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I sewed two seams today, so not a real big sewing day - bunches of other stuff to do!

Our county Board of Freeholders had their meeting in town tonight, so they came to visit us at the Indian King Tavern beforehand. There were many snackies that were pilfered by us throughout the night, which made it all worthwhile. Anyway, I decided that was as good an excuse as any to try out my new blue hair powder. Verdict: blue hair powder is fun! And rather dusty.

(There is definitely blue powder in my nose right now.)

I think I probably spent more time doing my hair than the Freeholders actually spent in the tavern, but, you know, it's all good. I can always use practice with my big hair!

And shooooes:

With my Fugawee buckles, cause I like them better!
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In pictures! Well, a very few pictures.

Saturday was Indian King Tavern in sadly under-trimmed Brunswick. I didn't have time to really get pictures before I went in the morning, and then when I got back the sun had moved into a bad place for pictures anywhere in the yard! I tried.

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Although I still haven't put the buckles on my shoes. Go do that now.

I got the gathered cuffs sewn on in such good time that I also managed to get trim sewn on the wrists. I was a little iffy about the whole thing up til I put the lower sleeves in, but somehow lower sleeves made it suddenly adorable! Although the gathered trim gives a little puff at the elbow, and I suddenly realized I might be wearing an 1838 dress(ish) with a cape! Heh. Whatever, I like my Romantically puffy jacket now!

Although speaking of puffy, if this outfit is going to get fairly regular wear at the IKT, I need to make that habit shirt, stat. The neck ruffles of my Regency shirt look fairly dorky, but the sleeves are definitely doing that sausage-arm thang. Not so uncomfortable I can't wear it, but definitely not ideal! I really didn't want to make the jacket sleeves any wider, though, or it would look stupid when I wear the jacket on its own (which was the whole point of making a separate waistcoat)!

There are a couple little odds and ends I'd like to get done for Jockey Hollow on Sunday (switch out ribbon on cap, that kind of thing), but nothing I need to kill myself over. If it gets done, that's nice! If not, that's cool too.
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"I am going to go sew 18th century!" apparently translates to "I am going to nap on the couch in the sun!" But I did get one cuff-trim all gathered and pinned on, and at the very least I can do the same to the other tonight before bed. Though I did have a "WHY did I make this trim so wide it looks STUPID" moment. Fussing and bunching up around the inner elbow fixed things, happily.

Once the cuff trim's sewn on, all I have to do is baste in the lower sleeves, and then this baby is wearable! Also need to remember to fit my buckles to my new shoes tomorrow, rather than forgetting to do it til Saturday morning...
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Somebody please tell me that I'm not the only one who looks through their online costume blog rather than their actual costume closet when deciding what to wear for an event...

(For Jockey Hollow on Sunday. It's fairly far but the reenactments in North Jersey seem to be better attended than the Philly area ones. Indian King and Brunswick are Saturday.)

Had a very bad case of laziness combined with errands to run, so I have only not-quite-finished the lower sleeves for the Brunswick, and haven't touched the trim yet. Off tomorrow though, so we'll see if I can knuckle down and get it done.

And I finally spent my American Duchess gift certificat that I've had for over a year (I kind of want ALL the shoes, is my problem, and had a hard time deciding which would be most "practical".), and to that end, got the black wool Dunmores in the mail today. Very pleased, as always! I'll reserve final judgement til after I've worn them for a good part of this weekend, but both my Kensies and Renoirs are very comfy so I'd be surprised if these aren't.
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I got the sleeves all sewn in, and bound the back neck edge, but didn't quite get to the lower sleeves today. I still could fit in some sewing time before bed...but I think I'm feeling lazy tonight. *flops*
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One sleeve is completely sewn and pinned in; the second is about halfway done. I used the sleeves from my cream wool jacket, and just made them a little wider, to fit shirt sleeves more comfortably. Hopefully. (No fun like sausage arm fun!) I see no reason I can't have this Done Enough by Wednesday - if I finish the sleeves, back neck binding, and at least get a start on the lower sleeves tomorrow, I ought to be in good shape.

And Funny Thing I forgot to mention yesterday: my mom's choir concert was last night, and I brought a book to entertain myself before it started (it's not some podunk amateur hour, they have professional soloists and have members of the Philadelphia Orchestra play with them, and it's held in a local church with no admission charge, so you have to get there very early to get a seat!) Haydn's The Creation, which was a really glorious piece of music, btw. So I was hiding in the side balcony with my Sarah Kemble Knight journal, hoping no one would talk to me; naturally the overly friendly lady next to me did. Usually reading primary sources quashes people's interests ("Oh, are you reading that for school?" Haha, no, but I'm flattered at the implication that I'm in my early twenties and in undergrad), but not this one. She actually seemed genuinely interested, we chatted for a bit, and I think she's going to bully her family into coming to our open house on Saturday. So hooray for luring people into visit historic sites! I hope she does come...though I'll be dressed a little differently and she might not recognize me. Ha ha ha.


10 Apr 2016 11:45 pm
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So, being the completely unpredictable costumer I am, I decided to work on neither my Regency picnic outfit, nor any 1830 foundations. Sneaky!

I've been having a vague need for some new 18thc-something lately, and I was thinking of throwing together a new middling-class gown. After our recent training at the Indian King tavern, though, I thought it might be nice to have a talking point about the women in colonial America who did travel and who might have come to a site like this...they're very into the "man's world!" narrative of the 18thc there. Which is totally true! As far as it goes. "Women never came unchaperoned into taverns and they didn't travel" is a stupid thing to say, though, and I have Sarah Kemble Knight as proof! (She wrote an account of her journey from Boston to New York and back in 1704, which she took on behalf of a relative's inheritance, hired her own guides, and generally took no bullshit.)

Anyway the point of all that was that I can wear my Brunswick as an example of traveling-wear for a lady, which would be a great thing to wear in the dining-room. (Even though this would be the least practical 18thc traveling costume ever, being made of thin printed cotton! Uh, maybe summer travel? All that dust! Probably not. Shhhh. There's a riding habit somewhere in my distant future.) Hooray talking points!

I really just want to get it wearable for now, which is not completely unreasonable; the petticoat and waistcoat are done (well, "done"), and I stitched down all the random pinned-down bits today, and marked the hem, which I might possibly get sewn tonight. Then all I'll really have to do are the sleeves. There's plenty of trim planned on this, but most if not all of that can wait (except for the elbow cuff that hides the sleeve join), and since I have a Regency shirt, that will do for now to wear underneath.
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I spent my free time Tuesday and Wednesday draping the Brunswick jacket, but decided last night that when I add up all the factors of time crunch, how pathetic it'll look sans trim, and insubstantial cotton versus weather forecast - a rewear is really the sensible thing to do. (I personally am against the wearing of hooded cloaks with Brunswicks, haha. Seems to be self-defeating!) Very probably the cream wool jacket, since I haven't worn that one too much, and because of the aforementioned weather forecast.

So I'm spending my sewing time now hemming my checked fichu. I've been wearing it unhemmed for a year, which for me is pretty good. I wore my white linen fichu for over two years before hemming it!

(And remind me that I really want to buy sewing beeswax there. It's the only thing I definitely need to buy, apart from Alice's stockings, and it's so small I expect I'm going to forget!)
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Buttons are covered and sewn on (evenly spaced buttons and center fronts that line up are for chumps, right?), so the waistcoat is, for all intents and purposes, finished.

For those keeping track, yeah, there are no buttonholes as of yet. But who needs functional buttons when you've got pins? I'd rather have the rest of the outfit. Because you know buttonholes will take me the rest of the two weeks.

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