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Sort of! I tacked the puffs of china silk onto my cap - planning to do my shoot of the chintz dress Friday morning so I wanted to get that out of the way...even though it's got enough powder and pomatum on it from just one wearing to be kinda icky already. Mostly because said powder is pink. ;) I feel precisely no inclination to add onto/fix the tucker right now, but maybe tomorrow I'll decide that's an awesome idea? Seems doubtful. Photos can still go ahead sans tucker, so, whatever.

Also dug through my bin of "everyday" fabric and was moderately ruthless in culling to put up in the shop. Took pics of all of them, and measured half of them (ugh, so boring), so hopefully I can get at least five of them listed tomorrow. Probably nothing to excite anyone here, but I sold all the ugly little pieces of silky poly fairly quickly when I put them up! So hopefully these will move too, because the piles are getting dangerous!

Plus I'm making a deal with myself that I can't buy fabric for the Currently Secret But Probably Not Secret Once I Get the Fabric Project til I sell a few things on etsy! ;)

(Somewhat related: it occurred to me that if I don't finish the Hell Dress, this project would be fine for the "fancy dress" ball as well. This is a terrible justification, but I think I'm taking it.)
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Or a wedding cake-thing to wear on my head. Either-or.

Keep in mind it'll be worn much closer to vertical with the Big Hair, but that's basically impossible to display on a little foam head! Just use your imagination. ;)

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Ought to be working on trimming the dress, but I've decided to take time out to make myself a new skirt instead...I'm going out to a nice restaurant on Saturday to celebrate a college friend's birthday, and I am TIRED OF EVERYTHING I OWN. And considering the truly terrifying amount of fabric I have, I'd do much better to sew something than go shopping!

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Done, actually! I'll get pics of it tomorrow in daylight. It's fairly ridiculous and looks vaguely like a wedding cake. You know that "fluff" isn't really my thing, but I'm enjoying this hat, I admit!

Now I guess I should probably get back to trimming that dress...
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I didn't quite finish the hat today; sewing day with other people is kind of counterproductive to actually sewing with me! But I thoroughly enjoy a good stitch-n-bitch, so I'm not complaining. ;)

Current state of the absurd cupcake/idiot doughnut (though I promise it's not that yellow in natural light):
partly trimmed 18thc hat
Still to put on: blue and white paper roses, a bow under the brim at the back of the hat, and a bow at the back of the hat on top of the brim!

hat time

18 Mar 2017 11:48 pm
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Working on the hat seemed like the path of least resistance today, haha. And I got my paper roses in the mail so I now have everything I need for it! I didn't get a whole lot of actual sewing done, but I did a lot of hemming and hawing and peering at the hat while I laid various things on top of it, so it counts as productive to me!

And I did get one of my strips of organza gathered up and pinned on - the one I decide to put on the underside of the brim. Can't have too much fluff! I also wadded up some batting inside a tube of the blue currently looks like an idiotic "medieval" head-doughnut you see at renfairs, but I'm going to scrunch it down a bit! Hopefully it won't look quite so stupid after I scrunch it...

Pinned fluff:
underside of hat trimming in progress

Idiot head-doughnut, because I can't tell you about something like that and not give you a picture:
idiot head-doughnut
(Yes, it goes on top of the hat. No, I haven't lost my mind! Probably. With a puff of organza in the center I almost promise it'll look less deranged.)

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- Finished covering the straw hat. I also dug out a very little bit of sky-blue taffeta from the silk-scrap-bag to use for hat trimming; I decided that since the ratio of colored taffeta vs fluffy organza trim on the hat will be rather low, it's silly to spend for a full yard if I've got something that will work. I don't like it quite as much as my to-purchase options, but it'll do. I also ordered a yard of white striped organza last night for the cap. It's coming from India so if it isn't here by a certain date, I'll have to order some plain organza. But I can wait a bit on that, since all my options for nice organza are US-based and ship quickly!

- Sewed half a seam on the chintz bodice.

- Threw a fit over the printer choosing a very inopportune moment to stop working, as they always do. Printers are total assholes.

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Cleaned up (as much as I want, which is not all that much) for sewing day tomorrow, and got some more odds and ends put away.

I tacked the chiffon scarf onto the 1790s hat so I could put it away without losing the scarf (the feathers would have had to be detatched for storage anyway, so no point in putting them on now) and took some rather shoddily-considered-background pics of it:

The 'tail' of the scarf is in fact intended to hang off like see it in a fair number of 1790s hats-with-scarves, and it looks fairly dorky but I like it. :D

I also put three more rows of cording in the 1830s petticoat, so it may be 2/3 done. I say "may" because I'm not entirely certain 6 more rows will make it as short as I want it to be, but we'll see!
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So! Apart from tacking on the scarf, the hat's all done, and I have a really horrible laptop pic to prove it!

(I was wearing it around all afternoon, and could I remember to get a pic of it then? Naturally, no.) Decided to trim it with my green and red shot taffeta rather than the green and brown shot shantung, mainly because I could just rip strips of the taffeta with no hemming. xD Also finished painting the flats - I got tired of painting after 7 coats I think! Still a little streaky but not from general eyeball-height. The heels, I think, can wait; I'm not sure I don't want a yellower green that I currently have.

And the robe?Let's chat about the robe )
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It's too early to sulk about my picnic on Saturday being rained out...but I am obsessively checking the forecast and eyeballing it VERY suspiciously. (Currently 62* and 90% chance of rain, which is...not good, Bob.) Maybe I don't have to worry about finishing the open robe...but too early to call that.

Anyway. I was rather lazy today sewing-wise (although FFC is having a sale on cottons and I might've indulged myself a bit, with vintage dresses in mind! some very pretty cotton-silk voile on there!). I finished sewing the hat together last night, though I still have to finish stitching down the lining. Blocked it by holding it in place with some wine bottles (yes, really...), and we have this:

And I got my Dharma order today, and felt the need to immediately cut the big square of chiffon for the scarf and try it on. And it does look cute if I do say so myself! Although the cheap-ass straw immediately snagged a couple of threads, because of course it did. Also put the first coat of paint on my Payless Regency shoes - I'll probably paint both the kitten heels and the flats this week, although since the heels are fabric, if there's any chance of underfoot squishiness they won't get worn.
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As promised.

I apparently am to the point of "if only this trim would sew itself on", so I finished my silk cap before dragging my butt over to the waiting birds. (Donwanna!)

Shown with The Worst approximation of 18thc hair ever, in the dark. Since I didn't think to get a picture of it til tonight, despite proceeding to wear it all day after finishing it, because that's how I roll. And I'm suspecting that the intended hair powder for this outfit might be just wasting my hair powder, lol! Especially the pink. We shall see.

Burds in every direction.

I started hemming another fluffy cap for the shop, then somewhat unwillingly started attaching strips of voile to the edge of the bird trimming for the sleeves, and putting gathering stitches in it all.

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