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It seems I have simply legions of fans (lol), so I suppose I'll keep truckin' through my current slump in journaling and try to stay active for the time being. I do appreciate all your nice comments. :)

The next big event is Jenny-Rose's Big Hat Party; I'm kicking around ideas but I don't feel the need to start actually working on anything yet. Plus I'm waaaaaay overdue on making Taylor's painted petticoat (uh, I did start it??) and I got an order for another one this weekend, so my next couple of weeks will pretty much consist of a lot of painting!

Fairly certain I want to attempt a 1780s portrait hat a la the Duchess of Devonshire (although I don't think I want it quite that large...); I know it's your "standard" 18thc Big Hat, but dammit I think they're rather fabulous. The accompanying outfit is currently doubtful. At the moment I'm inclined to finally finish off that russet and blue silk stripe revamp, since the poor thing's been in the UFO bin for YEARS at this point. But I could also fix up my orange and blue gown (that I made in 2011 and would probably HORRIFY me if I looked at the construction/fit that might be more work than I'm willing to do!), wear the chintz Dress In A Day, or wear the painted petticoat/green stripe jacket. I don't think I'll want to start a new dress from scratch when I have a hat to engineer too...but you never know when inspiration will strike! ;)

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I'm getting rid of the hats in my shop - with some fairly egregious exaggeration, I can say that I've paid more in listing fees than they're worth at this point. They just don't move. I'm only slightly insulted. xD I've sold more 18thc fichus and aprons than hats. Well, a fichu is a hell of a lot less effort than a hat, let me tell you, so, okay, that's fine!

I could just wait for them to sell, but I'm frankly tired of tripping over the damn box they're all kept in, so out they go at stupidly reduced prices! (Well, hopefully out they go, haha.)

Hatses on the cheap...not all that many, really. Mostly Regency.
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In my defense, I haven't gone on a fabric-buying binge in quite a while (in costume lengths, that is. 2 and 3 yard pieces for modern dresses don't count!), so I don't feel too bad. I am, however, banned from buying any more for the rest of the year! (Although I will make an exception right now for my 10th high school reunion in November, because I need to look hot for that and that may well warrant a new cocktail dress.)

[ profile] bauhausfrau happened to post this morning that FabricMart was having a sale, is what I'm saying... (actually, they still are, and there are still currently 3 or 4 nice taffetas in the $12-13/yd range! They should go to good homes!) Between the yellow faille...and the rainbow trout voile, and the striped taffeta that somehow ended up in my shopping cart at the same time as the voile...and the lime green taffeta that I bought today along with a couple yards of hot pink/orange shot to trim it and make some truly horrible 1860s or 70s Thing...


I should probably get around to sprucing up those few costume pieces I've been meaning to repair, etc. so I can put them up in my shop, huh. (Yes, yes I should.)

Aaaanyway, I mostly did some cleanup in my etsy shop today, since I've been neglecting it the last couple months. Got the new wooden fans listed, and finally came to terms that no matter what I do with this yellow 18thc hat I'm going to hate it, so just finish it and freaking list it already! To that end, sewed a couple feathers on it, and just need to stick a stupid little bow on it, and then I can list that too.


28 Jan 2016 11:09 pm
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Oh so productive today! Sort of.

Remembered to actually take pictures and list the new bonnet first off, so hooray for that. And it's cute! I may be converted to soft-crown bonnets yet. ;) (Nevah!)

And then I decided to indulge myself and work on the pelisse pretty much all day. I finished basting the bodice pieces and got them all sewn together, cut the skirt pieces, and started sewing them together. I got to the point of "why aren't I machine sewing these long seams, again?" within the last half-hour or so, which meant it was time to put it away for the night!

I haven't actually fitted anything, just went "hmm, liked the fit of my black spencer, will base the bodice on that" and "hmm, probably want it an inch or so longer than my cream striped wool dress" and cut and sewed accordingly. So if I'm pulling my hair out when I actually try the thing on, we have documentation as to why!


21 Jan 2016 11:06 pm
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For some totally crazy reason, I feel like I'll have a snow day on Saturday. Just a feeling.

Managed to get off my butt and do listings for my two soft-crown Regency hat-things, so, woo.

I've been making use of my donated length of bright red silk...obviously. I sort of want one of the straw-brim bonnets for myself, haha. Also used up the rest of my millinery wire on the buckram bonnet pieces I cut last week (and ran out before I finished, oops).


8 Jan 2016 11:24 pm
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Today: finished the straw braid bonnet, and had a perfect amount of braid to finish the brim, hooray. Well, "finished" as in " I need to buy sizing and size it before I trim it". Stuck a woven form in the sink to soak overnight and see if I can do something with that, but I think I prefer working with braid. And dug out a bag of relatively short bits of straw braid that I can use for little soft-crowned early Regency bonnets. (I knew I save everything for a reason!) That type doesn't thrill me like tall bonnets do, but hey. If I can sell things made of scraps, why not. ;)

I took two massively awful laptop-camera shots of teh bunnit, to prove I did something today...

It's a very nice openwork braid...I almost want to keep it! (Well, guess I will if it doesn't sell, haha.)
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- Finished a linen apron for the Indian King tavern that's been laying around almost finished for way too long.

- Trimmed and listed the brown mushroom 1780s hat:

- Unpicked the lining from the fur coat; now to pick out all the little bits of interlining! It's a process. I'm using small, very pointy scissors to do so, though, so my fingers had had enough for the night after getting the lining out.

- Took apart a thrift store hat for the braid and mostly sewed it back together in poke-bonnet-shape. It will be very interesting to see whether I finish the brim or run out of braid first!
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I was hoping to get two hats done and listed in a week, but I'm not sure I quite have the self-discipline for that...I only started covering the brim of the mushroom hat today, so I figured I'd list the regency hat, since it's done and all.

(As an aside, I still feel weird about pimping out my shop stuff here, because 99% of my LJ friends are really good costumers and I feel like you could easily make what I'm trying to sell, so you're not really my target market, I guess! But when it's what I spend most of my time working on, I may as well post it, right? And tell your friends who aren't as good costumers, I guess? Heh.)
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I was awakened at Too Early o'clock this morning, when the Very Enthusiastically Horn-Blowing Speeding Rattle-Rattle Pope Trains started running. I do think it's neat the Pope's visting (despite not being remotely Catholic, I think he seems like a cool dude for the leader of a world religon), but it would be great if the trains could control their enthusiasm til at least 7am.

I listed my 1860s Hood Prototype 1 today, and should maaaaaybe be able to get Hood 2 up in the next day or so? I got my silk in the mail for the other custom 1780s Mushroom Hat so I want to get that out of the way first, and send it off Monday.

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There's family dramah going on, and I am completely out of patience with everyone concerned. Not up for hashing out details, but I'd like to wring everyone's neck!

Sewing time has been a bit curtailed (due to aforementioned dramah), so I haven't worked any more on the wrapper. I completely neglected the store while I was trying to finish the bird dress, so I'm working on a couple 1860s winter hood prototypes for that. Also for me, because I want one for Gettysburg...  ;)

PS: Anybody local up for the battle of Germantown? It's Oct.3!

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