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Yaaaaawn. Two weeks. It would be easier if Every. Single. Thing. on this dress didn't fight me every step of the way! It's extremely tiring. I'm already quite sure it won't be finished-finished for ren faire, and now I'm frankly not sure if it'll even be wearable-finished! If it's not, I'm really not that torn up about it; I've been kicking around the idea of entering it in the YWU competition, just to have a deadline to finish up all the bits and pieces. It does fit the "Stepped Out of A Portrait" theme. ;) I'm not usually all that into competitions, but, like I said...another deadline.

What's the problem now? Sleeves. Big surprise, eh what? I can get the mockups to fit fine, but it's the problem inherent in having two nearly-off-the-shoulder garments on top of each other - the gown sleeve moves out past the edge of the kirtle strap, and you can see white shift. Not a problem if I stand still and don't move my arms...which I guess isn't an issue when just posing for a portrait. :P

Anyway, here's some kirtle pictures, which were taken after a lot of YANKING and PINNING and SWEARING at the gown bodice and sleeves, so.
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I think I'm going to check and see if my Venetian gown still fits. Y'know...just in case...


24 Sep 2014 11:59 pm
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Also I bought some (more) bling. My necklaces are being made as we speak (I hope), but do you know how damn hard it is to find a non-cheesy-looking crown brooch, let alone one that looks remotely like the one in the portrait? Well, I gave up on matching the portrait. But even finding a non-awful one has seemed like a tall order, so when I found one today on etsy, I snatched it up. A bit more than I wanted to pay, but since the necklace set was less than I was expecting, it evens out, right?

It's a 1950s brooch, and of course not perfect, but I think it looks pretty nice. Not too cheesy, right? I hope??
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Monday: Finished cartridge pleating the kirtle, and tried it all on so I could mock up and fit the gown bodice. The front of the kirtle skirts need to be unpicked, repleated and resewn, because they hang weirdly, and because if I haven't sewn everything twice on this dress, it's not really done, amirite?

Mocked up and fit the gown bodice successfully. At least we hope so. Also triple-checked my maths as to the cutting of the skirt panels, held my breath, and cut them all out. The upper and lower parts of the sleeve will be pieced together (obviously. Huge waste of fabric otherwise), and one skirt gore will have the pattern running upside down (I'm actually excited it's just one panel), but otherwise I should be all set.

Also cut out all the bodice pieces: top layer in damask, lining in taupe wimpy Joann's silk, and interlining of cotton onasburg. Just because it was laying around and I bought way too much of it.

Tuesday: Sewed the bodice pieces together and started hemming the edges. I decided to go back to 18thc construction methods; I'm so familiar with them, they go much more quickly for me. Don't care any more, wot wot. Still hand sewn! And I would like to note that I want to hand sew everything out of expensive silk damask from now on. It's so pleasant to sew through!

Today: Finished hemming edges, sewed the shoulder straps on the back (will attach to front at next fitting), and sewed the eyelets for the CF lacing. Ugh ugh eyelets. Tomorrow I was planning to work on sleeve mockups, but my period's making me feel barfy, so if that doesn't go away I'm not lacing into that tummy-squisher kirtle tomorrow. Can pick out aforementioned skirt front instead if need be; has to be done anyway!
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I fixed the farthingale today. SO THERE.

(Can I work on some new 18thc middling-class wear? Or a fancy striped anglaise? Or my neoclaasical gown? Or a late 1830s dress? Or a Winterfell dress? Anything but THIS)
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Vaguely grumpy today, as I've started to really think I won't be able to finish K Parr in time for the ren faire. That wouldn't be the end of the world, as obviously wearing it to faire has been relegated to a secondary reason for making it - I'm making it for me, and faire is incidental - but I was still looking forward to preening there, I will admit! I'm a slow sewer, and I won't cut corners on this just to have it done for faire.

