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I did absolutely nothing productive, at least in a measurable sense! I walked to the library (I always feel excessively good about myself when I walk anywhere, as I am the laziest piece of crap you'll ever meet), picked up my book and a couple movies (YES I am an old person NO I do not have Netflix), and read all of The Handmaid's Tale in three hours. Partly because I really didn't want to put it down, partly because it's my day off, dammit, and I CAN. Really good, and somehow I hadn't realized it's as old as it is (ha, yeah I know 1985 isn't old), because its themes are so disturbingly current. I do love me a good dystopian novel.
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Er...I covered a brim?

In my defense, I've been re-reading The Count of Monte Cristo nights this week (I like to read a bit before bed), and last night I got to the very exciting part, stayed up far too late, and just HAD to finish the whole thing this afternoon instead of being dedicated and sewing things like I ought. Besides it being fun to see all the horrible people get exactly what they deserve (and then some), I love any historical novel that gives a nod to what its characters are wearing, and is also kind enough to tell me the precise date, so I can enjoy mentally costuming everyone! (I didn't remember the clothing descriptions from last time I read it...I think I know a good deal more about the 1830s now, which helped!)
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Went to the chip shop near me for lunch and actually got the haddock and chips this time...delightful. And mushy peas...I don't know what's in them (besides the obvious) but they taste fantastic. This trip was occasioned by me telling all my friends YOU NEED TO GO TO THIS PLACE. So we did, and now I feel like a fat kid. Ouf. Very full.

I got quite the haul in the mail today...and it was all very welcome (except for the mail about my loans, ew): got my wool from, my copy of The Song Remains the Same on DVD, and my costume pr0n books from Amazon. Which are 17th and 18th Century Fashion in Detail, 19th Century Fashion in Detail, and Fashioning Fashion (which is amazing, all costumers go buy it now. There is a chapter called Bling, how can it not be good?).

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That's it; "helpin teh economee" is officially getting its own tag. God knows I use it enough.

I went to the Guitar Center nearest me on the way home from work (home by way of Barnes & Noble, unfortunately for my bank account), tromped in, and cheerfully asked for "that Fender acoustic that's $99." Much hunting among the guitars and puzzlement ensued among the employees. "Maybe it was a Black Friday special?" one of them, very helpfully suggested. "Maybe," I agreed, mostly because I had started thinking I was the batshit crazy one.

(No, I wasn't. Their website can bugger off, if they're going to make up sales and keep them listed when they AREN'T REAL. Going to the tiny local music shop next time. SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS, harr. Not that that's the employees' fault, they were very nice to the rambling idiot who kept knocking over cardboard boxes and tripping over things.)

Having walked into the store determined to leave with that guitar, though, I left with that guitar! For more than $99, yes. But it is PRETTY and SHINY and I can tell is going to be waaaay easier to play than the crap one (in terms of the action, not me being a shitty player still.)

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Thanksgiving dinner at our house can be considered a success, I believe. Nothing exploded in the oven, and none of my cousins tried to strangle each other. I didn't do any of the cooking, but I did all the dishes. Twelve people, a lot of dishes. And no, we don't have a dishwasher. Correction: we do. It's the same one that was there when we moved into this house fifteen years ago, and it didn't work then. Doesn't work now, either! My family's pretty much all batshit crazy...but now you know where it comes from! *grin*

~ Cousin S put his elbow in his coffee and managed to get it on half the table and himself.
~ No alcohol, because Aunt S-H is sort of trying to stop being an alcoholic. (I had a gin & tonic after they left.)
~ There was an argument between my stepfather and mother as to whether she had put out too much cream with the coffee, and whether it mattered that we had a sugar bowl that matched the set or not.
~ Cousin M sat on me half the night. (These cousins are all younger than I am, by the way...)
~ Grandma's kind of going deaf, so she kept passing people the wrong dishes. Example: Lil Sis: Pass the gravy? Grandma: Here you go. *hands over the green bean casserole*
~ Our cat bit Cousin A. But he probably deserved it.
~ The word of the night between Mom and Aunt S was "glutenous," because somebody made fun of Aunt S's mashed potatoes and called them every once in a while, one of them would say, "Glutenous!" and make meaningful gestures in the general direction of the potatoes, and both of them would dissolve in giggles.
~ Grandma's apparently not the only one going after dinner, they put on The Game (whatever football game was on. I neither knew nor cared) and I SWEAR the neighbors could hear a play-by-play.
~ Grandma kept saying that my boy-cousins need haircuts. It made me giggle. A commercial for the Beatles on iTunes came on, and she said, "I remember when they first came over here...I thought, Well, they need haircuts!" That really made me giggle!

