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Wrote up a party post AND a dress post for the chintz dress last night, and promptly forgot to link them here. Ooops! In summary, got car back, went to lunch with a friend, and managed to get all did up for a park photoshoot! Had some extremely interested teenagers staring at me from about 25 feet away for the last 20 minutes or so...they didn't bug me so I cheerfully carried on as if they weren't there. xD
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Posty post here

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Obviously I had an amazing time, as the White House is pretty much incapable of throwing a lackluster party! And all attendees really brought their A-game, too; every single person looked smashing, in my opinion. Well done, ladies!

(You know this is the kind of party that ten years ago I'd have been reading about online, and wishing I was cool enough to know all these cool people and their cool parties! Koshka-the-cat, Jenny laFleur...I still kind of think I was invited accidentally as I'm not actually cool, but shhh, nobody blow my cover. ;) )

party picture

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(Photobucket album, some of my own pictures, more of ones I've pilfered)

Can't afford to get complacent with my sewing, as there's stuff coming up quick...but I'm taking a couple days off to read books, and plot. Plotting is always fun.



9 Apr 2017 11:59 pm
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Or, The Only Problem With Pink Hair Powder:
inside of bodice stained pink

Hopefully I can manage an event post tomorrow, and a blogger post some time this week. I didn't get pics of the gown skirts down, so I'll try and get a shoot of the dress sometime this week, and hopefully catch some of the blooming trees as I think they'll make for a pretty background! No hair powder this time though.

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I'm actually doing pretty well, though I think it'll be another late night. Then I can pack in the morning before my mid-shift at work, and then it's down to VA with Adrienne! We plan to have an epic Disney/showtunes sing-a-long. xD We'll see if I'm 100% trimmed by then!

Last night I discovered that the tucker I made for the neckline is about 3" too short. Apparently an epic mismeasurement. Ooops? Oh well, tuckers aren't entirely necessary! Good thing.
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So I am looking at a very late night, as I got a bee in my bonnet today to get that damn twisted trim on the dress, come hell or high water! (o, hi, motivation. Where were you last week when I wanted you??) I still have tomorrow-minus-work for sewing, so I think I can get it done. We'll find out!

I'd promised my best-friend-from-high-school that I'd see Beauty and the Beast with her this week, so now we're up to twice. Somewhat surprisingly I think I actually enjoyed it more the second time. Probably because none of the WTF choices were unpleasant surprises on this viewing! I still hate the yellow dress and ear wire with the fire of a thousand suns, though.

And I dithered over whether to accept the new LJ user agreement. I read it, and it's shady. Not that I think it'll really affect me or my use of LJ (I know there's no such thing as privacy online anyway!),  but am I really interested in supporting a platform that's so able to crack down on political dissidents in their home country? I guess so...for now. I'm really going to make more of an effort to interact more here (DW) rather than LJ from now on.
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I am blissfully unconcerned about nothing really being finished! It's all quite finished enough to wear, and I guess I must be fine with that! Especially as I spent my free time today puttering about in the garden (I think my new tiny tree is currently being flattened by the rain, oops) and scheming for a new, totally random project that I don't even sort of need. Ordered linen swatches though! Yes, it's a secret for now. ;) Mostly as I haven't decided whether I should try and squeeze it in this year or not. But I'm sure by next year I'll have lost all motivation for it, so, hmmm.

Things that are done: gauze trim on the petticoat, gauze trim on the gown's sleeve cuffs and neckline, and hemming of the crown of the cap and half the band. Not done: gauze trim on the gown skirt, twisted silk trim on top of all the gauze trim, the rest of the cap, the bows on the gown, tacking in the tucker and sleeve ruffles, and the mitts I was going to make. Ah well! If I get the gauze trim on the gown skirt, tack in the tucker/ruffles, and tack on the bows I'll look quite put together enough!

Also, a Very Important Question: should I bring the blue or the pink hair powder?? (I wasn't going to use the colors for risk of staining the cap and/or hat, but...oh, well, let's live dangerously. Especially as I shan't have a cap, haha!

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Orrrrrrr maybe not. A little bit? I may stay up late and try and get as near to my daily goal as I can though.

I went to see Beauty and the Beast this afternoon, and I had all good intentions of coming home and sewing after that...but then I had FEELINGS that had to be expressed, which meant two hours of outraged online chatting with friends instead of sewing! Heh.

I actually liked it a lot more, overall, than I thought I was going to. Probably helped that I didn't have very high expectations, but hey. The additional songs/plot points didn't make me want to pull my hair out, and while I think they would have done better to follow the animated movie less slavishly, that actually didn't bother me too much either. Yes, there were silly plot holes, but whatever, it's a fairy-tale, I'm pretty forgiving there.

And the sets and costumes as a whole were just lovely!  I can't lie, I'll probably grab the DVD just so I can rewatch the opening party scene (ALL the saques! glorious) and the ones with the villagers (indienne prints everywhere! silly caps! silly hair!); I thought the costumes were a really good mix of historically-inspired while still being fantastic. And the Prince got some lovely 18thc suits when he was human. So, really, there was a lot more that I liked than I didn't...but what I didn't like I felt very strongly about! And I need to complain about it online, so.
I think that is all my feels! Now, let me go listen to the original soundtrack. ;)

Also, I can't lie, I want to do an historical version of the yellow dress now, haha! I've always loved the idea of Disney princess adapted to be historically accurate, though I know it's hardly an original idea at this point! Someday...

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Trim is boring boring boring! I mean, it's very nice when it's sewn on, but the actual sewing-it-on is verrrrry tedious. Petticoat flounce is on - I did that first as it's the longest and therefore the boring-est strip to gather up. Have the neckline and sleeve cuff trim strips cut. This afternoon I decided to do some cap-pattern-tweaking, just to get away from the endless gathering! Got the cap patterned out (nothing very complicated, just a slight adaptation of my middling-class voile cap pattern) and cut the organza for it. I have sincere doubts I'll have time to finish it, but I didn't want to run any more gathering stitches at the moment.
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To do all the little finishings on the chintz gown that somehow manage to take hours and hours! Hem, a quick-and-dirty ugly tuck to fix the gappy neckline, remembering that I wanted to put boning in the bodice seams, loops for hoiking up the skirt...etc. etc.

But now it's ready to trim! *waves very tiny celebration flag* I'll still be in good shape if I can get that done this week, and still have a week to make the cap. And with that silly hat I can forego a cap if need be, though I'd rather have one than not.

Took pics while it was still light out, so all the aforementioned things aren't quite done to it as of these pics. Close enough to get the idea, though.
chintz dress front
(Check out that shiny mug. Blot, woman!)
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Finished the petticoat hem tonight finally - too lazy to put it all on tonight so maybe I'll do that tomorrow to mark the gown hem. Or maybe not. ;)

Today I got my white striped organza in the mail, yay! Except it's definitely ivory, not white. It's even a bit darker than it shows in the photo. Oops! Ahh, PureSilks, you never fail. :P
flower printed fabric and striped fabric
To be fair, it's still pretty, and if I didn't have such a white dress I would probably try to pass it off as a "natural white" without much compunction! It's too obviously not-white when in proximity to the chintz print, though. I want a white cap! I never did settle on whether to buy the gold striped organza for my hat or not, so I'm quite happy to use this on the hat instead, and I'll just buy some solid organza from one of the sellers I know who will not be so free with their color names, ahem. So maybe I'll be more inspired to hat-trim tomorrow. We'll see!

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