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Ermagerd an actual blog post on this dress! And an outtake, because those are funnier.

Amanda go boom! xD Also funny: the fact that the riverside park I took pictures in was very close to the biking path and the road, so I had a lot of people looking at me funny today. Got honked at once; turned around and waved in a very dignified manner.

(I admit I love how it looks in pictures - so satin! much shine! so elegance! - but I maintain this satin is too f'ing heavy for a ballgown. For me, anyway. It's a perfect dancing dress for not actually dancing much.)

Blog post has probably too many pictures in the first place, but the rest of them are here, mainly for my own benefit, but in case you want to see more twirling for some reason!

ETA: and of course I had to pick the tree with a boner as background for lots of pictures! Ooops. We'll just hope most people aren't as immature as me?
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Guess what I sewed tonight! (I spent most of the day being not in the house, enjoying the unseasonably cool weather, so not much sewing went on. Low 80s, OMG! Only for today and tomorrow, so I'm making the most of it.) You'll never guess!

I decided I'm going to take advantage of the not-balls-hot weather and squeeze in a costume shoot tomorrow - of the satin 1860s ballgown I made for Gettysburg. My blog post on it is only 9 months late... So I spent my time tonight sewing that line of lace that got ripped off back on. Somehow it contrived to be about three inches too short (okay, sure...), which was annoying but not catastrophic, as I have a whole card of that. Also tacked the lace on the flounce where it ripped in a few places - good thing it's a big hem, so the rips aren't very noticeable - and put on a new bar (the original exploded off when I got dressed, oops).

So, expect productivity tomorrow! :D
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Since Alice has helpfully posted her photos, there are now enough of my own silly face to make a recap not entirely photo-less. Thanks Alice! :D

So! Wednesday night I decided to stay up late and throw together a hood, because suddenly cold was going to be a Thing. (Nobody wants the ones in my shop so I could have worn either of them, but didn't like how they looked with my coat and dresses.) Bulk of it took about an hour (because yay machine sewing!), but measuring and cutting all the strips of rabbit took another hour! So I of course had some sewing to do in Gettysburg, but since I think Katherine was the only one, I didn't feel too bad!

Thursday I headed out to [ profile] sewloud's place around noon, and we managed to shove her, me, [ profile] koshka_the_cat, and alllllll of our stuff into one car. Wheeeee! Who needs to see out the back of their car, right? Katherine got these shots of it...

Onward! Not for the faint of heart! )
And I would like to note that I started writing this post approximately 12 hours ago! Silly Thanksgiving dinner and eternal cleanup! *flops* But hey, now I can sew 1830s without (much) guilt! Still need to get pics of the marquee dress. May in fact wait til the Victorian Christmas tea at Smithville if we're doing that, though. Am bad blogger.

Gettysburg photobucket album here
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Have decided to leave my laptop at home, and I have a dumb!phone, so I'll be back Sunday. Although I might show up in some of [ profile] koshka_the_cat's photos if she posts some. :)

Ballgown is all done (except that I forgot I wanted to put pockets in it, but I don't think I want to enough to do it now), off-the-shoulder chemise now ties with elastic (black, because I'm awesome at matching) and is therefore less strangly, and bardboard soles of ball slippers are glued to the lining that covers them. Should have gotten them all finished, buuuut didn't. Now I get to fumigate the whole cabin with rubber cement. Mwahahaha.

So let's see if I can manage to remember to pack everything! Hmmmmmm.
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Ok, not quite finished the ballgown. I finished the sleeves all fine and dandy, and put the hooks and eyes on the skirt and bodice...and then decided I really don't trust them, and that I do want to in fact sew them together. And felt disinclined to do so today. Technically I need to put it all on yet again for bertha fastenings...but since trying to get in and out of that thing by myself makes me want to murder something, I think I'm going to just sew them on, hope, and remember there are always pins. ;)

And still need the bars on the bodice back for the butt-bow. I've kind of reached saturation point with this dress though. Obvious by the way I'm dragging my feet! So I think I'm going to put ballgown things off for one more day and do other stuff tomorrow. Maybe I'll actually get hooks put on the paletot?? OOOOO.

In other G'burg news, my last oil lamp was delivered today (an antique, with a bit of oil and a wick in, and tonight I couldn't resist and lit it up, and lord help us it smells terrible), I'm going to be repairing my quilt at Gettysburg as some of the squares have reached that point of no return, my ballgown chemise is waaaaay too tight round the shoulders, my wrapper has no belt or fastenings, and I cut the throat too high on my satin dancing slippers and they look dumb. So, you know, that's where we are right now. :D
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But I was very good and worked on it pretty much all day, so I'm very nearly just a day behind schedule. Which, considering my hand-wringing and woefullness from a couple days ago, is not too bad, LOL.

Things we have achieved today: bertha, which I neglected to take a picture of. (Related: I think berthas are stupid. Why not just sew trim on the neckline if you wanted trim on the neckline? Ok, I guess it lends to the droopy round-shouldered 1860s effect. But I still think they're stupid.) Most of sleeves; I decided to wait to put the cuffs on til I suit up in the whole thing to see exactly how tight I want them to be. Have to suit up anyway to mark for bertha fastening and hooks to hold skirt to bodice.

