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Today I was feeling more modern sewing than Victorian, and who am I to question inspiration? (This is why I have an enormous bin full of UFOs, by the way.) I fiiiiinally finished the pin-dot dress for the Reading air show...I have decided to view it as being done well in advance for next year, rather than a month late for this year's show. Ahem.

I also cut out and assembled the bodice for a new dress, out of dark royal blue poplin embroidered with white anchors. It's been tempting me at work for over a year, but I steadfastly refused...til a couple of days ago when I unrolled two sizeable bolt ends when I was cutting it for a customer. Well, fine then. So I bought another yard, and came home with almost 3 yards for $11. Plenty 'nuff for the dress I have in mind! Gathered skirt and plain bodice with cap sleeves, easy enough. Except that I'm a masochist, so I flat-felled all the bodice seams by hand as I assembled it tonight, which made it take a little longer. (Hey, flat felling by hand looks so much nicer! Skirt seams will be felled by machine, because I care but not that much.) Well, you know I like all that fussy little hand-sewing stuff... ;)

And it's getting the 1950s tag, because, close enough.

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Only did a little bit of poking at the 1940 sundress today: just put in the buttonholes and buttons, and took a tuck on each side of the bodice top in hopefully the least obtrusive spot. Small boobs strike again. But then again, this is not a dress for the big-boobed, so. (Too low-cut in the back for a normal bra. Heigh-ho, no problem here.)
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That's the mid-Atlantic air museum, to you - and we only went Sunday! Next year we really ought to go Saturday, just because the regiments have to start packing up at 5 on Sunday, so it's not really a full day. There's also a dance Saturday night but I don't care as much about that because I'm a horrible dancer (it's a good thing I didn't actually live in Ye Oldey Timey Times in the past couple of hundred years when dances were such an important part of socializing...).
5 ladies in front of ww2 plane
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So...we're definitely going back next year, and we're definitely going Saturday, and I am definitely going to make it a point to have a couple of Reading-appropriate dresses in different weights in my closet!

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(I realize it kind of sounds like I'm obsessed with this place. But mom and I are both enthusiastic admirers of public gardens - we're very lucky to have several fine ones in the greater Philadelphia area - and so we're members of LG, so why not go, and often?)

This weekend's the grand re-opening of the main fountain garden at Longwood; it's been a three-year, multi-million-dollar restoration project, taking everything down to the "struts" and then some. As members, we were able to go Friday for a sneak peek before the real crowds this weekend! And if you're in the mid-Atlantic region and think fountains and gardens are reasonably interesting, do go this summer! The fountains are lovely in the daytime but the nighttime show is really impressive. They can do fire in some of the fountains, and, come on, how cool is that? The quick daytime show played the overture of the Barber of Seville, and the half-hour night show was all-Beatles, so clearly this place knows the way to my heart. ;)

I meant to finish one of the approximately million unfinished vintage dresses that I have lurking in the sewing room...but didn't. Oops! Wore the lemon dress instead, and did a very lazy test run of one of my new snoods. (I am so not a hair person...) Someday I'll actually put the shoulder pads in... BUT THAT DAY IS NOT THIS DAY. I can't remember if I ever actually posted a picture of it when I made it last summer, so there you go.
me standing in front of fountains
(Also, someday I'll spring for a nice modern 6-strap garter belt. This one is vintage, with 4 elastics,'s kinda falling down on the job. Ha ha ha...groan. Didn't help that one clippie thing had unhooked itself entirely at that point and I couldn't fix it decently in public! Saaaaaag. It's tragic-looking.)

Today, I got a very pretty present in the mail from [personal profile] chocolatepot ; a shiny pretty green fountain pen! Forgot to take a pic of it in the daylight and it looks very anaemic in artificial light, so I won't inflict a pic of it on you tonight. But I love it! I feel practically obligated, somehow, to put green ink in it, so I'll be ordering some of that in short order.

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I did finish the bolero! I spent waaay too long making shoulder pads this afternoon (Vogue will have none of your "store-bought prefabricated shoulder pad" nonsense); modern me thinks they look utterly ridiculous, but costumer me reminds her that shoulders were the Look in the 40s, and honestly they're not that big. They do look pretty silly when the bolero isn't on, though... xD

Gorgeous weather today - finally stopped raining, and just about 70 - it's going to shoot up to 90 very soon so mom and I took a nice long walk through the next town over, that is very rich and has tons of 19thc/ early 20thc houses...that's always a nice walk! Judging their landscaping/house paint color/etc is a favorite past-time. ;) Except in fine weather you have to do it quietly because sometimes people are sitting out on their porches and might hear you!

