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I bought one more attempt at navy flannel for the bathing costume, since the FFC wool sale goes through tonight...and if it shows up and is also not flannel/ too heavyweight, I will give up my somewhat ridiculous quest and use the backup fabric I also bought! (Needed a certain amount to get free shipping, as usual, so...might as well. And if all other use fails, well, I do need to step up my school-appropriate wardrobe sewing and I'm attempting to transfer my natural-fibre-snobbery to my everyday wardrobe as well as my costumes, so I can use it for that.)

In sewing news, I finished the long skirt apart from fastenings and the pocket that I just now remembered that I forgot! I have a tendency to make skirts a titch too short, so I made this one longer...unsurprisingly it's now a titch too long. Typical. It's quite floor-length, which I don't love, personally. Not long enough that I want to take off the binding and shorten it, though, so I'll just have to hoik my skirt when I walk. ;)

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Just finished binding the long skirt to go with the rational dress (so, the less-rational part of the dress? haha). I know I should be using wool braid, but I'm still too cheap to shell out for it, so I've continued the tradition I started with the plaid silk dress, and just used strips of wool fabric on the straight. I know it won't wear as well but my 1860s dresses really don't get that much wear, so. It's strips of a weird, sort of ugly, waffle-weave blue-and-brown mid-weight wool that I probably will never actually use so I don't mind devoting some of it to hem binding.

And I got my FFC wools today, woot woot!
Navy and white check: very nice! Would be hard to resist starting on the early '80s dress I want to make from it right now if I wasn't still dead chuffed with how the beige print turned out; thankfully that temptation isn't overpowering.
Blue and ivory lightweight stripe: reasonably nice for a blend. It didn't give percentages but burn test says it's definitely more wool than poly. Probably 60, maybe 70% wool. It doesn't pleat nicely though, just from scrunching it up in my hands, so I may not do the "sack" back variation of the tea gown. Will have to mull that over. Definitely adequate for my tea gown for Belvidere though.
Midnight navy flannel: is...not flannel. I'm not sending it back, because it's a really lovely, deliciously soft and drapey lightweight wool that I may or may not be cuddling with at this very moment...but it's decidedly a plain twill, not a flannel. I haven't quite decided whether to use it for the bathing costume yet...pros: it is a nice lightweight 100% wool that won't itch at all, and this is already bathing costume fabric length #2, cons: but it isn't flannel! I really wanted flannel! might be too nice for a bathing costume that's going to get abused by the salt water and sand, I'd hate to ruin such a nice wool. Hmmmmmmm.

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Primary accomplishments for today including doing most of my giant pile of laundry, and buying fabric I didn't remotely need. That's what happens when you're responsible for putting away new fabric...
red and white printed fabric
Sad picture is's off-white ground with a much brighter red print than the pic. Time for a new Regency dress, y/y?

(It's not actually time for a new Regency dress. But I'm madly jealous of everyone who did the 1812 event in Halifax this past weekend, and it's been ages since I've made anything early 19thc, so I couldn't resist snapping this fabric up! Maybe I'll have time for it next year...)

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Anybody happen to have a source for white cotton organdy besides pure_silks? I sort of forgot I wanted an organdy petti (or at least an organdy-backed ruffle on a plain cotton petti) for my 1898 outfit, and I'm kind of out of time to have it shipped from India. Not the heirloom $50/yd type, cheaper would be better here.

(I did find a UK-based seller on ebay so if no one pipes up that shouldn't be a problem. Just wondering!)
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So, for those of you who don't know, this is me with my fabric stash.

I have, however, finally reached a tipping-point and after my last fabric purchase ("found better 1882 dinner dress fabric! but really must then sell original dinner dress fabric if I'm going to buy the new one. also, yay squirreling away some random fabric for an 1850s dress!") made myself go through the Stash (that I should probably call the Hoard if we're being quite honest) with a fine-tooth comb to find a few pieces to sell off. A very few, when compared to what is still piled up, it's piled more neatly? *curls up on top of wool stack and tries not to look dragonish*

Posting them here first to give you all first dibs - if there's no interest I shan't be offended! It'll go up on etsy in a few days if nobody wants it here. Price is for the piece + shipping...I won't cut up yardage except for the one striped sateen. Paypal only, please! Message me with your zip code if you'd like to get a shipping estimate first, as some of these yardages fold up small and some...don't.

(And those are sun-and-shade lighting issues in some of the pics, not weird fade marks, I promise! My only space big enough for pics is lighting-challenged...)

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I might add a few more plain-cotton-types to the sale pile in the next few days, but this is kind of annoying to put together and I don't know if I feel like digging through that box, so...maybe not. ;)
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Not much sewing time today, other than alterations for the same lady I used to do them for (we hates them, precious, but we likes money. Also I find it amusing that she thinks I do such awesome work, while it's reaaaaally in fact not that great), as I've been putting them off all week but really need to get them out of the way.

