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It seems I have simply legions of fans (lol), so I suppose I'll keep truckin' through my current slump in journaling and try to stay active for the time being. I do appreciate all your nice comments. :)

The next big event is Jenny-Rose's Big Hat Party; I'm kicking around ideas but I don't feel the need to start actually working on anything yet. Plus I'm waaaaaay overdue on making Taylor's painted petticoat (uh, I did start it??) and I got an order for another one this weekend, so my next couple of weeks will pretty much consist of a lot of painting!

Fairly certain I want to attempt a 1780s portrait hat a la the Duchess of Devonshire (although I don't think I want it quite that large...); I know it's your "standard" 18thc Big Hat, but dammit I think they're rather fabulous. The accompanying outfit is currently doubtful. At the moment I'm inclined to finally finish off that russet and blue silk stripe revamp, since the poor thing's been in the UFO bin for YEARS at this point. But I could also fix up my orange and blue gown (that I made in 2011 and would probably HORRIFY me if I looked at the construction/fit that might be more work than I'm willing to do!), wear the chintz Dress In A Day, or wear the painted petticoat/green stripe jacket. I don't think I'll want to start a new dress from scratch when I have a hat to engineer too...but you never know when inspiration will strike! ;)

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- Did my blogger dress writeup, yay me. Always good to get that out of the way; if I let it go for too long I just don't do it, though writing a blog post and an LJ post is pretty much a day's worth of work! (Not that I did them both on the same day this time. But you know what I mean.)

- There's been quite a bit of planning for upcoming costume events (and far-away costume events) over the last 48 hours: New Castle, Victorian ice skating, Belvidere next year...OMG PLAN ALL THE THINGS! Just for a bit of chatter...
  - Belvidere next year: we want to stay over in the hotel in town on Saturday night, and there may be a need for dinner dresses. Starting to extravagantly plan, who me?
  - New Castle: less extravagant planning on my part. It has been confirmed that the space for the ball is indeed very small, so I'm thinking of scrunching my big sleeves down into something more late-1830s (they were extremely annoying when they bashed into walls and display cases at the barn dance). I'd like a pelisse-robe, but fixing the sleeves on my figured cream cotton and making a pelerine would be a more achievable goal, so we'll see.
  - Victorian ice skating: for mah birfday in February, because I've been threatening it for years! The rink in Philly isn't especially picturesque, but I'll take local and modern over far-away and slightly nicer, so. I have a couple of fabrics that would work, but I'm very tempted to splurge on some plum wool-cashmere I've been eyeballing. (If I do, that will naturally ensure 60-degree weather...) Thinking I want to do late bustle right now, but I make no guarantees that won't change as I mull it over. ;)
  - Still not sure if I can make the pumpkin tea, but I doubt that will warrant a new outfit, since there's so much else to do. Maybe a new spencer if I feel so moved.
  - Halloween masquerade: I've been wrestling with my very clever sooper seekrit masquerade idea for a while. I'm a snob and really don't want to use poly or nylon if I'm putting that much work into it, but the cost of the fabric is a little silly for something I'm only going to wear once...if I even finish it in time. Silk tulle...ouch. Several yards of silk tulle...even more ouch. So, just this morning it occurred to me that I could finish off my long-neglected neoclassical dress instead. Which I have to buy exactly nothing for, and is about 2/3 done.'s less impressive than my original plan (which I will still keep secret on the off chance I get another chance to make it a few years down the line!), but much more doable and I still like it!

And, tintype! I look SO UNHAPPY, lol.
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I looked at the pinned sleeve sitting on my ironing board, thought about it, and decided I'd much rather spend the day mentally costuming everything else in the world instead.

In my defense, I was very productive on that front; I primarily made a mid-1790s dress to go under an also-theoretical open robe, but I also mentally made several things for the shop, and started an early 1890s sporting wardrobe, too.

Soooo productive. xD
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(Because I am thinking about the 1860s I should be sewing, even if I'm not sewing it!)

I spent some time tonight actually doing the math for how much fabric I'd need for the new ballgown I'd settled on (dis one, pink and white on the right)

...and was somewhat startled to find that the fabric for dress plus new fluffy petticoat will cost more than a silk ballgown would! (A silk ballgown without 15 flounces, of course.) Like...considerably more. Like...I'm digging through fashion plates and more. Well, we shall see!
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Back in one piece from the Pumpkin Tea, which I have a few pictures from, but writing a post to put them in seems like work. Maybe tomorrow.

Tonight I'm back to scheming about 1860s for Gettysburg! Much less effort required to do that. Yes, Gettysburg as in Remembrance Day 2015. We're starting to plan well in advance this time!

