on fabric.

And effing COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS. I will never get over that. Overpriced much??

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