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I'm tickled so many of you like the bonnet...shame there was only one little hat made of that braid! :)

Today I had to get my butt up at a reasonable time so I could get to the post office before it closed. How rude, it's Saturday! Got the little straw brim maybe 2/3 sewn? but my left hand was getting cramped up from pinching the braid, so I left off with that. Shaped the crown of the woven hat over a plastic pitcher and left it to dry; we'll see how stupid that one looks tomorrow.

And then I dragged out the floral brocade sacque to see how bad I was at sewing things two years ago. Turns out, not too terrible, except the sleeves are slightly too tight and definitely too short. The former I can live with, but the latter just looks stupid. Off they come! Guess I'll be doing some sleeve head piecing *grump grump grumble* must look through my bag of very small scraps of this fabric. And since that sounded annoying, I'm going to finish the petticoat first.
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I seriously just didn't know what to do with myself if I wasn't sewing! What do normal people do with their time...

Anyway, I dragged out the petticoat of the brocade sack gown, and finished piecing in all the little bits to the front of the petticoat. At least I think I did! Will have to see when it's all pleated up, if any pink linen shows.

I could be good and keep working on that, but I really just brought it out for a placeholder while I schemed a bit more about another project that occurred to me last night. It does involve one of my UFOs though! And almost everything from stash except buttons and maybe a bit of trim.


12 Feb 2014 11:58 pm
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Sort of! I took a one-day post-event break, and then dug out a UFO to work on - a new pair of pocket hoops. The ones I've been using were intended to be "experimental" (are cable ties efficient boning for pocket hoops? maybe if you double them, which I didn't); I think I made them in 2009? They tend to get squashed if you put too much weight on top of them...the pink sack just barely avoids squashing them. The brocade dress decidedly squashes them. And I think I cut out the pattern pieces for these new hoops...two years ago? At least a year. So that's what I've been picking away on for a couple of days.

Of course, there may be a change in plans for the dinner; I might have a commission for a museum to do soon (and all thanks to [ profile] madamekat! she's got CONNECTIONS). There aren't any set due dates for it yet, but obviously that would take precedence over any personal sewing. And I still have a lot to do on that expensive sack to get it wearable. So I'd still like very much to have a new dress, but I make no promises at this point. Will keep you updated!

(I'd best make sure I haven't got too fat for the pink sack...that would be an unpleasant day-of surprise!)
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Apparently I spoke too soon when I was chortling about having conquered the pieced petticoat - I tried it on late last night (after finishing about 90% of it), and it seems I mis-measured. Just slightly, but enough that the pink linen shows at the top. I still have scraps so I'm not worried about not having enough fabric to piece it in - but to do that I have to do a fair amount of unpicking and resewing. More, I think, than I can handle today (especially as I have Things To Do).

Well, it's a good thing that 1/ I did say I'd rather have the breakfast outfit finished than the new sacque, if it came down to it, and 2/ I still like the I Want Candy sacque!

(No, I've worn that one twice, o horrors! Can't believe I have to be seen in that one again!)

I'll try and redo the petticoat so I can wear it to Dress U - if I go.

Oh, but - snow! Pretty!


7 Mar 2013 11:46 pm
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I can now report with confidence that one can make a sacque and matching petticoat out of six yards of 54" fabric - if one is not significantly taller than 5'6", does not want self-trimming, and is willing to piece the hell out of the front of the petticoat!

The back's made of pink linen, and so is a not-insignificant bit of the front, but nothing that will show, so I'm satisfied.
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...even if I have my suspicions as to whether I'll have time to make it into a cap or not! Too lazy to take a picture (and upload it, and all that nonsense!), it's on this page, under Medium Laces - Valenciennes - FC333. (I love that they sell auction-style on ebay...I got it for what works out to just over $3/meter, which is a lot less than it should sell for!)

Oh, the dress? Right now I'm trimming the second sleeve cuff with this trim from Farmhouse Fabrics, despite the fact I still haven't cut out the sleeves to put them on. Tomorrow. (I was excited to get that trim in the mail as well today, what can I say.
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No time to stop for pictures...just a quick break, then back to the grindstone! Because this dress is shaping up to be very nice - if I can actually finish it for Saturday!

Today I: got a very dubious hem put in, fixed all the weird, small yet annoying fiddly things that suddenly cropped up ("I don't fit!" "Me neither!" "Look at this weird bunching action I've got going on!"), made and sewed on the robings, and I've just draped the shape of the stomacher, the cutout of which The Cat decided is a fantastic place to curl up and go to sleep. Fine, I was going to take a break soon anyway.

And from wearing my now-pink Kensingtons around the house for most of the day, I have discovered them to be the squeakiest shoes I think I ever have worn. SquEEK-squOORK, squEEk-squOORK was all I heard, all day. Are anyone else's Kensingtons squeaky, or am I just special? *is amused*
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I do not like getting the skirt pleats to play nice over pocket hoops! RAWR.

That is all...
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Today I attached the side-back skirt pieces, cut out the front skirt pieces (possibly slightly too short at the front...gah), and got one sewn on to the rest of the skirt.

It's only pinned in place at the waist...hopefully I can work that out tomorrow. Because it's dawning on me that TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Why hello there March, when did you sneak up on me?

And please admire my complete and total disregard of any pretense of pattern-matching on the skirt seams. Hooray for trying to conserve fabric! (Okay, I guess it's not as obvious in the picture as it is in real life.)
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Still some accessory-type things to do for the breakfast outfit (I have lace in the mail for a fancypants cap of this nature. It's a little early for my outfit, but I have a serious hankering for lace lappets, so I will have lace lappets!), but it's all either in the mail still or not something I feel like working on at the moment!

So, back to the expensive sack gown. I didn't get a lot done today (having to leave the house! oy. So inconvenient. *eyeroll*), but I actually took it out of the bag it's been in for weeks, and got the side seams on the bodice sewn. And I took pictures of it, woo.
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