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Yay, it's fall! (Shh, I know it's already fall according to the calendar, but the weather hasn't been cooperating.) October's probably my favorite month of the year; I love the autumn. It's about 60 degrees currently, and the humidity's finally gone, along with the rain. Not that I mind rain a lot, but that was a lot of rain...somebody left a cooler on our back deck, and the rain in the past couple of days completely filled it up. Not a little tiny cooler, either. O_o.

Tomorrow's TCNJ's Homecoming football game, and I'm going up with some friends. Not that we care about the game, but we want to see each other and walk around the campus. And tailgate. Supposed to be about 70 degrees, no rain. I love fall!

Here, have a couple pictures of TCNJ in the fall. I took them last October, I think...

Maybe this nice weather can somehow instill some motivation into me... I haven't been working on much of anything, sewing-wise, and I have neglected my guitar completely, two days in a row, now. Bad me. If I don't get my butt in gear, there's no way I'll finish the Black Diamonds costume in a month. Have I lost motivation to care about this? Perhaps.


11 May 2010 12:42 am
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I was this close to finishing the plaid silk dress I was going to wear for graduation this Friday, when I realized I'd put the sleeves in backwards. It's 12.30am and I'm leaving for senior week tomorrow morning. And fixing the sleeves would require taking off the binding I put on the sleeve seams to stop the evil fraying, along with the binding that hems the sleeves. Plus putting in the zipper and hemming it.

Yah, this is not happening. I hate when I'm lame like that, but I'd rather sleep, honestly, since I won't be doing much of that in the next few days. Like I can't find a dress in my closet? My closet is full of dresses and skirts. Still -- I wanted a NEW one. *grump*

On the bright side, I will be getting packages in the mail soon...*rubs hands together evilly* If I'm lucky, they'll get here while I'm gone and then I can start crinoline-making when I recover from the wedding. I know, I know, I said I wouldn't, but if I don't order this stuff now it won't get here in time for me to finish it all if we are going. (Like I will anyway. OVERAMBITIOUS, much?) Funny, because I'm probably going to use the semi-sheer striped cotton I found in the Stash for the dress, because I don't want to mess up the nicer lawn. Um. I'll plot for the next few days and then we'll see.
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With all my undergrad stuff. Except for the one summer class I have to take. But we aren't talking about that right now. Wooooo. Graduation's next Friday, and senior week, where we all get to stay in the freshman dorms, go out to clubs and things at night, hang out, drink ourselves stupid and enjoy our last couple days with our college friends, starts Tuesday.

Until then, MORE IMPORTANT THINGS. Like sewing, duhhhhh. So much I could sew, I don't even know what to start with. *is gleeful*

Well, except, not really, 'cause I still gotta finish the Damn Quilt, make the belt for the bridesmaid dress, and figure out which dress I want to make for graduation -- and make it, of course. Not too worried about any of that, though. After that, the fun starts! Sewing fun, not job-finding fun. Because that's not fucking fun. Hmmmmm...I guess I should start with the 1780s stays, because I can't make any 1780s dresses without them, can I? ...I could, actually, but me wants new stays! Watched The Duchess tonight while sewing quilt squares to inspire myself. Seems to have worked; now I want to make the stays, not the stupid quilt. Ahh well.

We shall see! Hopefully I'll be posting more often in the next few days, because I will have time to sew -- and right now I've got the motivation! ...Um, as soon as I can drag myself away from LJ. Heh.
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Guess who's done with her senior thesis? That would be me! Woot woot. Due tomorrow, and it's both printed out and submitted online.


(Well, you know, actually a lot of you probably do, but then you'll understand my glee.)
In which I natter on about bits of my paper but it's okay because it's 1960s and fashion )

Moar shoes

8 Apr 2010 04:32 pm
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Sandals, technically. They're getting old, but I love them, and refuse to throw them away until I have to. (I am sensing a theme here. It will be repeated. Often. I realize this may be why I have so many shoes...) Target, I think.

You also get a bonus (?) shot of the skirt I wore today, because people seem to love it so much. Really. Whenever I wear it, at least one person tells me how much they love it. Plus the first time I wore it, senior year in high school (yes, it's that old), was when I heard I'd got the lead in the school play, so it's got positive associations! My thesis adviser, one of the people who told me she liked my skirt today, also told me that she'll miss me when I graduate because she always likes to see what I'll wear to class!

I'm pretty sure this means I can never wear sweatpants to her class now. Or a t-shirt and jeans, for that matter. :)

Bad me.

8 Oct 2009 01:00 am
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Bad, bad me. But she who dies with the most fabric wins, right? And is having an awesome sale, and silk taffeta is one of those things I'm kind of unable to resist. Especially when I've come back to my room after a long day and have to deal with floor-mate asshattery. Seriously, I hate living with these people; they're driving me crazy. If I get one more note on my door about taking out the trash in the common area when 1)I'm the only one who's been taking the trash out for the past two weeks, so I got irritated and just didn't this week (thought someone might get the hint? no? okay), and 2) the GIANT FUCKING FED-EX BOX taking up the whole floor is NOT MINE...I'm going to be one unhappy passive-aggressive little person. Seriously, I don't mind taking out common area trash, really, I don't, but a box you got in the mail? I do not see why I need to take that out to the dumpster.

