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Was reminded that I'm supposed to be a good example by finishing my dinner dress well ahead of time. Haha. O, yes, that's a thing I should be sewing. So, I made the train today! Well, not that it required a lot of "making", per se. Just a lot of hemming, which I decided to do by hand because short of bag lining, I couldn't think of a way to machine it and not have it look horrid. (, I was not bag lining a train. Especially one that's black but lined in two different colors of cotton.)
train laid out flat
Exciting train is exciting! ;)

Black taffeta would have been my first choice, but I had 4+ yards of black shantung in the stash already, so I went with the second choice. (The same silk will be used for the side drapery-paninier-things, to hopefully not look to obviously like "I didn't have enough of this striped silk, can you tell?") I ended up cutting it about 60" long - a respectable but not excessive length for a dinner dress I think. I lined it with two different cotton remnants from the Remnants Bag (yeah, I stock up on them every so often at work!) that don't match, but I don't care...because it's a train lining. (I would have preferred black, but no black cotton rems in the bag. So ivory and white it is!) I got it all hemmed today, and will figure out the dust ruffle tomorrow. Have to go spelunking in the lace drawer...I think I have some fairly wide nylon-but-respectable-looking lace that will work.

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