The sleeve overlay is the matching insertion and edging joined together. And I really need to take the basting stitches out of the bodice darts before I forget completely and wear it to the ball like that.

And I finished the sort-of-dumb-looking bow, that I am 100% sure will not lay nicely while being worn, but OH WELL. Will try to remember to fix it for photos, anyway...It would look much nicer if  hadn't bollocksed up the lace at the corners, but I used the rest of that lace up on the sleeve overlay, so it is what it is!

The bertha is tacked onto the bodice, too, and tonight's goal is to sew one last line of lace to the tomorrow all I actually have to do is cuffs and fiddly little finishings. Dare I say it, I might finish tomorrow? We shall see!


15 Nov 2015 12:04 am
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Have decided that the best way to deal with my exploding bodice front is to not deal with it. [ profile] koshka_the_cat reassured me that maybe it's not actually exploding (or that it mightn't explode further), so I'm forging ahead anyway. Forging-ish. All I did today was pin and repin and swear at the bertha, and get one half actually sewn into place. Tomorrow's my last day off before Gettysburg so I really really need to take advantage of that!

And finished Robin's "Unfrortunate Biggins" nightcap, which is how I shall forever refer to it. Thanks, Drunk Me. Machine sewn, which I am positive she'll be completely horrified by. Hey, I hand sewed the edging and ties on?

She told me I look like a sad Pilgrim, which...yeah, okay. It's very entertaining to me how very 16thc this mid-19thc cap is! It's directly taken (well, slightly enlarged, as I don't see the point of a winter nightcap that doesn't cover one's ears) from one of the three mid-19thc cap patterns easily findable online. I forget which magazine, but I know it's 1859 (look it up? nevah! well, not right now. maybe in the proper writeup). I have one for myself, too, but mine's linen and hand sewn, with different lace. Which I ought to be sewing ties on right now. Let me go do that...

Uh oh.

13 Nov 2015 02:45 pm
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So I had put on the ballgown bodice this afternoon, to check the fit of the bertha before I committed to cutting it out of satin...and noticed this fun little action in the front seam.

Um, excuse you. WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, THERE?? I didn't make especially tiny seam allowances, and the bodice isn't under a lot of stress (I did not make it too small, it's boned in every seam, and of course worn over a corset). So I carefully looked over the rest of the bodice, and one of the side-back seams, while not frayed through, also looks extremely suspicious.

Well, fuck.

I won't pretend I'm not a little upset. You might have noticed I've put quite a bit of work into this dress! Of course I can unpick the boning and re-sew those seams relatively easily, but it'll of necessity be such a small seam allowance that I'm sure it'll fray through sooner rather than later (I've put this bodice on, what, maybe three times total?). Even if I had the fabric, which I don't, there's no time to remake the bodice anyway. Essenially, even if I sew up those seams, this looks like it'll be a one-time use dress.

Good thing I didn't sell off the dress of a thousand triangles like I was thinking about. Think I'll go try it on and see just how bad the fit is right now...

ETA: Yes, I can still wear that dress. Have to lace a little tighter than I like, but definitely wearable. I think I'm going to go sew something else for the rest of today; I can't really work on the satin dress with a clear head.
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I was off today, and had a bit of trouble getting myself in gear on the sewing (though I did go to the thrift store and picked up some nice glasses for Gettysburg...must have fine glasswear to be boozin' with! Hee). Didn't get started til mid-afternoon. Did manage to make and pipe both the top and bottom bodice edges, and even more importantly (and also necessarily to do the piping), fitted and sewed the shoulder seam. Back closing bodices are super annoying to fit an off-the-shoulder seam on oneself!

Also got the tails cut and mostly put together - though I put them down in disgust about half an hour ago when I turned one, and realized I'd forgotten to ease the lace at the bottom corners, so there's not enough lace there for the thing to lay flat. Derp. Could rip it all apart and do it again (with a new longer piece of lace I don't have?)...or could just snip out the corners.


And, picture of how the bodice and skirt currently look. Not, in fact, very impressively displayed, but hey, proof I'm not actually just napping. ;)

Tonight on the docket is a row of narrow lace on the skirt, and then I'm allowed to go to bed, since despite not doing as much as I could have today, I'm still on track with my revised schedule. Sew like the wind!
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Pinned the lace onto the skirt to see how far apart I should space them...and IT'S TOO WIDE OH GOD I BOUGHT A HUNDRED DOLLARS WORTH OF LACE I'M NOT GOING TO USE?! *flail*

See, my lace is wider than the lace in my inspirational fashion plate, and while you wouldn't think pretty lace could be too wide...well, in that placement, it is. Clunky and dumb-looking.

Took a deep breath, brought out the card of narrow lace, fussed around with it and the wide lace, and...I fixed it. It'll use more of the narrow lace and only one line of the wide lace instead of two (but then I'll definitely have enough for the bertha, right? HA HA HA), and it's more rows of lace to sew on. And the color difference between the dark ecru narrow lace and the light wide lace will be more obvious now since they're right next to each other - but it doesn't look clunky and stupid, so that's the lesser of the two weevils. I won't be that sad farby person who has more money than taste or sense!


I did chew off a fingernail during this not-crisis, though.

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