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I have been sewing! Some boring stuff (like "this dress has been unhemmed for almost a year, should probably get around to hemming it"), some less boring stuff like the overskirt/train on the dinner dress, and quite a bit of plotting, because who doesn't love costume plotting?

RE: dinner dress progress, specifically: the train is all done and the dust ruffle is basted in, and I finally forced myself to mock up the overskirt drapery. Somehow that was a hump to get over. Why? Dunno, I didn't really think it was going to be that hard... Either way, I did that this afternoon, so tomorrow hopefully I can get those pieces hemmed and maybe stitched on to the waistband. The train will go over those pieces in the back, and it'll all need one or two ties to hold it back where I want it. But I can't imagine that will all get done tomorrow.

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Date: 7/11/17 07:45 pm (UTC)
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If a year is the criteria for "should probably get around to hemming it" then I am in trouble - unless you count safety pins as "hemming it!" Bwah ha ha! ;)

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