Ahem. Anyway, as compensation for my woes, silk taffeta. I would like to blame all the people on my f-list who have been posting about the sale, thanks very much. :)

Though...indulging myself in silk taffeta did make me choose - between spending more money on my Halloween (Black Diamonds) costume and on said taffeta. The silk taffeta won, I guess. In my cranky mood, I've just said, to hell with Halloween; I don't have the time to be anything cool and sparkly. I'll just bring up a corset or two when I come back from fall break and call it a day. Stupid Halloween. And stupid floormates.

Oh, also: I had my group presentation on The Mists of Avalon today, and I wore my medieval dress (shuttup, we had a "creative portion" in which we acted out scenes from the book, so it was Totally Valid); the only question anybody had at the end of our presentation was, "Did you make your dress?" Yes, I did, and yay, everyone was properly adoring of it, which gave me warm fuzzies!

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Too early, in my opinion. Especially as I'm up here with only a certain bit of sewing to keep me company - the damn quilt. Shouldn't really complain, though...fall classes start tomorrow (well, today, technically), but I have no classes Tuesdays or Fridays, and I'm pretty happy about that! (All fellow college students, feel free to hate me now...;D )

I think I will bring the Tudor up to work on (well, I'm going to have to if I want it finished by October, duh), I just could not handle packing that along with all the other crap I had to bring up here as well. I'm going home Labor Day weekend, so I'll get it then. (If I have to stuff that monstrosity in a bag to bring back on the train...oy. The velveteen weighs a ton) Until then, please to not be expecting any earth-shattering sewing updates!

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I feel like it's been tremendously boring around here lately, and I'm sorry; it's boring me too! It's just getting to be the last few weeks of the semester, and I have heaps of readings and papers and readings again, due one after the other. Ugh, I want to sew! Rather ironically, I suspect I'll have a bit more time once classes finish and finals start; I cannot study for hours and hours upon end with no break. And sewing is a nice break! We'll see. *grump* But I wanna sew now!

Will have to make up for it when the semester's over...three weeks!

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I just wanted to note that it seems I've chosen wisely in deciding to make the peach stripe poloniase; I keep seeing my f-list making and trimming their own froofy polonaises, and it makes me want one! And then I get to remember that I actually will be making one of my own, woot woot. Of course I won't be able to work on it for another month...*sad face*...but I'll be at home this weekend to see my little sister's play (Annie Jr, ugh ugh ugh), so...we'll see. I can at least dig out the peach petticoat to fix that up. *squee* Froofy polonaise-land, here I come!

Oh, and I almost forgot; another anecdote about the Cleverness of College Students. This time it was in my class about England, where two giggly girls sit directly behind me, to my chagrin. Before class started today, they managed to be especially giggly and irritating, engaging in what was clearly a meaningful and profound conversation, punctuated with exclamations like, "OMG, no he DIDN'T!" and "LOL, seriously?!"

When our professor came in, he asked if the weather was very nice out (it was and is; quite sunny!), and he asked me (I've been in his class before) if we should have class outside. Of course I said yes; who doesn't love an outside class (besides an individual with heinous allergies...)? One of the still-giggling girls then exclaimed, "Oh my god, SHUT UP!!!!" To our prof. I'm prety sure I slunk a few inches down in my seat at that point. Our professor took it in stride, because he's very awesome and laid back, saying "'s okay, I speak College Student," at which juncture I muttered, "Please don't generalize," which the kid next to me found very funny. When we sat out on the lawn I made very sure to sit far, far away from those two.

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Eleven eyelets left to sew on the stays, and the lining will need to be sewn on after that, but that's all. (I mean, I'm not trying to say they'll be done soon...but the end is in sight. If I could manage to pry myself away from LJ, that might help.)

Thing 4 from yesterday, in which I said I may have decided which fabric to use for Bastille Day? This was a lie. I am back to indecisiveness. I did make some small progress; I'm not going to make anything I have to buy fabric for. (Dress-wise. I will spend fairly freely on head-wear if need be.) Blah blah blah )

And as for school, I just have one question. WHY do all the giggly, vapid girls have to take classes together, be in my classes, and sit either to my immediate right or directly behind me (depending on which class it is; the ones today were on the right)? Today before class started, they were giggling (because, inexplicably, every topic is invariably hilarious) about how bad all the history professers were. (Um? I think most of them are pretty damn great.) Then one started going on and on about how confused she was by the prompt for our two page paper due in a week. Look, it's a compare and contrast paper, dungbrains; he spells it out right there on the syllabus.

Okay, I have another question. Why can't people read? It's like the idiot who asked if the page numbers after the book titles meant the page numbers for the readings. (Funnily enough, I never saw him again...)

But look, this makes it all better:

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

I totally saw John Lennon first. But I'm a weird kid. :)

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