Anyway, foresleeves. I finished hemming the slashes (turning the lining and outer fabric edges under and then whipping them together), hemmed the rest of the sleeves, and now I'm sewing the second one together. So they're done apart from puffs and ties. Which I suppose means I have to fix the farthingale tomorrow. Grumble grumble grump.
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Finished the spangles and trim on the second foresleeve today. Now just have to do the pearls! And then line them, and cut the slits for the puffs. And then maybe I'll stop ignoring the farthingale.
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Still ignoring the farthingale problem. Can't make me work on it! :P I will very likely ignore it until I can't get any further on the outfit without fixing it. Finshed sewing all the sparkly bits, pearls, and trim to the right foresleeve, and started on the left.

While watching Game of Thrones. I'm always the last one to the party with these kinds of things, I swear. Just yesterday I swore I was enjoying it, but wasn't obsessed with it...and today at work, somehow all I could think about was making a dress from it! Oops. (Don't worry, not til after K Parr's done.) I love all the King's Landing dresses I've seen made on here and elsewhere, they're beautiful, but I think I want a dress from the North. Much duller colors and rougher materials, but, I dunno, right now they call to me! I like the cold, what can I say.

I'm still only on Season 1, so I reserve the right to change my mind if I fall in love with another gown somewhere down the line. But a Winterfell dress would be very convenient, as I have almost all the materials for one - wool, linen, and more wool! Just maybe some darker fur for the cloak. And the timing would be good, to have it made in time for the snow, to take pretty pictures! So...stay tuned for some Game of Thrones costuming in mid-October. :D
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"I'm going to level the skirt and attach it on my day off." YEAH, OKAY.

Except that nothing is playing nice and I am DISGRUNTLED. (I've been using it all night. Such a great word, that is.)

First off, pro tip: don't store your reed farthingale on its side if you live in a remotely humid climate. It'll warp all out of shape and frustrate you to no end. I don't know who would be dumb enough to do that... *cough* ([ profile] dragoneyes19 has suggested letting it get steamed during a hot shower, which sounds very effective to know, in theory, if I had been that dumb. Ahem.)

I also made the waistband too big - made it to my normal waist measurement, which is apparently almost 3" larger than my kirtle-d measurement. O.o That makes the overlap way too big, which makes the whole farthingale hang weird.

Also, the whole thing is too short. It makes the kirtle skirt "kick back" under the hoop, which is such a farby thing to do. I know better than that!!!

In short, the farthingale needs some fixin's. I'm not in a place any more where I can just shrug and leave them, if I do know how to fix the problems. They're all very do-able (steam the whole thing, take off the waistband, add a piece to the top, and repleat to waistband), but not today. Today I just needed to take a step back from it!

So I proceeded to take it all off, sulk, sulk a bit more, and then finish sewing the pockets and keep spangling the foresleeves while marathoning Outlander, which made me feel quite a bit better about everything, because it's a fun story, because it's got costumes (plaid! yummy cozy wool!), and because that guy is hot. *nods* (I must give credit to [ profile] hiraimi for continuing to nag me to watch it!)
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Tomorrow's my day off, so I'm going to see if I can get the kirtle skirt marked and attach it to the bodice all in one day. I didn't have quite enough time before work today to be getting in and out of that bodice, because it takes forever to do so!

So I mocked up the foresleeves and cut out all the layers: the red damask, taupe silk shantung lining, and the same cotton/linen I used to line the skirt, for the interlining. Pinned them together, and started sewing spangles. Hmm, this seems familiar...
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I decided to finish the kirtle bodice first...because I really wanted to put the skirt on, so if I do the thing I don't want to do first, I'll keep working toward the thing I do want to do. Make sense? :P

Same old song and dance - it's taking longer than I thought it would! First I stitched down the shoulder straps. Then I went around all the bodice edges and tacked them down (up?), because I am so tired of this silk fraying, and I don't trust it with just the one line of stitching that will attach the lining. Then I sewed grosgrain ribbon to the inside of the shoulder straps, to hopefully keep the stretching to a minimum. Now I'm binding the armscye edge - binding because I don't want to lose any more width on the straps. They're already slightly too small for the trim that's going around the neckline, oops.

So now I'm doing a drinky-binding party of one. If it's crooked you'll know why!

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