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Still giving the old sewing finger a break, so I did a bit more etsy-work - took off the exceptionally terrible waistband on my old 1840s flounced petticoat and put in a drawstring. Less correct but presumably more sell-able. I haven't done 1840s in years (my one dress is now defunct), and if I ever do it again I'll make less shitty petticoats! So that is hopefully going bye-bye. Which would be good because it takes up a damn lot of room.

I decided to try and get the short hoop out of the way as much as possible (since, hey, that's not hand sewing, right?). Got the last casing sewn on, sewed on the waistband, and boned all but one channel. I was really hoping the cutters I bought once upon a time for hoop boning would work, but no dice. Hoop steel was heavier but white steel is wider, so these aren't cutting it (hurr hurr hurr). I'm just about out of plastic whalebone anyway, so it appears a order order.

Somewhat related to sewing: I decided ages ago (like when I got the tickets) that I wanted, nay, needed a new dress for the Dita von Teese show, found some fun embroidered net on ebay, and cheerfully bought it. I'm off this weekend, so I figured it's high time to crank that dress out...and then last night I went on Unique Vintage and found the exact dress I was going to make, on clearance, for $35. So I bought it. xD Alright, it isn't the exact dress, but it's pretty darn close! The embroidery on the net's a little finer, and the black skirt's a little shorter, but those are the exact sleeves I was going to do...and $35 is well worth a cute dress! (And I won't mind having two dresses of similar fabric, when I get around to using my and I have tickets to the Pennsylvania Ballet season this year, so I need fancy dresses. ;) )
unique vintage cocktail dress

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I finished sewing the hooks and bars on this afternoon before work, but didn't quite have enough time to suit up and start fussing with fit, so indulged in flights of fancy re: my planned turn-of-the-century wardrobe. (My Voice of Fashion and Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns and Tailoring Techniques books arrived yesterday, so that helped with the distraction. The latter may be a bit beyond me, but I never mind having something to work up to, and at the very least the pattern shapes will be helpful!) I sincerely doubt I'll have time to throw a dinner dress into the mix, but it's very amusing to plan out!

Tonight I intend to get the buttons sewn on the beige bodice (yes, buttons over hooks...after testing out hooks and bars vs buttons for years, I've come to the conclusion that I generally prefer hooks to fasten tight-fitting victorian bodices! Much less annoying to do up! And then slap the buttons on top), which was delayed by my putting the buttons away while cleaning up a while back. Never put stuff away!

Also: spent money today I totally shouldn't have. But Dita von Teese added Philadelphia to her touring schedule this fall, and the pre-sale went up today...and I just couldn't not go! I'm much more of an enthusiast of Dita's style than necessarily burlesque in general (I think it's cool! but I wouldn't call myself an enthusiast), but I wouldn't turn down an opportunity to see Queen Dita! I texted a college friend who's also a fan..."can we turn this opportunity down??" "NO WE CANNOT!" I'll be going with her on September 15th. Woo!

(Well I think I need a new dress...!)

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Ok, didn't quite get the painted petti hemmed yet...I had a couple of things I needed to shop for (or "needed" to shop for, like my ice skates for my birthday party), and then somehow I ended up spending 45 minutes on Sock Dreams' website picking out Christmas presents! Well, 'tis the season to start thinking about those, so I don't really consider it wasting time...heh.

AND I got my Dames a la Mode sparklies in the mail today! I literally tripped up my steps after getting the mail I was so excited, haha. No pics til I wear them with the ballgown I still haven't started, eek. The ball is two weeks from Friday... (Also still owe Taylor a petticoat for those. Um. Sew like the wind!) Well, Robin's got her bonnet safely so at least there's that!
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In my defense, I haven't gone on a fabric-buying binge in quite a while (in costume lengths, that is. 2 and 3 yard pieces for modern dresses don't count!), so I don't feel too bad. I am, however, banned from buying any more for the rest of the year! (Although I will make an exception right now for my 10th high school reunion in November, because I need to look hot for that and that may well warrant a new cocktail dress.)

[ profile] bauhausfrau happened to post this morning that FabricMart was having a sale, is what I'm saying... (actually, they still are, and there are still currently 3 or 4 nice taffetas in the $12-13/yd range! They should go to good homes!) Between the yellow faille...and the rainbow trout voile, and the striped taffeta that somehow ended up in my shopping cart at the same time as the voile...and the lime green taffeta that I bought today along with a couple yards of hot pink/orange shot to trim it and make some truly horrible 1860s or 70s Thing...


I should probably get around to sprucing up those few costume pieces I've been meaning to repair, etc. so I can put them up in my shop, huh. (Yes, yes I should.)

Aaaanyway, I mostly did some cleanup in my etsy shop today, since I've been neglecting it the last couple months. Got the new wooden fans listed, and finally came to terms that no matter what I do with this yellow 18thc hat I'm going to hate it, so just finish it and freaking list it already! To that end, sewed a couple feathers on it, and just need to stick a stupid little bow on it, and then I can list that too.
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Still nice weather today (the 90-degree weather is coming!!), so I sat on our front lawn, under the giant sycamore, and sewed this afternoon. I really should have been doing this all along when the weather allows; not least because it keeps me off the computer and all the things that distract me on the internet!

