18 Jun 2017

mandie_rw: (naturalform1)
Went to Robin's today for stitch-n-bitch (as opposed to the original plan to go to a Rev War reenactment at Monmouth, since it was close to 90 with 150% humidity...no thank you); all Victorian today! I brought my dinner dress skirt, and got the black lace sewn on, and the box-pleated silk flounce about half pleated/sewn on top of that.

ivory flounce on victorian skirt

I'll press it flat once it's done...I like flat pleats better for this. If I were only going to sew the flounce down at the top I'd have just zipped it through the machine, but since I'm tacking  in down in three lines, and these gores are pretty...gored, I think it's easier to pin and hand-sew as I go.

And now I don't get to work on it til after I'm done with all my classwork! Hmph.

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