4 Jul 2017 11:47 pm
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Back from NY - well, we got back yesterday afternoon, but I went to work in the evening and then I went to sleeeeeeeep.

Reading of the Declaration of Independence this morning at the Indian King Tavern, then there was the town parade and then the tavern had an open house, so I was in my 18thc duds for a good few hours today. Pretty hot. There was a breeze outside so not bad in the shade, but I'm in a room on the ground floor for tours and the windows don't open for Security Purposes, so...hot in there! Some dude in a bad Jack Sparrow costume showed up to the reading - not associated with us, and it was weird. (Like...what does Jack Sparrow have to do with Independence Day?? Come on now.)

And then it started raining on our usual local fireworks, so they set them off before it was quite dark, before the rain got any heavier! We were still driving to the park, so we just pulled into a bank parking lot and got a perfect view while staying dry. Win-win.
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Well, not that it isn't fun to make something new for an event...obviously I adore last-minute sewing! But sometimes it's nice to just pull from ye olde costume closet and drive five minutes down the road! Well, five minutes down the road from me. A little more for [personal profile] robinsnest  and [personal profile] miss_philomena ! (But it has been officially dubbed an excellent costume-shoot location; if one building isn't of the right date for your dress, just walk down a few houses!)

We invaded the (long-suffering, no doubt) Indian King tavern again today; there was a guest speaker/interpreter who gave a presentation on tea in the 18th century. Very interesting, but a little long. We then wandered over to the perennial favorite, The British Chip Shop, for a meal, and then strolled round Haddonfield's lovely historic downtown. Took pictures and got honked at all up and down Kings Highway, which was very amusing. And then treated ourselves to some really delicious gelato, which will ensure all present parties can be bribed to return. Yum, indeed.

Got rained on a bit here and there, but nothing too damaging, and temperature-wise it was just about ideal for costume-wearing! Robin and Adrienne both had new dresses, which were properly documented; I wore my old traffic-light-striped silk, since it was Silk Sunday (as we determined). I still like that dress though! Robin finished her dress that we'd started last weekend for our demo at the tavern, so it was fun to get pictures of it in the tavern! Especially fun since there were a few visitors in the crowd that had been there for our demo, so they got to see the dress finished on a person.
in front of a dinosaur sculpture
We couldn't be in Haddonfield and not visit the town dinosaur!

three people on front porch of 18thc tavern
A slightly more traditional setting.

ghosts in the mirror
And a shot that I couldn't resist playing with in photobucket editor! Ghosts in the mirror! ;)

Adrienne and Robin both took a bunch of photos of us misbehaving about town, so I'll just link their albums here, for my own ease. And I'm sure they'll both post more detailed dress writeups, so I won't natter on any more here!

OH, and I exploded my stays. Um, oops? I was undressing and Robin was like...uhhh I see your shift in a place I shouldn't... Right side seam started splitting under the arm. Could re-sew, but new 1770s stays were on the docket anyway; now they just got bumped up the list! Good thing I don't have any 1770s events for the rest of the year...

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Hmm, I might not have taken yesterday as a free day if I'd both looked at the weather forecast (spring! I want to play outside!) and remembered that I had an open house at the Indian King today. So, no painting time today, and very little if any tomorrow, since mom and I are going to the shore for the day (we aren't often free the same days so when we are we like to hang out!). Ooops. But back to the grindstone on Monday, I promise!

Open house at the IKT was a 18thc chocolate-making demonstration - from the Betsy Ross house, none of us are that knowledgeable LOL - and I was happy to stand and yap at people since I got a cup of 18thc-style chocolate out of it! Noms. Wore the cross-barred wool, as that's still fun and new, and because the sleeve ruffles happened to be still basted in that and I was running late this morning. *shifty eyes*
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I was in 18thc today for the Indian King from 7-10 this morning (some town-wide gathering thing where sites and businesses had tables set up for some local news show team to come around and talk to The Citizens...no, no one interviewed us, because history is boring). I wore my unlined cotton jacket and two linen petticoats (and underpinnings, natch), and by 8.30 the jacket had to come off. I had plenty of water and we were in the shade, but it should Not Be That Hot by 8.30am!

I hate summer.

Getting up at 6 to dress completely effed up my day, anyway - I work in the evenings and get up late and stay up late - 6am really throws off my schedule! I tried to resist the lure of the nap, but failed miserably. So, basically no sewing today besides what I did in costume this morning!
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In pictures! Well, a very few pictures.

Saturday was Indian King Tavern in sadly under-trimmed Brunswick. I didn't have time to really get pictures before I went in the morning, and then when I got back the sun had moved into a bad place for pictures anywhere in the yard! I tried.

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Well, I don't think we were a complete failure, haha! Although I don't know if anyone noticed we kept chucking the contents of the slop bowl out the window... ;) Not onto passers-by, promise. Mainly because I forgot the tea strainer so there were a fair amount of dregs to keep dumping.

