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Second Boer War, to be specific.

(The Facebook event just said "Boer War", mind you, with no dates. Apparently this is colloquial for the second war...but as 1/ we didn't know this til yesterday as that's when the park put up the event description, and 2/ none of us have c.1900 summer dresses anyway...we cheerfully assumed it was the first war in the early 1880s, as that's what we have clothes for. As assumed...nobody cared. *grin*)
boer war 1
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Robin's flickr album here

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Oooh I'm so posty! Well, made much easier by the fact that neither of them were about new dresses, just the events that I didn't have time to write up while I had my summer class. They're not terribly exciting (and mostly already recapped here), but here's the Reading air show post, and the Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion picnic.

I also did end up sewing a bit this afternoon: sewed the closures on the waistband, tacked up the swags of striped fabric, and started marking/sewing the tapes/elastics into the skirt. Got that about half done, and should probably be able to finish that tomorrow. After that I may derail the dinner dress sewing train for a day or so, just to finish off the pin-dot 1940 dress that has been draped over the back of a chair for three weeks (that I was reminded of tonight because I wrote out the Reading post)! Or maybe not. Heh. It's definitely warm enough to wear it now...

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That's the mid-Atlantic air museum, to you - and we only went Sunday! Next year we really ought to go Saturday, just because the regiments have to start packing up at 5 on Sunday, so it's not really a full day. There's also a dance Saturday night but I don't care as much about that because I'm a horrible dancer (it's a good thing I didn't actually live in Ye Oldey Timey Times in the past couple of hundred years when dances were such an important part of socializing...).
5 ladies in front of ww2 plane
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So...we're definitely going back next year, and we're definitely going Saturday, and I am definitely going to make it a point to have a couple of Reading-appropriate dresses in different weights in my closet!

(Photobucket album)

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Well, not that it isn't fun to make something new for an event...obviously I adore last-minute sewing! But sometimes it's nice to just pull from ye olde costume closet and drive five minutes down the road! Well, five minutes down the road from me. A little more for [personal profile] robinsnest  and [personal profile] miss_philomena ! (But it has been officially dubbed an excellent costume-shoot location; if one building isn't of the right date for your dress, just walk down a few houses!)

We invaded the (long-suffering, no doubt) Indian King tavern again today; there was a guest speaker/interpreter who gave a presentation on tea in the 18th century. Very interesting, but a little long. We then wandered over to the perennial favorite, The British Chip Shop, for a meal, and then strolled round Haddonfield's lovely historic downtown. Took pictures and got honked at all up and down Kings Highway, which was very amusing. And then treated ourselves to some really delicious gelato, which will ensure all present parties can be bribed to return. Yum, indeed.

Got rained on a bit here and there, but nothing too damaging, and temperature-wise it was just about ideal for costume-wearing! Robin and Adrienne both had new dresses, which were properly documented; I wore my old traffic-light-striped silk, since it was Silk Sunday (as we determined). I still like that dress though! Robin finished her dress that we'd started last weekend for our demo at the tavern, so it was fun to get pictures of it in the tavern! Especially fun since there were a few visitors in the crowd that had been there for our demo, so they got to see the dress finished on a person.
in front of a dinosaur sculpture
We couldn't be in Haddonfield and not visit the town dinosaur!

three people on front porch of 18thc tavern
A slightly more traditional setting.

ghosts in the mirror
And a shot that I couldn't resist playing with in photobucket editor! Ghosts in the mirror! ;)

Adrienne and Robin both took a bunch of photos of us misbehaving about town, so I'll just link their albums here, for my own ease. And I'm sure they'll both post more detailed dress writeups, so I won't natter on any more here!

OH, and I exploded my stays. Um, oops? I was undressing and Robin was like...uhhh I see your shift in a place I shouldn't... Right side seam started splitting under the arm. Could re-sew, but new 1770s stays were on the docket anyway; now they just got bumped up the list! Good thing I don't have any 1770s events for the rest of the year...

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Obviously I had an amazing time, as the White House is pretty much incapable of throwing a lackluster party! And all attendees really brought their A-game, too; every single person looked smashing, in my opinion. Well done, ladies!

(You know this is the kind of party that ten years ago I'd have been reading about online, and wishing I was cool enough to know all these cool people and their cool parties! Koshka-the-cat, Jenny laFleur...I still kind of think I was invited accidentally as I'm not actually cool, but shhh, nobody blow my cover. ;) )

party picture

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(Photobucket album, some of my own pictures, more of ones I've pilfered)

Can't afford to get complacent with my sewing, as there's stuff coming up quick...but I'm taking a couple days off to read books, and plot. Plotting is always fun.

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Or; Gee, I Really Don't Like Taking Pictures, Do I.

Robin's doing slightly more detailed posts so I'm taking that to mean I don't have to!

I drove out to Robin's Friday night, even though I live close enough to the city that doing so meant I was about three times further away from the rink and restaurant than if I'd stayed home. But any excuse to hang out with Katherine, you know.