Started attaching the skirt to the bodice; the flat front's done, and one half of the back is gathered and mostly sewn on.

And I bought a bunch of trims at work today, for stashing. Well, clearance was half off, what can I say? Red marabou, brown marabou, black and white striped cording, and some flat gold braid that might not be too cheesy to use (at the J? shocking I know) was 40 cents a yard so if I decide it's awful, not much money wasted! And I was quite good; the only clearance fabric I bought was two bolts of cheap ugly prints for mockup fabric. (I can't even bring myself to buy the cheap Joann muslin on sale at this point; it's so, so awful!)
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Things accomplished today: Room booked at Gettysburg for Remembrance Day weekend in November! Well, technically two miles southeast of Gettysburg. Whatever. That's what I get for waiting so long, I know! Me and [ profile] dragoneyes19 are gonna have a party!

And by "party" I mean place to crash around 9pm on the Saturday after walking around all day.

Oh, and please discourage me from buying fabric! There's some that has really caught my eye, and I need help resisting.

And by "discourage" I mean "tell me I'm never going to find that fabric again and I should jump on it RIGHT NOW."

Too late. BOUGHT IT. So there will be a new dress for the 2013 Francaise Dinner after all (the Not-Plaid dress is still waiting for the perfect fabric)! If it's as nice as it looks in the picture, it's so worth the price. Hooray impulse buy!

Black lace

9 Jul 2012 10:09 pm
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So...I went to my local fabric store in search of lace to use on the neckline of the chemise gown.

No luck, but I somehow ended up with lace anyway. A LOT of lace. Unnecessary amounts of lace. Lace totally unrelated to chemise gowns in general. 5 1/2" wide black lace, about 80 yards of it. Or so the guy at the counter told me, and I see no reason to disbelieve him (nobody actually measured it, he just guessed at how much he'd sold of the roll. One of those places, and I love it).

It was just calling out to be used on a bustle gown. All black, of silk and cotton velvet (because I have them) - see, I knew that black jewelry presented itself for a reason!

Anyway, I would not be averse to selling some of it off - I do plan to use it pretty liberally on this newly-planned bustle gown, but I don't think I need 80 yards of it! If anybody's interested, let me know! It's poly, but a decent poly, with a medium-stiff hand. $1.25/yd.

And even if nobody's interested, that's fine, I'm still showing it off, because I'm always pleased when I find good lace that doesn't have those wretched enormous cabbage roses on it!!

Read more... )
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Again. I was in Jo-ann's, just wandering around -- I went in for a spool of thread. Well, I did get that...

And a bunch of things that appealed to my inner magpie in the red tag section: "OOO SHIIINY!" It was bad, especially as I was on an "I can use that for this pattern I just ordered! I can never have too many vintage-style dresses!"

Actually, the first thing that completely derailed the I WILL BE GOOD train was this fleece...

New blankie for my bed? Don't mind if I do! I think I saw it and actually made an excited high-pitched squeaky sound out loud. Hey, I can always use another blanket in this damn cold house.

Proudly showed it off to my family, and my mom made this face..."I liked your old blanket better." Oh my GAWD, mom, I madly love the Beatles, GET OVER IT, 's'not gonna change!

The other damages, for the record, were some red/gold/black brocade, grey linen blend, green linen blend (BRIGHT), teal linen (also very BRIGHT), and black not-too-cheap-and-polyester-ey taffeta. (That's going to be a new dress for work, from one of the VV patterns I ordered. I am sick to death of all my black clothes!)
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Well, I did say there would be "LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT!!" posts...

Okay, I haven't bought any yet, but Vintage Vogue patterns are on sale for $5.99 on the site (and the clearance ones are $5 - don't know for how long), and, well...temptation. "I still need that one...and that one and that one..." I know it's not as good as Jo-ann's pattern sales, but my local Jo-ann's pattern selection has been getting crappier and crappier. I'm pretty sure they just don't bother to restock some of them, so lots of patterns are just not there or only in size very large, which is not so much helpful for yours truly. :P So...I'm not going to wait around for a Jo-ann's pattern sale!



26 Dec 2010 03:56 pm
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(I did get money for Christmas, what?)

Was poking around, because I haven't done that in a while, and I've got a bit of Christmas money that wants to be spent! (Yes, I decided to spend it. I'M HELPING THE ECONOMY.) Somewhat surprisingly, I didn't find much that grabbed my attention and said BUY ME, but I did notice their tropical weight wool suitings are $3.49/yd. Okay, only the boring and kind of ugly neutral browns are left (I got the last of the taupe), but with a coupon, I got eleven yards of wool for $32, and that's not something I'm complaining about! I'm sure I can find something to do with taupe wool! Hmm, maybe the Poe dress does want to be brown instead of black... *ponders*

(You're welcome.)

Also, snow. I very very much doubt I'm going to be able to get to work tomorrow, if they're even open. I fully anticipate another day off...which would be nice because then maybe I would actually SEW SOMETHING instead of buying more fabric I need like I need a hole in the head!

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