[livejournal.com profile] blackcat452, [livejournal.com profile] hiraimi, [livejournal.com profile] sewloud and I were joined by Eliza and her friend Caitlin to put on a tea demonstration for the tavern. Would have been nice if we'd had the same temperature as last weekend, but, alas, we were a little toasty. Everybody was a good sport about it though. I refused to attempt to make anything homemade (I still remember those burnt fingers! Oven and I are in a tiff) so I hit up Wegmans' baked goods section, but Jessica made some NOMMY gingerbread from a period recipe, and if it had been remotely possible to eat the entire plate, I would have. And cream. Delish!

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Happy 4th!

4 Jul 2015 11:13 pm
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Did my stint at the Indian King Tavern this morning (in my print cotton jacket again). Would have gotten pictures, but for only the second time ever, my stays made me sick, so I ended up leaving early and clawing most of my layers off in the parking lot before my five-minute drive home. I didn't lace any more tightly than I usually do, and I've survived far hotter weather in them, so that was mystifying and unpleasant.

Recovered from that, I decided it's high time to reorganize my patterns; both my commercial and draped-by-me patterns are exploding out of the current spaces in which they're contained, which is...not helpful. My patterns are going into the binders the commercial patterns were in, and the commercial patterns...well, they're going to have to wait for the boxes I haven't actually ordered yet. I've gotten through Regency and 18thc, and so far only have one unidentified floating sleeve piece. I'm pretty sure it's a half of my chemise gown sleeve...but where's the other one? I DO LOVE A GOOD MYSTERY.

And I wore one of my Butterick Retro dresses - it's blue and white stripe so I felt terribly patriotic with a red ribbon in my hair. :) We went to see the fireworks, and got the added bonus of a Dude-Bro With A Guitar, the usual screamin' me-me's, and lots of bats.

I actually did like the bats...
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I was pretty wiped Saturday night (10-3.30 in costume, and work at the J 5-10, with a huuuuuge sale set) so I didn't post...and also I only got two pictures of me, neither at the actual event. Ooops, sorry. It sort of felt unprofessional to bug people to get pictures of me on my own camera, though. (Me, a professional? LOL.) I will definitely get to wear this jacket again, though, so I'll try harder next time!

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Behold the Last-Minute Apron! I'm very fond of it and am glad I decided to neglect my other duties and make it.

And now I'm rambling. Shall I try to cut it short? I was off today, and as it was really lovely weather, spent the afternoon with mom and grandmom by a local creek. They played Scrabble and I sewed tucks, while we listened to the clackity-clackity-brrring! of a typewriter nearby! I'd laugh at the young man using it for being a hipster, but as I was sewing an 18-teens dress by hand myself, I couldn't laugh much. (Who's the hipster now, eh?)

So I finished my tucks on the skirt tonight, wahoo! and hopefully haven't made it shorter than intended. The measurements still check out, but you know how that goes...

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First off, I finished the apron and dropped off my volunteer form to the IKT today, and remembered to ask about the Quaker thing...basically, this was a very Quaker town in 1777, is that a Thing we're doing? And the answer was, in short, no. Was relieved at not having to whip up a Poop Colored Dress in the next week, but also bewailed a lost research opportunity, because it's me. May do some finagling down the line, but I'll wait and see if they really are going to put me in charge of Things.

(The director still doesn't seem to quite believe that I'm willing to take on their Horrible Costume Closet, which amuses me. I suppose I should explain it to her like so: this is the sort of thing I wanted to do as a job, before I realized that no one will pay me to do it, as I don't have the paper or the legitimate experience or the connections. But volunteer standards are much less exacting!)

So. Since I'm pretty well set up for my First Appearance next weekend (oh god they're going to think I'm a dillweed aren't they), I thought I'd start being smart and working on my Tall Ships outfit. Last night I went on a relative shopping spree at Renaissance Fabrics that began with silk for a new bonnet. Hey, I only bought one piece of fabric that was completely superfluous! And it's silk so it folds up small. ;) I want a Moar Obnoxious Bunnit to go with this outfit - 1812-15, one of those tall-ish numbers with bows in silly places.

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Boring sleeve ruffles finished; just have to tack them into the sleeves. I also dug out a piece of linen I've had set aside for an apron for years. Told myself I was not allowed to work on the apron til I finished the sleeve ruffles, and, amazingly, that worked.

Plan to pop over to the Indian King Tavern tomorrow to hand in my paperwork, and see what I can determine about this Quaker business. (Also nosed through the Stash and found two or three fabrics that would in fact suit for plain dress if need be. This is why I should never discourage myself from buying sale fabric, right? You never know!)

And yes, I am in fact ignoring that hoop petticoat.

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