We had lunch at City Tavern that the Coccagna-mobile was horribly late for, as it got stuck behind Mike Pence's motorcade. F you, Mike Pence and the motorcade you rode in on! *scowl* NOBODY HERE LIKES YOU.
people sitting at table in a colonial restaurant

Read more... )  through the magic of technology, as she couldn't make it down for the weekend and was missed! And then I drove home and left my hatpin jar and teapot warmer at Robin's house, because of course I did.

I don't really have enough pictures of my outfit for a proper blogger post (and basically none of the shirtwaist sans cape) so I want to go out and get them either Thursday or Friday, depending on what we get in the way of snow on Thursday. I'm not going out to get them tomorrow as we're set to tie or break the record of 63 degrees. O_o. Snow sounds like a better environment for a plaid cape...

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I skivved off work on Sunday to go with My People to an 18thc market fair at Washington's Crossing...glorious autumn weather, and totally worth it! (Although slightly nerve-wracking to keep tabs on numb-nuts who insisted on tagging me in FB pics even after being told HI PLZ TO NOT BE DOING THAT.) It was too expensive to get into what was not actually a very interesting event, so I doubt we'll go again, and learn? It's a pretty little park, anyway.

[ profile] sewloud's already done an event writeup so I won't reiterate that. Suffice it to say there was absolutely delicious gingerbread ("...and it has rum in it." "GIVE ME A PIECE RIGHT NOW"), beautiful weather, excellent company, and a thoroughly enjoyable game of graces, which I'd never played. Managed to hit Alice in the face the first time I threw the hoop, because of course I did. Got better at it though! (This pic was taken after I'd gotten better at it...)

I'll do a blog post on my new dress sometime this week, when I can neglect to mention the exact date of the event...;) I forgot my camera so these are all Robin's pics/pics found online (mostly from people Who Didn't Ask), but I'll post them anyway, because I like them!
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I'm still planning to finish off my neoclassical dress for [ profile] blackcat452's party this weekend, as that still sounds reasonable. We'll see, heh. If that doesn't come together I'll probably wear my Met mourning dress (if I can, um, find it!).
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We came up with a highfalutin name for it off-the-cuff (while at the tea), but it's really nice to have a low-key, somewhat-last-minute event to basically dress up and hang out in costume. As you do.

We went to a tea room near [ profile] sewloud, which was very nice, with good food and pretty tea things, and a very good variety of tea! I couldn't resist the "pumpkin spice" variety, because it's fall-ish (and winter-ish, for that matter), delicious, and I'm a basic white girl, let's be honest. ;) We'll definitely go back there. After tea we hunted down a local park for some wanderings, because it was really lovely, perfect autumn weather yesterday!
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The fates did a bit of conspiring against us, but we triumphed in the end, mostly because we don't take anything seriously and are determined to have fun No Matter What.

This is my favorite picture of me of the night - Rob took it and Robin instagrammed it (on the ride home, and this was probably the picture that made us miss our exit off 195, since our navigator was distracted, hehehe).

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All in all it was a fun night, and I think we all looked smashing! (Photobucket album!) I'm quite happy with the rainbow trout and I'll be chuffed to wear it again for New Castle. Now, to do a less swearword-filled blogger post...

ETA: Not sure if it's locked, but this is a video Tessa's mom got of the first dance. Just Jessica and I are dancing out of our group, but you can see the space (or lack thereof), the extreeeeeeemely long sets (yes, he cycled through that entire line to have everyone be top couple, omg), and an extremely ridiculous face on yours truly. We'd missed the explanation as to what dance we were doing, so that's why I look exceptionally stupid at the beginning...
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O M G an event that didn't get rained out NOR did my car break down! (I tricked it by taking the train up to Adrienne instead.) It wasn't a bad day, weather-wise, considering the whole "summer" thing - hot, but not terribly humid, and there was a good breeze all day. And we made sure to be well-watered.

Our [ profile] misspeachum was getting fake-married as Maria Allaire (they have a little wedding reenactment every year of the daughter of the owner of Allaire in, I think, 1836) so naturally we had to attend and take up an inordinate amount of space. Everybody even made New Things for the occasion! And we've all decided we are very fond of the silly, silly Romantic styles, so despite Tessa departing for William & Mary in the fall (*snif* they grow up so fast!), we plan on making excuses for more 1830s in future.

Tessa's mom is an excellent picture-taker so I snagged the pics she got of us! We totally look like a group of easter eggs, LOL.
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Pics in my album, and Alice's

And now I guess the next event I need to sew for is the Allaire barn dance in August. The idea of the not-spangled spangled dress is sort of terrifying me, which is at least part of the reason I threw this dress together for the wedding - both to stall on starting it, and to give me an option in case I don't finish it in time. (I did some rough maths a couple weeks ago... I'm going to need twice the amount of spangles I bought, and the skirt alone will take 23 days to spangle, if I sew at my usual slow rate. I know I've already put over a hundred bucks into spangles for this dress, but I might short-circuit out on it before it even gets started!)

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