17 Jun 2017

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One more week of class to go; it really is a full semester's-worth of work crammed into four weeks. Not that it's hard (or easy! good to know I'm still capable of undergrad-level learning, once I got back into the swing of it, haha), just time-consuming. But regardless of the week of work I still have to do, I decided to give myself a day off today, as I had the day off work. And that meant sewing! Woo!

Sewing day at Robin's on Sunday, and I can't bring my sewing machine on the train, but everything I need to work on is for Belvidere, aka natural form, aka mostly machine sewn. So I spent my day today mostly doing prep for that, so I'll have handwork to do. I cut out the basic underskirt for my dinner dress earlier this week, out of white cotton sateen, and I sewed it together today. The handwork will be pinning and pleating a 10" cream silk flounce to the hem of said underskirt, and tacking the pleats flat. I'll cut a scalloped skirt of the black and ivory striped silk to go over that; it'll be constructed separately but I'm going to sew them to the same waistband and sew the loops for the ties/elastics through both layers.

(I did make a sketch of this dress, as it's much more of an amalgam of several dresses than I usually do, but I'm embarrassingly bad at sketching, so you don't get to see it.)

Prep work also included hemming said cream silk flounce...on the machine, but still sooooo booooooring! And it's only an 80" skirt hem, so even with a 3:1 ratio, it could have been much worse. Still terrible. I started with the TV 1878 underskirt pattern, and trimmed off a bit here and there, as I want that extreme nipped-in skirt you see just from 1880-beginning of '82 (the width of the skirt at the knees is slimmer than the hips, then flares out at the hem. Very much a hobble skirt, just tied in with tapes rather than a straight skirt like thirty years later in the 'teens), and the TV pattern as-is has too much volume for that. Plus I really wanted to be able to fit all the panels on two lengths of 44" sateen, so... ;) I used all scraps of ivory silk, and managed to get it all out of the same ivory, except for a 25" length that is just slightly off, and therefore will go in the back under the train!

Also I made most of another plain gathered cotton skirt, just need to buy a zipper of the correct length tomorrow at work. We got in a new Disney Beauty and the Beast fabric at work  - it's all the "stained glass" from the prologue and the finale, and although I'm not mad for Disney like a lot of my generation is, Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites (yay Stockholm syndrome...?), and I do love those stained glass illustrations. So...it was on sale, it came home with me, and I want to wear it Sunday to sewing day. We'll see!

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