In sewing news, I've finished sewing the cording in the petticoat. Twenty-four rows. Now I just need to put a waistband on...I'd like to finish it by the first of December, but I've only one day off work between now and then, and I'm going spend most of it recovering from a night out with two of my best friends. So...we'll see about that. I'm sure tomorrow, after working eight and a half hours on Black Friday, I'll totally feel like sewing. Or...not.

And That Book [ profile] padawansguide has recommended to me (more than once, because I'm a slacker)...bought it. And a couple other ones too. I Like Books. And, um, it's, like, almost Black Friday so they could have been on sale! (They weren't.)
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That bastard is 550 pages. I started it at 8pm and finished it around 5am. This means, with work and all, I got three and a half hours' sleep. But like I said, WHO NEEDS SLEEP WHEN THERE IS LIFE TO BE READ?

*represses outpouring of love for Keith's book*

I'll wait til somebody reads it, then harass them forever about it. I'm already harassing my one RL partner-in-crime-with-these-things, M, about reading it. "Dude, it's been out for two whole days." "GO READ IT NOW!!" Says the zombie with the dark circles under her eyes. Yes, that's an excellent recommendation.

Halloween? Oh yeah. Guess those late-nights aren't going anywhere any time soon. Time to start hopping myself up on that wonderful legal drug, caffeine. (Drugs? Keeeeeeef.) Too bad I can't stand coffee.

Also, I felt the need to answer the headline of this article out loud. Who, What, Why: How Is Keith Richards Still Alive? Me: BY BEING AWESOME.


27 Oct 2010 09:59 pm
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The Book was waiting for me when I got home from work, sitting on my bed. I got home around 7.30, saw The Book, told myself I was not going to even open it. Opened the package, and told myself I was not going to start reading it. Went and made dinner.

And went and got The Book and read it while munching on egg rolls.

It's all gone to hell now, can't put it down.

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Now, if I were sensible, I'd be perfectly fine with the fact I've not gotten my copy of Life in the mail from Amazon the day it's in stores. Because I'm not going to start reading it until I finish my Halloween costume, right?


The corset's completely beaded (YAY), but I still have to finish the trim on the tails (clearly the fringy beaded bits will not be done for this Halloween!) and make the hat. Ugh. Why did I leave the hat til last, again? ...Because I didn't want to make it before and I still don't want to make it? Yup, that's why.


I started work yesterday, and so far it's fine. Two days, how exciting, I know. We're still setting up the store, so I've come home the past two days feeling as if I've been playing with pennies all day, from messing about with all the jewelry. They've also got accessories-type things, so besides all the jewelry I've been eyeballing, they've got some really nice pashmina scarves I've got my eye on. Well there goes my first paycheck! Plus I like all the girls I'm working with, at least so far. The stock boys are kind of weird, and corporate's been in, and running around like chickens with their heads cut off, but we stay in the back out of their way, so that's all right.
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My mother finished reading Twilight tonight. (Back story: My thirteen-year-old sister is not much of a reader at all, and my mom bought Twilight for her to read this summer, since apparently all the cool middle school girls in our area are reading it now. Bit behind the times, aren't they? Of course, after hearing my stories about the ridiculousness that is Twilight, she finally decided she wanted to read it, if only to see exactly what my sister would be reading.)

So basically, I've been playing an ongoing game of Horrify the Twilight n00b for the past few days, and it's been awesome. A few of my favorite reactions:

Mom: [before she's even gotten halfway through the book] So...there are how many books in this series?
Me: Three more after this one.
Mom: But...what the hell else could happen?! It's so long but nothing happens!
Me: [mentally] Just wait til the second half of Breaking Dawn...

Mom: Their relationship isn't going to go anywhere! He won't screw her, because he'll break her or something...?
Me: *chokes*

Mom: This woman has a degree in English literature?
Me: Yup.
Mom: Are we sure about that? She could be lying.

Mom: And now I want to see the movie, and I don't even know why.
Me: You see? You see?! It sucks you in!


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I didn't do any sewing today (not sure I could come up with any sewing progress right now to top the Fabulously Adorable Hat of yesterday anyway!), just read a rather fascinating biography of Martha Washington. What can I say, eighteenth century and Founding Mothers intrigue me! It almost motivated me to go sew something 18thc - but not quite.

Possibly that's also because last night, out of nowhere, I was struck with 1790s OMG COSTUME WANT. I don't even know why. All I know is I want a round gown, I want that open robe in PoF 1, I want this costume (striiiiipes!) from Amazing Grace....okay, okay. *takes deep breath* I think we're all lucky I haven't got all the supplies to get started on the stays for such a project...otherwise I probably would. I'm so bad! And I'm being very indulgent with my CADD-ing this summer (as you may have noticed), but it is making me happy, so we'll see how that works out.

If I have a six-foot-high mound of unfinished things at the end of the summer and no completed costumes, we'll call the experiment a fail. Until then, I shall happily continue my CADD-ing.

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