4 Jul 2017


4 Jul 2017 11:47 pm
mandie_rw: (chintz dress spring)
Back from NY - well, we got back yesterday afternoon, but I went to work in the evening and then I went to sleeeeeeeep.

Reading of the Declaration of Independence this morning at the Indian King Tavern, then there was the town parade and then the tavern had an open house, so I was in my 18thc duds for a good few hours today. Pretty hot. There was a breeze outside so not bad in the shade, but I'm in a room on the ground floor for tours and the windows don't open for Security Purposes, so...hot in there! Some dude in a bad Jack Sparrow costume showed up to the reading - not associated with us, and it was weird. (Like...what does Jack Sparrow have to do with Independence Day?? Come on now.)

And then it started raining on our usual local fireworks, so they set them off before it was quite dark, before the rain got any heavier! We were still driving to the park, so we just pulled into a bank parking lot and got a perfect view while staying dry. Win-win.

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