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Ironed my 18thc caps and kerchiefs that I washed yesterday, and then decided it might be beneficial to iron my regency mourning dress while I was at it. Pro tip for not having to do a ton of ironing: don't wear your dress in a downpour and then wad it up in a bag and leave it overnight. (I hung it up the next day so it dried out just fine...but hello wrinkles!) And then shove it in the closet and leave it for two years. The organza layer still has a couple wrinkles but it's much less horrible now!

I also tried it on to see if there was anything that really needed to be fixed. Well...pinking the organza and hoping it wouldn't fray too much was a very optimistic thing to do, first of all. Nothing to be done about the gathered organza trim at this point other than continue giving it haircuts, but I really ought to finish the organza scallops at the hem. I'm not going to right now, because I know I'd get it half done and then run out of time, and that wouldn't be a great look. Just...for future reference.

I ended up slightly shifting/replacing the back fastenings. For unfathomable reasons, I'd used hooks & eyes that didn't actually match. Interesting choice, Past Me. So I sewed bars that matched the hooks on, re-tried it on, and the back gapped a whole lot less. Magic! The fit of the shoulders is still not super - one is looser than the other so it ends up drooping further and making my shoulders look even more crooked than they already are - but again, not something I can really fix at this point.

But it's quite wearable! I feel very good about myself for checking all this out before Saturday afternoon...
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I went up to see the Death Becomes Her exhibit/Halloween event with [ profile] hiraimi, [ profile] dragoneyes19, and [ profile] jennylafleur on Friday night, and met up with a whole host of LJ-ers...who I'm not going to try to list because I know I'll forget someone! We were a huge hit, and I know I enjoyed myself immensely.

I didn't get many pictures at all - didn't bother as I know my camera wouldn't like the low museum lighting, plus black on black? Not a lot of detail comes out. So I'll post them first and get them out of the way. (I did yoink a few from [ profile] isabelladangelo which are better, but still - black on black!)

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I should probably be sewing something, as today's one of my days off...but I've just been sitting here all evening like a lump. Oh well. I guess I need a break sometimes!
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For now, anyway. Between the wrists (they feel much better, but not being able to sew last night set me back) the time crunch, and having the nagging feeling that the gathered trim looked kind of dumb...I made the executive decision to take the trim off the 4 scallops I had trimmed. (Out of 16! too damn many scallops)

I pinned on both some velvet ribbon and lace I had in the stash, and neither of them looked great. I think I may try pleating the organza instead of gathering it, as I usually like that much better, in general. But I am not starting that today, because I fully intend to sleep tonight.

So I'll be scandalously under-trimmed tomorrow. At least I'll have a Dramatic Veil!
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Black dress fits (enough). I also cut the scallops in the organza today and started gathering trim and sewing it on. Really ought to continue doing that tonight, but we were understaffed at work again tonight, so I was cutting for four hours straight without a break. And my wrists hurt.

so...I may have an interestingly-trimmed dress on Friday. Let us hope the wrists are happy with a night of rest! If not...a dress with one side of the hem trimmed was an 18-teens quirky style, right? :P
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At least the veil is hemed. That would just be impossible to do in a moving car.

Also am belatedly thinking that this is going to look way dumpier than one would wish, but one must soldier through and finish-the-damn-dress-because-you-don't-have-anything-else-you-can-wear.
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Today I put one inset in the back of the dress - looks promising. (If it still doesn't fit, I'm going to set it on fire, buy some "ghost cloth" from work, and go as one of Burke and Hare's Subjects. :P)

Tonight's goal is to hem the other side of the veil. I've found it's much easier to hem when it's damp, so that's my cheat for gauze, from me to you. Still fiddly.
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Good news: The skirt panels are all sewn together, and I attached the skirt to the bodice today. Am hemming the taffeta skirt layer at the moment.

Bad news: Bodice doesn't fit as intended (that is, slightly off-shoulder). Gaaaaah. Have to put a piece in the back, which isn't happening tonight. Also, am very very tired of black already.
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Until further notice, just assume that I'm sewing skirt panels together! :P
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Right, I was going to show you some pics of the bodice, wasn't I? The bodice is all finished except for the line of trim under the bust, which obviously will go on after the skirt.

Enjoy these extremely detailed pictures of a black garment in indoor light. They show up really well. (But it does at least look like a Thing now!)

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Speaking of fiddly... I did tear the piece of gauze to the length I want, and was going to start hemming tonight, but...hmm, maybe not.
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Yawn. I did a nice bit of work on the bodice of the mourning gown yesterday and today, but it's not quite exciting enough to take a picture of yet. Maybe tomorrow!

I did realize I can wear my black spencer with this outfit if it's cold on Halloween (which it probably will be) because it's, y'know, black. If the gown sleeves fit in the spencer sleeves, that is.

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