To that end, I managed to win 12 pounds of ribbon for $25 on ebay this weekend. (I was searching for green ribbon to trim the candy stripe plaid dress, and tripped over this. The lot does have a green I think will work, so...the rest of the ribbon was just a bonus!) With free shipping.
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I thought about working on either my new stays or starting my fancy new 1770s dress for the colonial ball, but have decided to wait til they post details. I don't know when they'll get around to doing that (I emailed today and inquired when the heck they were going to get around to posting how much tickets will cost...though a little more politely. They're not so great at the answering of emails though).

Plus I maybe want a small break from handsewing. Everything for the past, what, six months? has been handsewing.

There are quite a few upcoming events, and I have something to wear for most if not all of them. This frees me up to scheme wildly and work on whatever I want! Dangerous.

We've got:
Pumpkin tea (Regency)
Pottsgrove Manor candlelight tour (18thc)
Pennypacker Mills Christmas open house (Victorian)
Colonial Ball/Battle of Trenton (18thc)
Old City winter outing: carriage ride, ice skating at City Hall, etc. (Victorian)

So today I decided to work on something for Pennypacker Mills' Victorian Christmas. It's not a one-time-wearing kind of dress, so if I happen to be unable to get off work it can still be worn for some other event. Like maybe the ice skating, if I don't get around to making the entire 1890s outfit I want!

Ahh, it's nice to have a break from sewing deadlines for a bit!
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I sewed the rest of channel 1 and all of channel 2 on the farthingale today, and last night I sewed the busk into the kirtle. I think it may be ever-so-slightly crooked. I blame the drunken monkey sewing team...

First twinge of CADD since I've started this project - which for me is really, really impressive, especially considering how long I was chewing it over before I even started! Now I'm thinking about what's on the list after Katherine's finished...originally it was going to be the 1828-30 dress and pelerine for the Costume Roulette project, but now I'm not sure any more. There have been some ideas kicking around...for one thing, we never did get our carriage rides in Old City. ;) And I now may possibly be more inclined to do my other option for Costume Roulette - 1890s. Hmmmmm.
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I haven't really been sewing much...since I was watching Wives and Daughters (hadn't seen it before, thank you YouTube), and when I actually want to watch a movie I can't sew. Although now I'm eyeballing poplins on FFC. *shifty eyes* There are some very nice ones on sale for $4/yd right now... I'm having Romantic Ideas, you see.

Tomorrow's my one day off this upcoming week (how did I manage that? Going to help close another stupid store Monday and Tuesday), and I'm helping out with another dress in a day (let's see if I remember my camera...), so I shan't have much sewing time for myself. Don't worry, I'll still have plenty of time to plot about Costumes I Don't Need...
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(Since I've finished sewing for the night but I don't want to go to bed yet!)

I need you people to make decisions for me. I'm hopeless at this. I have two distinct ideas for Regency outerwear for our Philadelphia outing, and no sooner do I decide on one, then the other starts to seem like a better idea.

I have thoughts... )

Time for a poll!
[Poll #1950062][Poll #1950062]
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I'll still do my year-end wrap-up with my big costume plans for the next year, but there are a couple things I want to make in the next month or so...

- First, since the Regency party got pushed back and Alice is encouraging us to dress for breakfast if we'd like (I'd like!), I want to throw together a "morning" outfit. I've got some wool/cotton blend twill for a petticoat and some printed cotton for a half-robe to go over top, like the one in Costume In Detail. The twill's got a purple side and a pink side; I'm going to use the pink for this petticoat (and the purple for an 18thc under-petticoat eventually).

For fellow Joann's minions - yes, that's a Holiday Inspirations print.

- There's a Downton Abbey-themed party in January I'm invited to; I'm still debating whether to make the 1913 evening dress I've had planned for years (really. years), or just to wear my 1920s evening dress. Or make that new 1920s evening dress. The 1913 dress would be more flattering I think, but exponentially more work. I have all the fabric and supplies for both, so that doesn't help...something I need to decide soon.

- I may have mentioned my burning desire for Regency winter-wear here. I know there was talk of lunch at the tavern in Old City, but I think I'd rather go to Longwood Gardens. Yes, in February. I want to take the (relatively) new muff for a spin. (If absolutely no on wants to come, I'll make mums and sis come with me some weekend. We've all got a subscription. And they're used to me dressing oddly.)
Been waffling between a red redingote and a blue pelisse for quite a while, but I realized I've got everything I need for the pelisse, whereas I'd still need to buy trim and lining for the redingote.

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