Made mom a Gashlycrumb Tines-themed card for today, because 1/ I am the worst at picking out cards so it's usually just easier to make them, and 2/ we both love Edward Gorey and think the Tinies are the Funniest Thing Ever (Gorey's sure not for everyone but he absolutely appeals to my sense of humor). And then we spent some quality time with the family for dinner - not too bad but Grandmom prefers it to be about 85 in the house at all times and it just puts me to SLEEP. And now I'm home thinking I ought to be sewing something, but...nah,

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Okay, so I was pretty lazy today and didn't manage to finish the bolero! Just have to hem the sleeves and make/put in the shoulder pads, though. It was very chilly and rainy today, so it took me a very long time and a few mugs of tea to get going on my sewing! (Not to mention flatly refusing to get out of my nice warm bed for ages.) Logically I know it's going to be about 95F for the air show, but it just felt very silly to be working on a bolero that went with a sundress when it was 50 outside! I'll finish it tomorrow. Really, I will.

Although I did decide to break down tonight, use my 50 off coupon, and buy the only dip pen we carry at my store! Just a little plastic holder with a no.102 crow quill nib, but hey, gotta start somewhere. So I've got a new toy and I can't promise that won't be distracting...

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I got my Dharma Trading box today (and then my roll of buckram etc.) with a chunk of lawn for lining, so I could actually spend my day off sewing! Imagine that. I cut out and sewed the skirt lining, then decided to make the bolero that goes with the dress, rather than the actual dress. Well, it's a lot less work but I'll still feel accomplished when I finish it! Unless I'm very lazy tomorrow I should be able to finish the bolero; I thought I'd get it mostly done today, actually, but the lawn and the shirting stick together very well. Great for not having to baste, but annoying when you're trying to tack down seam allowances and not sew through the outside fabric. Makes seam-tacking take much longer!

After I finish the bolero I'll attempt to dye my wool yarn (Michelle at the Indian King has bins and bins of it from when she used to do spinning demonstrations, and gave us all armfuls of it when we were there for dressmaking!), and then make the spoon bonnet form for [personal profile] miss_philomena . And then I'll get back to the dress!

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Since trying on the bodice mockup for the voile print dress seemed like sooooo much work!

I sewed together the voile print skirt lining (white Bemberg rayon, which I love for linings but is UGH so squeedgy) and the air show pin-dot dress skirt (which, as I mentioned, will be lined in lawn, but I didn't intend to flatline it, so might as well make the skirt now) - and since I like to finish the seams on my mid-century clothes, that was twice the seaming and hemming. Flat-felled the pin-dot, French seamed the lining, mostly to check and see if I still hate French seams as much as I used to. (Yes? Still stupid? Indeed. Okay, good, let's move on.)
1940 vogue pattern on top of polka dot fabri
I'm using V8812 for my WWII air show dress, and the pin-dot is a very lightweight cotton shirting. Yes - it's a 1940 pattern, no, this country was not involved in the war in 1940, if you want to be technical about it. I do not care to be technical about it. (I have a really hard time finding strictly 1941-45 styles that I like enough to sew; they're just not my Thing, and of course I'll wear this as civvies after the event! So I wanted something I actually would wear. I tend to be much more of a New Look-1950s kind of girl, so I had to do some digging!)

And I cut and started assembling the voile print skirt itself - and promptly decided to hand-sew it all. I half-sewed one seam three times, and the fabric was completely uninterested in not being gathered and horrible, no matter what I did. Not entirely surprised by this, considering how wifty it is. I could probably buy lighter weight machine needles or tissue paper to sandwich in the middle...but I have neither of those things on hand, and I've always got needles and thread. ;) It's six gored panels in the skirt so it'll take just a leeetle bit longer than planned! Although I was going to flat-fell the seams by hand anyway...
blue and white floral print fabric
(And I think I managed to cut the pieces with the print all going in the same direction. Amazing!)

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