25 Jun 2017

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Well that was fun! And by "fun" I mean fortunate...yesterday morning I was awakened at 6:30 by some very impressive wind and rain, and was pretty much awake for good when I peeped out of my front window and saw a third of the sycamore tree in our front yard was in the road...
that's a tree in my road
Well, that's a slight exaggeration, as it's a very large, tall tree. But the downed branch did in fact block off the whole road. And the pine tree in the back yard was somewhat decapitated, which mom and I didn't even notice til after the storm was over, since we were so focused on the tree in front.
tree on the shed yup
The interesting part is that it was so localized...around here, I'm in one of two towns that got hit like that (well somebody doesn't like Haddon Township or Collingswood!), with a swath of heavy damage less than two miles in length, and only about three blocks wide. Yay for 60mph straight-line winds from the remnants of Hurricane Cindy? We didn't have any actual damage (other than to the poor trees, obviously, and no power), but mom and I took a walk around 8:30, and there was a crushed car in a driveway around the corner, a whole tree down that took out the power lines a block and a half down, a knocked-over chimney and a squashed back deck a little further, and a utility pole down in the road a block from that. And the even bigger trees down that are in the local news story are about 5-6 blocks in the other direction. We didn't walk that way, partly because the traffic light was out on the main road we'd have to cross, and we didn't want to get squished, and partly because I had work at noon.

(And I got to work, expecting people to be all agog over the storm damage...and nobody said a word except for the two women who live in the same town as me, and were like, "...so do you have power, cause we sure don't" ! The store's barely three miles from my house, so that's how localized the damage was.)

The township was very prompt, though...we were amazed, actually. The branch in the road had been cut up and moved by the time we got back from our hour-long walk, and they came and took it all away during my 12-5 shift at work. And the power must have come back on right after mom and I left around 6 for our Philly Orchestra concert in the evening (the orchestra played the soundtrack to Return of the King while the movie played, which was fantastic. both because of the movie/music, and because watching that kind of movie with several thousand people is hilarious. I think Eowyn's "I am no man" line got the biggest cheer, but there was lots of enjoyable "woohooooooo!"-ing), according to the clocks.

We got back very late, as the traffic getting out of a several-thousand-person concert is always very fun, so I read in bed for a while before I got up this morning, and now am lazing about on the internet! I may poke at the dinner dress once the internet gets boring, but I make no guarantee.


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