26 Jun 2017

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Oooh I'm so posty! Well, made much easier by the fact that neither of them were about new dresses, just the events that I didn't have time to write up while I had my summer class. They're not terribly exciting (and mostly already recapped here), but here's the Reading air show post, and the Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion picnic.

I also did end up sewing a bit this afternoon: sewed the closures on the waistband, tacked up the swags of striped fabric, and started marking/sewing the tapes/elastics into the skirt. Got that about half done, and should probably be able to finish that tomorrow. After that I may derail the dinner dress sewing train for a day or so, just to finish off the pin-dot 1940 dress that has been draped over the back of a chair for three weeks (that I was reminded of tonight because I wrote out the Reading post)! Or maybe not. Heh. It's definitely warm enough to wear it now...

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Got all the tapes and ties sewn into the dinner dress skirt today! At least, I think I got them all sewn in, haha. I still need to try it on with the petticoat to check that everything's doing what I want it to. I am currently suspicious that the skirt might want a stiff hem facing to hold it out just a little more than it's currently able to do on its own...but, again, petticoat needed to double-check that.

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