And then I promptly spent the alterations-money-I-haven't-got-yet on an adorable kitty print we just got in at the J, because I saw it and suddenly had a burning, insatiable need for a set of cat pajamas. Which I intend to make this coming week, so I can wear them now that the weather's cooled off at night, and so I don't have to figure out where the hell to stuff 4 yards of cat print into the stash...


(I think not being allowed a cat in this apartment is really getting to me...)

Anyway. If I get the alterations and 1880 print bodice all done this weekend, I will allow myself to work on some kind of nice fall-ish vintage dress next week (along with the pajamas), since now that we're finally getting cool nights, I'm very in the mood for WOOLS and PLAIDS and AUTUMN TONES! Buuut only if I get that damn bodice done!
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- Mailed out the rest of the etsy things, so I am now all caught up.

- Remembered why I put the plaid linen apron aside. TOO much flat felling! With tiny tiny fold-overs, about 1/16"! Annoying! Swore I would finish it though, so I will. Grumbling all the while.

- Got my other extravagant silk purchase in the mail today! I enjoy how prompt these companies are. The horrible green is very horrible indeed; a most virulent shade of chartreuse. I am very pleased. xD The chartreuse, hot pink (to potentially accent the chartreuse) and ivory (small piece, because that's all they had left) are fairly soft, as taffetas go, but the 2.25y of black is much stiffer, like a taffeta really ought to be if it possibly can. Still, all in all very pleased with my new silks! *snuggles*
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In my defense, I haven't gone on a fabric-buying binge in quite a while (in costume lengths, that is. 2 and 3 yard pieces for modern dresses don't count!), so I don't feel too bad. I am, however, banned from buying any more for the rest of the year! (Although I will make an exception right now for my 10th high school reunion in November, because I need to look hot for that and that may well warrant a new cocktail dress.)

[ profile] bauhausfrau happened to post this morning that FabricMart was having a sale, is what I'm saying... (actually, they still are, and there are still currently 3 or 4 nice taffetas in the $12-13/yd range! They should go to good homes!) Between the yellow faille...and the rainbow trout voile, and the striped taffeta that somehow ended up in my shopping cart at the same time as the voile...and the lime green taffeta that I bought today along with a couple yards of hot pink/orange shot to trim it and make some truly horrible 1860s or 70s Thing...


I should probably get around to sprucing up those few costume pieces I've been meaning to repair, etc. so I can put them up in my shop, huh. (Yes, yes I should.)

Aaaanyway, I mostly did some cleanup in my etsy shop today, since I've been neglecting it the last couple months. Got the new wooden fans listed, and finally came to terms that no matter what I do with this yellow 18thc hat I'm going to hate it, so just finish it and freaking list it already! To that end, sewed a couple feathers on it, and just need to stick a stupid little bow on it, and then I can list that too.


3 Jul 2016 11:40 pm
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- I did indeed finish my 1940 lemon print dress. Wore it today, thought it was very cute, and didn't take any pictures of it. Oh well.

- Got my faille yesterday in the mail - very pleased, it's very yellow indeed. I wanted it for maybe an 18th century Thing but we'll see. Not something I remotely needed! xD

- I got my correct swatch in the mail yesterday - the sparkles are actually made of little flat bits of metal rather than spangles (just like the original inspiration for this dress). Yay! Went to order it this evening - sold out. Not Pleased. You know, if you'd sent me the correct freakin' swatch originally, it wouldn't have been sold out! Grumble grumble grump. (It comes in a red colorway as well, but it's $7 more/yard for some reason, and I don't like it nearly as much as the blue. Yes, they got a cranky email from me.) Back to the drawing board.

- I shouldn't go fabric shopping when I'm still miffed about not getting the original fabric I wanted. I tend to, uh, acquire fabric for consolation purposes! To be fair, fabric is a GREAT consolation...
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We had Sewing Day at Robin's yesterday (which was very nice; I finally got to see The New House and meet the Furry Terrorist, who absolutely is a terrorist but a very sweet and extremely fluffy one), which was both good and bad for my productivity. I got the 1830s petticoat all finished (good), got Robin's net mitts cut out (good), and got massively distracted with ALL the costuming plans (bad)!

I was thiiiiis close to buying more voile today for an early 1880s dress for Belvidere (it's not til September but somehow there was much planning and sewing for it yesterday!), but I thought it over a bit more and decided there's other fabric out there that I'd rather have. I have a beige-ground floral print that's been intended for a natural form Thing for a couple of years, and there's really no reason I can't use that. Look at me, actually being all practical!

(Yes, til I buy the other fabric I decided I want, heh.)

I got my swatch of potential 1830s ballgown fabric in the mail today - except it was a swatch of upholstery weight heathered brown fabric, which was not the swatch I was looking for. Ummm plz to be sending me the correct swatch, thx. Unless your website picture is WAY misleading...

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